Top Personal Finance Blogs To Read This 2018

February 22, 2018

There are plenty of blogs to read if you want to save, invest and be debt free this year.blogs to read


And I urge you read more.


Here’s a random fact about me:


I dedicate an hour every day reading other people’s blogs.


This blog, SavingsPinay was founded by reading other Pinay financial bloggers and it grew rapidly since then.


It is a non-stop learning for me.


And I can’t thank enough the financial bloggers I read through the years for changing the way I view and I make money.


What a better way to spend the long-weekend binge reading some of the best personal finance blogs ever.


Blogs that will inspire you to save, to invest and to be debt-free, FINALLY.


Let’s begin.



Making Sense of Cents


Michelle’s blog Making Sense of Cents has been my hero ever since. I love reading every post she publish especially her income reports.


Did you know she earned 1 Million Dollars, blogging last year?




Indeed a true inspiration for those who are serious in monetizing their platform.


But more than the income what I love about Michelle is her ways to save money. She have an extensive list available on her blog that will make you follow.


She has a post on how to create a budget – a must-have if you really want to save money, a post on how to save money on groceries, a ton of frugal living tips, how to save money for retirement and even travel!


Her blog is truly a one-stop shop of all personal finance. I know for sure you will love her!




Natalie Bacon 


I used to read Natalie’s blog way back 2015 when she was


Her blog revolves around her journey to pay down her student loan debt through hustling with a full-time job.


You will begin to understand how serious student loans can be in the US.


She have around $100,000 debt which, slowly but surely, she was able to pay down thanks to her blog profits.


Debt didn’t stop Natalie to pursue what she wants. She was able to reclaim her finances.


Read her How to Get out of Debt in 12 Steps and The One Reason You Should Prioritize Paying Off Debt posts to get started.



Afford Anything 


How I wish I found out about Paula’s Afford Anything blog sooner. She just have the most amazing tips if you want to save, invest and be debt free this year.


She popularized the Anti-Budget Rule for those who find it hard to budget.


Paula’s own words;


It’s my anti-budget, and it’s simple:

  1. Decide how much you want to save.

  2. Pull this off the top.

  3. Relax about the rest.


Now that’s something, right?


I love how Paula makes her tips simple and actionable. She has a way not to complicate things even investment.


Please read her real estate income reports to see how one investment can give you passive income to retire early.


Her last update was November 2017 and she only posts once a month but the quality of her post is 200% (even more).


Truly a blog to follow wherein quality champs quantity.




Mr. Money Mustache 

I first heard about Mr. Money Mustache from other blogs I read. It is one of the well-read personal finance blog thanks to its practical money tips and tricks.

Reading his blog is such a breeze and I can’t tell you the amount of learning I got thanks to his writings.

Mr. Money Mustache’s advice when it comes to saving money is simple — “spending much less money than you bring in is the way to get rich. The ONLY way.”

That being said, if you really want to reach financial independence and retire early, you need to learn how to live below your means! You need to be able to use only 50% of your income for expenses and the rest for savings and investing.

Isn’t his advice true?

For years I’ve been doing so many side hustles but I always feel like the money is too slow. Alas, it occur to me that although my income keeps on increasing, my spending keeps on increasing too.

Bad, Izza.

The advice of Mr. Money Mustache resonated with me a lot. That’s why if you read my financial goals this year I put a lot of emphasis on saving (and investing) more money.

Back to Mr. Money Mustache, I really encourage you to read his blog. It is one of the best blog to start binge-reading for almost every topic on how to save, invest and be debt-free this year.

His stories are timeless and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his wit and humor in every post.



Budgets are Sexy

Another must read blog that focuses on general finance is Budgets are Sexy.


It’s been around 10 years since inception and have grown to be a good source for money lessons and tips.


What I love most about Budgets are Sexy is that the articles are all written in a way that you can relate. One of my favorite post (and something I bookmarked on my browser) is the Gigs for Goals post.


I’ve mentioned how much difficulty I’m experiencing having too many passion projects on the side.


This is good but at some point I don’t even know already which is which and which is for what.  


Having a goal for every gig you do is the answer I need. Now, it became much clearer the reason why I need to hustle.


All of the tips mentioned on the blog are worthy of your precious time to read. You won’t regret it!





I’ve recently discovered this blog thanks to Rockstar Finance Directory.

I was looking for blogs to read for early retirement and this came up as one of the top suggestion.

Retiredby40 focuses on passive income, investment and early retirement. To date he has three rental units in Portland and he always updates his rental investment on the blog.

Honestly, rental property is something I am eyeing for someday. I know it is such a good investment to have because a property increases in value unlike other investments.


Aside from his rental investment updates I also enjoy reading his passive income updates! Even his goal updates are amazing reads.




Ready To Be Rich 


One of the best Filipino personal finance blogger I know of is Sir Fitz Villafuerte. I enjoy reading his posts on how to budget, how to save, invest and be debt-free.


He regularly updates his blog which makes it a top resource for money matter. He is also an entrepreneur through the launch of 199jobs.


What I adore about Sir Fitz’s blog is that every post is well researched and thoroughly written. Walang tapon sa mga sinusulat niya.


His posts are meaty and quick to read, giving you the opportunity to apply what you have learned right away.



Investing Engineer PH


Mark, the man behind Investing Engineer is a self-taught value investor. His investment philosophies comes from legendary investors like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, two men I personally adore too.


I mostly visit Investing Engineer PH for his latest stock review. He gives a good insight whether a particular stock is good to invest or not.


Late last year, I read a post from Investing Engineer entitled 3 Undervalued Stocks that will Actually Make Your Portfolio Green. He gave a brief discussion of the intrinsic values of each stocks and the reason why the said stocks are good buy.


I followed his advice and bought Cosco Capital, Inc. (COSCO) and Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPI). True enough I have seen great results from my investments in the said stocks.


Without following his advice I’ll probably still have a ton of red returns on my stock investment. You will also appreciate the effort he gives to create such detailed report in every post.



Of course I can’t end this post without including the women who gave me so much inspiration to start my own journey to financial freedom



I’ve always been a big fan of Ms. Kristine. I  have fun reading her beauty and fashion posts. But the inclusion of Money Matters is such a great decision. Through her I learned How to Invest in BDO UITF, What PNB UITF has to offer and more. Her Money Matters series will give you a lot of lessons from each article.



Ms. Jill is such a big name when it comes to personal finance blogging. I love her blog so much and learned a lot from her journey to financial freedom. I am so happy for the new look of her blog too. I enjoy evertime she shares an income update and when she gives a personal rants/ramblings about budgeting and saving.



I constantly read this blog and follow the journey of Ms. Maria Abellanosa, a former OFW who have now come home to the Philippines for good. I got inspired on how she manage to buy a house at a young age and how she started investing really young too. I also read her blog for frugal tips. 



Ms. Lianne’s blog is something I followed since the beginning. She is so young yet so successful in her chosen career path. She is know a successful author, a registered financial planner and she shares her knowledge to help others achieve their goals. And did I mention that she’s only 23? 


This is a new blog that I’ve been enjoying for the past couple of months. Ms. Cindy is so good when it comes to sharing her personal finance experience. I love that her blog is updated and that she shares random financial advice and rants on her portal. I always read her Life Update posts. 


Final Notes from SavingsPinay


I hope you all enjoy this quick read. I included only the top personal  finance blogs to read that I really follow. If you notice most of the blogs I adore have mastered quality and quantity! They cover everything from how to save, invest and be debt-free as well as hustling and early retirement. Each shares their own personal musings that makes their blogs more addicting. 


Have a happy weekend!

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