Weekly Notes #9 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads

June 17, 2017

Hi and welcome to the first installment of SavingsPinay Weekly Notes! I was inspired to create a weekly post that in

volves only links concerning personal finance and other money matters that are worth the click. I hope with these posts you’ll be more inspired to take charge of your finances. I’ve had such an amazing time searching and reading the posts I compiled in this Weekly Notes #09 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads.

best personal finance tips and must reads

But first…

Last June 11 I, being the owner of Izza Glino Weddings and Events, and my siste/co-owner Ellie became part of the grand launch of Business World’s SparkUp PH.



SparkUp PH is the first multimedia platform designed to serve as a source for business knowledge. It is created and designed for the next generation of business people.

You can visit the site and read a daily content hashtag categorized in the following topics/stories:


#MoneyMonday – Tips on money management, with the latest news on saving, investing, and spending;




#TrendingTuesday – Insights on the latest trends and their impact on entrepreneurs and consumers;


#WorkingWednesday – Workplace stories and tips for the Gen Y and Gen Z’s work ethics and career outlooks;

#TakeoverThursday – An insider tour of a 


day in the life of the members of the Sparkommunity;

#FreshFriday – Stories on the lighter side of business.

Aside from stories created by its team of journalists, SparkUp will also deliver insights from industry icons called Sparkfluencers who are young and trending business influencers who have made it to the top.

They will write columns and speak live in events to foster learning and inspiration. In order to boost awareness of business terms, SparkUp introduces Sparktionary. This built-in dictionary provides digestible definitions through interactive executions readily available for every reader.

If you sign up at you will be given the ability to contribute your own content, highlight passages of interest, take down notes, bookmark stories, and participate in a gamified platform.

And the platform is very much free for every Juan and Juana to use.

I am inviting you all to visit If you are looking for an avenue that can spark up the inner #girlboss and/or #boss on you then the site is everything you need.

Aside from the website –, they also have social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are also set to release a quarterly published magazine which I’m excited about.

SparkUp will also regularly hold a series of events aimed at empowering the Sparkommunity. Among these events are entrepreneurial summits, pocket forums, campus activations, start-up competitions, and case-study activities. These will enable members of the Sparkommunity to learn, meet up, network, and find potential partners.


SavingsPinay Resource Library is now open!!!

Finally!!! After months of delay the SavingsPinay Resource Library is now open.

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As part of the list you are given a free access to the SavingsPinay Resource Library.  The Library will be updated every now and then with a new freebie. It could be a free workbook, template, money manifesto and more. So make sure to bookmark the page to get the latest free downloadable/s easily.

My very first freebie is the Mid-Year Financial Review Workbook Bundle! And it includes the following:

  1. SMART Goals Worksheet
  2. Spending Habits Review
  3. Side Hustle Worksheet
  4. Calculate Your Next Worth Worksheet
  5. Next Actions List

I shared my own Mid-Year Financial Review for 2017 on the blog recently. You can read it as your reference.

[Also added an Infographic version of The 10 Most Important Lessons in Personal Finance]

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SavingsPinay Facebook Group!!!

I hope you are already part of the SavingsPinay Community on Facebook. This week I will be uploading an exclusive video for the reader members of SavingsPinay about stock investing 101. I want you to have access to that video too. Make sure to CLICK HERE and join the group.

Aside from the video you can also do the following within the community:

  1. Share your ideas. If you have a tip on how to save, how to budget and how to make money…feel free to share.
  2. Inquire your Money Issues. If there are things that bothers you financially like where to invest in the Philippines or How to Worry Free Invest in the Philippines then ask and the members will be glad to answer.
  3. Network with other financial bloggers. This community is created most especially for bloggers out there (Pinay or foreign) that wants exposure on their contents!!!

This Week’s Best Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads:

  1. Learn some money making gift ideas for your loved ones from
  2. Know  how to open a PERA account with analysis of charges from twentysomethinglawyer.
  3. Here’s a 10 Million Net Worth Update from The Simple Living Pinoy
  4. Learn the science of personal finance from PinoyFinancialPlanning
  5. Making Money on the Internet : 5 Easy and Popular Ways from Piso and Beyond
  6. Read using loan calculator: what you need to know from MoneyMaxPH
  7. The best investment that gives more than 1000% return from ThinkPesos

I do hope you enjoy This Week’s Best Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads installment.

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How is your finances this week?

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