Ultimate Guide to Mt. Daraitan Day Hike (w/ Side Trips at Tinipak River and Underground Cave)

April 28, 2016

I have shared before in post about an easy and cheap day hike perfect for beginners at Mt. Manabu. This time I will be sharing a complete guide with itinerary and expenses on my second climb this year, Mt. Daraitan. And did I mention that this is not just an ordinary climb? We also had side trips at Tinipak River and Underground Cave. If you want an adventure and relaxation in one this could be for you.

Below is the breakdown of our Itinerary + Expenses

4:00 am. This is our call time at Mcdo Starmall Shaw. I also had the same breakfast from my last climb as always, Sausage McMuffin.

5:30 am. We depart at Mcdo Starmall Shaw. There are plenty of options when it comes to transportation going to Mt. Daraitan. I’ve read blogs that rode jeepney going to Tanay Market that costs 59pesos and then rent tricycle from the Market to Barangay Hall for 500pesos (5-6 persons already). Others shared a boat ride for only 5pesos and then tricycle for 10pesos. 
Our travel is one way jeepney we found at Starmall Shaw. There are Kuya’s who will offer a one-way trip going to Daraitan for only 200pesos each. We found this to be budget-friendly because we don’t have to transfer from jeep to tricycle anymore. Plus its direct to Barangay Hall where we need to register.

Jeepney Fare: 200pesos/pax
Entrance Fee to Daraitan: 50pesos/vehicle that enters

8:30 am. We drop off at Barangay Daraitan City only to find a handful of hikers as well lining up at the registration. We were told that the best time to hike is really during the sunrise so you need to be at the Barangay Hall by 3am instead. While waiting we had our early lunch. 

Ulam from Carideria range from 40-60pesos
Rice : 10pesos
Bottled Water : 25pesos big size

Tip #1. Buy your bottled water and other drinks at the stalls surrounding Barangay Hall because at the top the price doubles. 

9:00am : Registration at the Barangay Hall. Luckily the summit is now open upon our arrival. It was closed past 7am because there are too many hikers already climbing. 

Environmental Fee: 20pesos/person
Headlight for the Underground Cave: 30pesos (rent only)
Tour Guide : 500pesos Day Hike, 1000pesos Overnight (maximum of 10persons only)

9:30am: Start Trek

If you want to read the stories of how our trail in Mt. Daraitan went click HERE. I shared my experience as well as the lessons I learned in my second hike. 

11:30am: Summit!!! We stayed for another 15 minutes for photo ops. There’s a famous spot for great view but we didn’t bother lining up already because our time is limited as its only a day hike. That’s why its important to go early. Visit my personal blog IzzaGlino for more photos.

11:45am: Trek to Tinipak River.  

1:00pm: Arrival at Base Camp. You’ll see a lot of tents here for those who came for overnight adventure. There is also a spot where you can refill your empty bottled water with the wonder of Tinipak River that’s clean and sacred for the people there. A carinderia is available here so you can either eat or buy some refreshments at the sari-sari store.

1:30pm: A little more trek going to the main Tinipak River where you can swim.

Tinipak River Registration Fee: 20pesos

1:45pm: Explore the beauty of Tinipak River. If you want some side stories and more pictures please visit my other blog, IzzaGlino.

4:30pm: Trek to Underground Cave. We have to wait for our turn going to the cave. Inside you’ll have a mini experience of Palawan Underground Cave with the stunning rock formations. There’s also a spot for you to swim but is optional.

Underground Cave Registration Fee: 5pesos

6:00pm: We head back to Base Camp to eat dinner. 
6:30pm: Start walking to Tricycle Bay going back to Barangay Daraitan City Hall.

Tricycle: 10pesos

7:30pm: Arrival at Barangay 

Lessons from My Mt. Daraitan Experience

  • It is important to pack as light as possible because the trail to summit is full of assault.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate
  • Everything is better the second time around
  • Hiking is highly addicting
Mt. Daraitan has a special place in my heart. It’s a cheap escape from the city and perfect for people who are looking for adventure. I do not regret going to Mt. Daraitan and experiencing this hidden gem of Tanay Rizal. I will surely be back soon.

Clariza Glino

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