8 Important Reasons To Start a Side Hustle

February 23, 2021

Start a side hustle today and you will never have to worry about tomorrow.


I talk a lot about extra income here in SavingsPinay. I am a hustler myself and I’ve done different things to make money on the side during college student and even now that I already have a full-time job.


Hustling part-time changed my life for the better. It helped me accomplish the following:


  • Boost my savings Increase my investments
  • Have enough capital for a possible business venture or passion project
  • Pay-off debt (credit card)
  • Extra money for shopping, paying bills or vacation


Many have asked me how to start a side hustle. People are curious what hobby or project they can pursue to actually earn something. At this very time when one source of income isn’t always enough, there are plenty of reasons to start a side hustle today.


And this post will reveal exactly these important reasons.


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Reason 1. Additional Source of Income


Who will say no to extra income? No one!


A side hustle can give you more than one source of income to depend on.


When the pandemic season began, a lot of people found themselves in distress. Job suddenly became uncertain. We’ve witnessed news of businesses closing and retrenchment happening here and there.


With that the call for additional source of income has become louder more than ever.


A side hustle provide that confidence that if something bad happens, there is another income stream to provide for you and your family.


There may be a limit on how much we can save but there is never a limit on how much we can earn.


Reason 2. An Outlet To Pursue Your Real Passion

We were raised by our parents thinking a good job will solve everything. We were told to study hard so we can graduate and have a good paying job. There are no questions asked whether we really like the course we took or not.


Years passed and most of us find ourselves stuck in a career we don’t actually want. There’s no purpose in what we do and it all became like a rat race.


Do you feel the same at this very moment?


If your answer is yes then a side hustle could be the answer.


I have a college classmate who takes good photos and now he has his own side income as an event photographer. Another colleague of mine started calligraphy as a hobby and she is now selling her own merchandise from calligraphy sets to framed lettering.


And both still have their own day job.


The hunger to be creative, to serve and to create is so satisfying to experience. And only when you start a side hustle will you know the big difference it could make.


Reason 3. Have better use of your time

A side hustle can be a good way to make use of your extra time.


It only takes an 2-3 hours a day to write, edit and publish a blog post. An hour a day to market your online shop on Instagram and Facebook. Even a day to create a batch of DIY perfume for sale.


What matters most is your commitment to start a side hustle.


Can you spare an hour a day for your side hustle? That’s 7 hours a week of working for your passion income. And what if your side hustle could give you an extra income of (let’s say) Php 500 every week or Php 2,000 a month or Php 24,000 a year!


Isn’t that a big difference to your finances?


But maybe you really don’t have time to hustle because you are busy. Well, here’s my two-step solution.


1. Work within the gaps. Maybe you can use 15-20 mins of your lunch time to hustle? How about that long period of commute time?


Squeeze some basic tasks such as commenting to other blogs, replying to inquiries, marketing on Facebook or Instagram. You don’t need a full 1 hour a day to called a hustler. Even a small increments of time, as long as it is productive, matter a lot.


2. Stop the time wasters. This part speaks also to myself, by the way but yes, eliminating your time wasters can open up a whole new span to work for your side hustle. Teach yourself to set boundaries when you are visiting Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube.


You can always go back to scroll down your friend’s timeline or watch that specific video you really want AFTER you’ve done something productive. Keep your focus on the gold.


Time is our biggest ally isn’t it? If you can manage your time to hustle on the side then you are doing something great that your(future)self will thank you for!




Reason 4. Improve your skills

One of best reason to start a side hustle is to improve your skills. Unlike a 9-to-5 job where everything is predictable, a side hustle provides surprise factor! This surprise factor can be any of the following:


A new idea

A better solution

A difficult client

A sales or ad proposal

A failed attempt


Thus, a side hustle gives you a whole different experience than a normal day job which in turn makes you better and smarter in general.


It is important to continuously learn as a person specially if your are hustling! Invest in online courses, attend workshops or seminars to improve your skills than wasting your weekend watching TV.


Being a blogger for the past four years and counting helped me become a better writer myself. Writing every single day gave me so much confidence in my skills. It became less and less hard for me to compose a well-written blog post.


Hosting for various weddings and events since 2011 made me a better emcee. I learned how to handle the crowd whether small or big. I developed both social and networking skills to sell my talent to people. I became well-rounded in emceeing different type of special occasion.

Reason 5. Reach your financial goals faster

There is a big chance that your side hustle today can be a your main job tomorrow! I, for example, would like to one day blog full-time and work for myself instead. Here’s a list of my financial goals you can read.


Without a side hustle it could be difficult for an ordinary employee to reach financial freedom. Your salary is low, while tax and deductions makes it lower.


That’s why learning how earn extra income can help reach your financial goals faster.



These goals may take up years to accomplish but a side hustle works like a short cut. It gives you that extra boost of resources to fulfill more of your wants faster.


Reason 6. Extra Fund for Short-Term Expenses

Now here’s the deal:


We all have that “wants” in life that could cost us a lot if we don’t save for it. It could be a new phone, a dream vacation, a new bag or as for me a new makeup.


These short-term expenses exists a lot and if you are someone who’s living from paycheck to paycheck, you will never have enough money to afford anything.


Your salary can pay but if you’ve always wanted to spend money without feeling guilty then start a side hustle.


Every money you earn hustling part-time could be your very own recreation fund. You are free to use that money to upgrade your lifestyle.


I have used my extra income to buy my first MAC lipstick last year (which followed another one last February). Those were the priciest items in my makeup collection and they are both worth it because I really worked hard to avail them.


Also when my parents celebrated their anniversary last March I booked them an overnight stay at The Bayleaf Intramuros Hotel as a gift. I also used my extra money from freelance writing gigs to push through with a celebration for my Papa’s 60th birthday.


Without hustling part-time I would have never afford any of those ever. And even if I could I will probably regret afterwards.


Reason 7. Get rid of debt

Through my years of blogging, I came across messages asking help and guidance on how they can get rid of debt and reclaim their finances!


I remember getting an email from a SavingsPinay reader who shared her struggle with debt. Her net income every month is only P 12,000 but her expenses goes up to P 36,000 a month for bills, food and transportation allowance, school expenses and last but definitely not the least – DEBT.


To survive she is forced to take loans from friends and family members. She will also apply for loan on around four credit cards she owns, using one to pay the other like a cycle.


There are three easy solutions for this debt problem, 1) Decrease expenses, 2) Increase income and 3) Do both.


Decreasing your expenses is hard to do because it takes 99% discipline! Fortunately, increasing your income is something doable and if you do it right, you can definitely get rid of debt without sacrificing any of your expenses.




Reason 8. Start investing/growing your money

The most common reason why people have reservations when it comes to investing is not having enough money to invest.


Did you know that you can invest in the stock market for as low as Php 5000?!


You don’t need to be a millionaire to buy and own shares of the biggest company in the country. Every additional investment you make will solely depend on you!


Each one of us, regardless of how much we make each month, can retire a millionaire! It all depends with how much you save and invest with what you earn.


If you can save and invest Php 2000 a month on an investment vehicle that can give you 6% per month compound interest your money will grow like this:


After 3 months – Php 6,060.20

After 6 months – Php 13,211.00

After a year – Php 24,794.50.00


You’ve gained Php 794.50 return of investment instead of just having Php 24,000 parked on a local bank.


And where can you find that extra Php 2000 a month?


Start a side hustle.


If I only have my salary I would probably not pursue that investment but because I have extra fund to use it was easier for me to diversify and grow my money.


Is it really possible start a side hustle and earn extra income?

Yes. How?


You Need to Really Want It

Your desire to pursue your passion and hustle is important to help you go from zero to hero in less time. You can only do something you really want, right? Spend a day to really sort things out in what side hustle you can do and set your heart, mind and soul to the idea of hustling!


You Have To Continuously Work For It

Making extra income is the end-goal and it consists of short-term and long-term goals in between. This means as you start a side hustle you need to be ready to work hard for it to reach your overall freedom and end your money issues.


You Have to Build Your Own System to Success

It is important to remember that only you can define whether starting a side hustle is really a realistic goal you can achieve. You need to establish the system that will get you there. From what product or service will enable you to do so to what next actions to do.


Final Notes From SavingsPinay

You will only know how rewarding a side hustle is if you start one. Hope the above reasons are enough to convince you.


Maybe you have a burning desire to do something like taking photos, doing calligraphy or designing event invitations then turn that passions to a hustle that pays.


1. Start a side hustle to have additional source of income

2. Start a side hustle to an outlet to pursue your real passion

3. Start a side hustle to have better use of your time

4. Start a side hustle to improve your skills

5. Start a side hustle to reach your financial goals faster

6. Start a side hustle to have extra fund for short-term expenses

7. Start a side hustle to get rid of debt

8. Start a side hustle to invest or grow your money


We all have gifts and expertise as human beings. I have an ex-workmate who finished IT in college and fix computer as a side hustle on weekends. His knowledge in computers allowed him to earn additional money.


Have you ever thought of your own gift? Of your own expertise?


Use your gift/expertise to start a side hustle.


Do you have a side hustle too? What was your reason starting one?



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Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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