What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How my Job Interview Went

March 10, 2015

Hi and welcome to this week’s Job Interview Series. I believe that March is a great month for job hunting as a lot of graduates will sure feel the pressure of the working world. If you have an upcoming interview or you just want to have an idea on what to expect during a job interview then this Job Interview Series is for you!

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. I guess it is the feeling of uncertainty. You don’t know what to expect when that moment comes. Who your gonna talk to and what question will be asked. If you are a shy type person and find it hard to express yourself with people then interviews will surely be extra hard for you, so to help you prepare I have here as first part of our Job Interview Series week the tricks that will make you feel better before, during and after a job interview.
Before the Job Interview
Preparation is the key to a successful job interview. Whenever you apply for a company be expectant that you will pass the initial screening and be invited for an interview. Once the hiring officer called you and invited you for a job interview the preparation period begins.

  • Research about the company. Many forget this one but you might want to know a little background about the company through their website. Take note of the vision and mission of the company and see to it that your career goal is in line. You don’t wang to misspell or mispronounce the name of the company so always be on point with this. Another good thing about researching and learning for the company is you can assess whether you really want to be part of this one. Maybe you’ll find out a bad comment or bad experience especially in how they treat their employees that may cause you to doubt.
  • Read once more the job requirement. When a company post a job either via online or via classified ads there will always be job description or job requirement available. It is important for you to review the list of requirements so you’ll have an idea on how to further sell yourself or your skills and experience to the hiring officer. For example one of the job requirement is expertise in writing different types of letters, press releases and articles then you can remember to highlight during the interview your experiernce as a writer and how you are flexible when it comes to different topics, word count and styles.
  • Talk to someone have experience on interview and just ask about his/her experience. It is nice to know how someone succeeded in his/her job interview, you’ll learn for the others experience that you can apply on the moment of job interview. 
  • List some potential questions that the hiring officer may ask during the job interview and key in the best answer based on your true self and be specific and relatable to the interviewer.
  • Have enough sleep and make sure that you de stress the night before the interview so that your mind will be clear and you will look amazing as you talk to the key personnel.
On the Day of the Interview
  • Dress to impress. On Friday I will have a full post on how to dress for an interview so better check that out towards the ending of this Job Interview Series. Look your best abd look smart so that you’ll have the first impression right.
  • Prepare what you’ll bring on the job interview.  Make sure that you have your curriculum vitae, resume, pen and notebook. Be sure too that you know where you will be going so that you can save time on the commute.
  • Show up on time for there are hiring officer who could be strict when it comes to time. Also you’ll feel indifferent once you are late because it may be the only thing that the job interviewer remember.
During the Interview
  • Know the name of your interviewer and try to talk on first name basis such as Ms. Hazel or Mr. Mark rather than surname.
  • Avoid unnecessary comments or stories that may put you in an awkward situation.
  • Smile to people around such as guard, co-applicants and the employees. Show that ypositive attitude on the work place.
  • Be relatable and tell stories more than just answering short yes or no.
  • Thank your interviewer to the opportunity.  
After the Job Interview
  • Wait for about 3-5 days before doing a follow up in case you haven’t heard from the hiring officer for awhile.
  • Be open for plan b or plan c so still apply for some job just in case it the interview didn’t turn up well.
  • Keep record for what happened during the interview and let it be a lesson learned. This way you’ll have better grasp on what to do next time a job interview happens.
How my job interview went? 
You may have question how my job interview went so I decided to share to you guys a short story of how I did a year ago during my hiring process. 
I am basically better during interviews rather than exams since I am more of a talker so I didn’t have a problem during the interview. I know though that there were moment that I stutter or think more on what the best answer will be and this is normal. During interviews you are basically being judged not just on how well you answer the questions but how well you sell yourself. I remember one question that is very memorable for me. 
She asked “Your record when it comes to work is bad… How will you convince me that this time you are ready to work for good”. (Back then I had two previous jobs where I just spent like 3 months each so the hiring officer is probably in doubt whether I am a good investment for the company. You know what my answer was?!) 
I told her “Well, just like in the saying Ma’am, one is enough… Two is too much three is katangahan… If in this third job I messed up then I will never forgive my katangahan anymore. I know that this this I am ready.”
I believe that that answer stood up for the beautiful hiring officer said that I am short listed on her choices for the position. I also felt happy for I knew I made my interview memorable. 
At the end of the day how well you’ll do in your job interview will surely matter. You have to give your best shot for it is a big opportunity being called and invited for a one on one interview. One good thing that will help you is when you and interviewer have a common thing. For example my interviewer is also a Christian so we got along well. Also on my final interview with the big boss of the company we got along pretty well for he came from Polytechnic University of the Philippines too. 
Hope this post and this series will help you big time on how to better deal will job interviews. Make sure to show your best foot forward. Tomorrow the topic from this series will be, “How to Answer the Question “So tell me about yourself” and other common interview questions”. See you.
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