Weekly Notes #03 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads

June 19, 2016
Hi and welcome to a New SavingsPinay Weekly Notes. As you may have noticed the theme of this blog had suddenly changed due to unexpected bug I suppose. The theme I was using didn’t show the Day 1 What is “Multi-Level Marketing” post I did for the June SavingsPinay Series. It was the first time that this happened to me so I was worried that my newer posts will also won’t show up. To solve the problem I searched for a new free theme and now SavingsPinay Blog is anew. 

Anyhow without further ado I’d like to share to you the best posts I have searched and read and will surely be helpful in everyone’s personal finance life. Weekly Notes #03 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads.

But first…

The June SavingsPinay Series All About Multi-Level Marketing in the Philippines is over and I do hope you have read and followed all the lessons. I’ll be giving a quick summary of the series here.

What is “Multi-Level Marketing” + FREE INFOGRAPHIC

On Day 1 I have shared the definition of Multi-Level Marketing and the terms that you’ll hear most of the time in networking. I also answered How Network Marketing works and How to Get Started in the said business. 

Important Things to Remember Before Joining a Networking/MLM Business:

  1. Study the Product
  2. Know the Company
  3. Learn from Others aka Members

What To Look For in a Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing Business?

  1. Look for the Number of Years in the Business
  2. Look for the Quality of Products and Services
  3. Look for How the Management is

For Day 1 I also gave away a free infographic so make sure to click and download.

How to Succeed in Networking + FREE WORKSHEET

On Day 2 I gave quick tips on how to achieve success in network marketing whether you are doing it part-time or full-time. 

Some Tips for Network Marketing Success

  1. Be willing to learn
  2. Be hard-working
  3. Be friendly or at least good with people
  4. Be determined
  5. Be consistent
  6. Be ambitious

For Day 2 I also gave away a free smart goal worksheet for those who are starting their networking journey.

Is Multi-Level Marketing a Scam? + FREE CHECKLIST

On Day 3 I have discussed the what networking is and what it is not. I also answered one of the main questions when it comes to MLM… Can You Really Make Money in Networking?

Now here’s a quick comparison between what networking is and what it is not for your reference.
  1. Networking is legal.
  2. Networking is NOT easy money.
  3. Networking is a business strategy.
  4. Networking is NOT Pyramid Scam because of Products.
  5. Networking is UNSTABLE.

For Day 3 I gave away a Network Marketing Checklist you can download, print and share to others.

I hope you enjoyed the whole June SavingsPinay Series. I’ll probably make more posts about MLM soon as I felt like three days is not yet enough to tackle everything about it. Don’t forget to use the comments section for your topic suggestion.

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