When to Quit Your Job and How To Do It

March 1, 2016

If you’ve read my second year anniversary working in Makati post you’ll know that I am currently contemplating whether to stay or to leave my current job. I see 99 reasons to quit but there’s 1 reason that’s making me do otherwise. WiFun has been my second home already. I feel safe and sound when I am at the office and I even have days when I want to go to work rather than stay at home.

But I know people who struggle with the same decision. I believe it’s just a big decision that can affect you, your family and your future. It’s something you have to think in a lot before really doing. And sometimes even if you have already decided, you’ll still feel a little guilt in the inside and will haunt you for a couple of weeks. 

So I researched the major signs to look for when deciding to quit your job. These items should be a warning that you are far better than what you are currently experiencing and that you better get your resume ready to apply for a new job. Let me know in the comment section if you relate. 

    You are not happy anymore
    This should be the ultimate sign that you have to quit your job and search for a new one. When you felt deep inside that you are not happy anymore. You are not having fun and enjoying your job. It feels more like a burden or an obligation rather than a task to be done. 

      You don’t find value in what you do
      Value is important if you need growth in your career. Once you feel insignificant and that your role doesn’t even add value for the company then it’s time to leave. You feel unchallenged and you seek opportunities that doesn’t exist or that your current company can’t give. 

        Your company is losing its customers, money and there’s a possibility of closure or bankruptcy
        Sometimes things just don’t turn the way people wanted it to be. There are things we can’t control and that can lead to possible closure or bankruptcy of your current company. Always be in constant communication with your HR Manager so you’ll always be updated with news. Also it will be evident when rumors start to spread across the room. You can’t save your company no matter how hard you try. READ: 8 Tips to Have a Major Major Salary Increase

          You and the management of your current company is just different
          How the company is being run could also be a big reason that you have to quit your job. You dislike how the company is being run. There’s a lot of politics going on and it can be deeply felt among the employees side. 

            Your manager is just awfully bad
            They say that most of the time it’s not the fault of the company when employees leave rather the managers who lack leadership and management skills. I deeply sympathize with this reason kasi kitang-kita to sa current company ko. There are managers who treat their employees unfairly and this may cause damage that’s beyond repair. 

              Your lifestyle suddenly changed.
              Of course you have to pay the bills and at some point your current salary can’t support your lifestyle anymore. You may have your own family already or baby and it’s hard budgeting with the current salary that you get. You now need to consider what will benefit most on the people around and close you.

                You don’t get along with your colleague/co-workers.
                Your relationship with your co-workers is important. You can never do it alone and you are hired to work with a team for the success of your company. If you’ve burned bridges with your co-workers and its something that can’t be repaired anymore either they make you feel like an outcast then please stop and find a new one. 

                If you agree in any of the above items or unfortunately all, then go start packing up your things and leave. There’s no point continuing anymore and you are actually doing yourself a big favor quitting. 

                How to Quit Your Job

                Now how do you quit your job? How do you quit in a way that you will not burn bridges and feel happy and content with your decision? Here are steps you can do.

                Step 1. Talk with your family.

                Let your family or your dependencies know that you want to quit your job. Them knowing your decision and the reasons behind it is better so they can also be prepared of the aftermath. They can also give you pieces of advise  and moral support, which in this case, is super important. 

                Step 2. Plan For Your Resignation

                Never resign without a concrete plan on the next 1-3 months. Make sure that you have a job waiting for you once you quit or just  a solid game plan on what will happen next.
                • Start applying for a new job at another company. Now that everything is online you can easily submit your application without the need to go to the office of the said company. Just recently I received an interview invitation via LinkedIn on a job I didn’t even applied. See, how amazing the online community is. 
                • Don’t be brag too much of your decision to quit because you might fall in the unemployed spot longer than you expected. In today’s situation getting a job is harder because there are a lot of competitors. You can never know when you’ll be employed again. 
                • Make sure you have enough savings to live for times when you’re unemployed. This where an emergency fund takes place. Your emergency fund — money set aside that’s 3-6 months worth of your income— can be used to fund temporarily your monthly expenses.
                  Sample Resignation Letter
                • Be sure with your reasons why you want to quit your job. Know that its something na hindi mo na mababawi. Once you’ve given your resignation letter it is means that you are ready to take on another phase of your career path. 
                Step 3. Notify your boss.

                This maybe something that is forgotten nowadays but should be revived as a sign or respect to your company. Know that no matter how small your position is, the company is still relying on your services. Give a notice of resignation via a formal letter (if it’s a company policy) or an email to your immediate head. This can even become beneficial in your part because you’ll surely have a talk with your manager to sort things out. You can let them know your reasons of leaving. 
                • Let your boss be the first person to know that you are resigning. It’s just rightful that your boss or immediate head is the first one who’ll know your decision. As much as possible refrain from telling your workmate unless you had a conversation first with your manager. 
                • If you found a new job opportunity let your boss know that it’s something that interest you and you want to venture next. Be polite no matter what and never lose your respect towards your head.
                • Thank your boss for everything even if he is awful and a jerk… thank him for he surely stretched your patience and made you learn things.
                Step 4. Create your Resignation Letter

                Now that you’ve had a talk with your boss and firm with your decision, you can now create your resignation letter without feeling burdened. The Resignation Letter is an important document that you send to formalize your decision. Here’s a sample of resignation letter. This is actually a resignation I created before when I transferred from SysNet to WiFun. The letter maybe too much so you have the option to narrow it down. Again, the internet has a lot of templates available for a resignation letter.
                Step 5. Help willingly on the transition period

                Your work will then be transferred to another or new employee so your job now is to commit on the transition period. 
                • Start organizing your company PC especially if your job requires you to create a lot of documents. If you have a hard drive better because you can transfer your personal files instead of using USB. Make sure everything is properly labeled and foldered so the next person who’ll use your computer will not have a hard time. 
                • Slowly pack your items but don’t be too loud or too obvious because it may create a lot of noise in the work station. You can spend an hour a day to do the packing since transition period mostly last for 30 days.
                • Gather all the company-owned items that you need to return like ID, paper files, service unit etc. Be prepared to pay the price if you lose it.
                Leave happily and never let your emotions ruin your peace. You are doing something that you have decided and planned for a period of time so there’s nothing you have to worry about. Quit with confidence and high hopes of a better opportunity to come. 

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                Have you ever considered quiting your current job?

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