How to Make Money with Lazada

April 1, 2016
Lazada is one of the leading online shop in the country today. It put the online shop business in a whole new level by bringing convenience and reasonably-priced products to the community. Within months of their operation, Lazada became a go to website by a lot of local shoppers to look and to buy for items they need and want. 

But aside from the variety of items you can buy with Lazada, you can actually make money online with it. And there are two ways you can do this which I will be revealing in this post. 

PS. This post is not sponsored. I will be making this into a series making other How to Make Money posts soon.

Making Money Online
I have shared on countless blogposts the truth about making money online here in the Philippines. It is not easy by the way and takes a lot of time to master. READ: How to Earn Extra Money Online
Affiliate Marketing with Lazada Philippines
One way you can make money online is affiliate marketing and this is the core offered by Lazada to the public. You basically become an affiliate and help generate sales to Lazada and turn  you will receive commission.

Things You’ll Need:


A Blog or a Website

This will be your homebase. This is where you’ll promote Lazada through banners, special links and more. Your blog can be of any niche but if you want a higher chance of earning money, a niched site will work better.  For more information about niche site click HERE.
Want to start a blog? Click the following links for more information on how easy it is to blog.

An Active Social Media Accounts

Another way you can earn money as affiliate marketer for Lazada is by offering through your influence in social media. Your personal Facebook for example can lead the very people close to you to shop at Lazada and you to earn commission out of the sales. The same scenario applies to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

How You Earn Money with Lazada Affiliate Program 
The Lazada Affiliates Program is an easy way you can get started making money online. It provides thousands of creative banners and useful links for your website that are web and mobile friendly. These can be clicked by people who visits your blog or website and you can earn upto 10% commission for each product sold through your ads. 

Once you become a verified affiliate for Lazada you will be given an Affiliate Account. You can login to that account and generate banners to put on the sidebar, header or footer of your blog. Once a visit click to the banner he/she will be redirected to the Lazada shopping site. Whatever item he/she successfully buys, you will receive a commission since you are the last blog/website that brought the sale. 
Deep Links
You can also promote through deep links. These are special codes you copy and paste within a text on your blog post. Once a visit click to the link he/she will be redirected to the Lazada shopping site. Whatever item he/she successfully buys, you will receive a commission since you are the last blog/website that brought the sale. 

Mobile Apps
Another great opportunity to earn through Lazada is by offering mobile applications. With Lazada Mobile App you can earn as much as 200pesos per order regardless of the amount paid by the customer.
Step by Step Process on How Lazada Affiliate Marketing Works
  1. You put banners/deep links on your blog/website
  2. Customer will click on ads
  3. Customer is redirected to Lazada Store
  4. Customer Purchase within 30 days
  5. Customer Pays for the Order
  6. You receive the commission
*For Mobile Apps you will receive commission open the apps store and successfully install the application.
Visit Lazada Affiliate to get started. 
Tips on Making Money with Lazada Affiliate Marketing
  1. Join the Lazada Newsletter. Not only will you get 200pesos off on your order but joining the newsletter of Lazada will enable you to be the first to receive updates from the site twice a week. These updates contain new banners, special offers, promotions and campaigns that can be beneficial to you. 
  2. Try the best tool that works. The thing about Lazada Affiliates is you need to test the type of marketing tool that will work with your blog/website. You may be better with one big carousel banner at the end of your post or sometimes deep link will work magic on your affiliate account. 

PS. This post is not sponsored. I will be making this into a series making other How to Make Money posts soon.

Becoming a Seller at Lazada

Another way you can earn is by selling your products to the site. You will become a seller instead by simply registering, following instructions and submitting important documents to them. You will be rewarded for each item under your shop that’s sold.

Things You’ll Need:

A Registered Business

You need to have a registered business to be a verified seller for Lazada. Now registering your online business will take time, effort and money to succeed. You need to register your business trade name through Department of Trade and Industry. Next you need to get Mayor’s business permit and pay local business taxes. Then you need to go to Bureau of Internal Revenue to register your business, get your TIN and apply for official receipts etc. 

How Selling at Lazada works?
  1. Lazada markets your products at the Lazada website. They will become part of the product listing and marketed online and offline.
  2. Lazada verifies orders of your products. Lazada will give you a Seller Center where you can process and track the orders placed on your store. 
  3. Lazada manage the picking and packing of your products bought by customers within 24 hours.
  4. Lazada does ships the item from your warehouse straight to the customer’s door through 3rd party courier.
  5. Lazada helps with customer service. Lazada is the customer point of contact in case there are issues raised about the order. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on Lazada Philippines

What are the requirements to start selling on Lazada Philippines?

You need to have a registered business to sell on Lazada.

What are the costs for selling on Lazada Philippines?

    Listing your products is free; there are no fixed costs charged. Only when you start selling you will pay a commission (standardized by category), applied on the price you choose.

      What and how many products can I sell on Lazada?

        The minimum listing is 5 products. There is no limit. You can list as many products as you have on ready stock.

        Which delivery partner ships my products, and who pays for it?

          Lazada will create a LBCand LEX subaccount for you and charge you a standard rate for delivery. Additionally, we can also work with your Own Fleet if it is trackable.

            When will I get my money?

              You get paid every 14 days for the orders that are delivered.

                How long does it take to process my application as a new seller?

                  Signing up takes only a few minutes: after completion you can start uploading your products. The total approval process takes 7-10 working days, after which you are set to go.

                    Additional Notes about Selling in Lazada

                    1. Lazada will only charge you whenever a product you have listed and displayed on the Lazada Shopping is sold. 
                    2. Aside from the requirements needed you also have to attend a training at their main office. 
                    3. Be sure that you are a legit seller selling legit items only as to not drag the name of Lazada to scam issues.

                    Visit Become a Seller at Lazada to get started. 

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