Things I Realized After Graduation

November 12, 2014
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It has been nearly 2 years since I graduated college. Sometime I still find it hard to believe that I am now done for it feels like only yesterday when I first entered a four-corner classroom. I have a long who am I post in my other blog that you can thoroughly read here.


So what exactly happened to me after graduation?



  • I still do events such as hosting for weddings, debuts and other corporate stuff every Saturday and if possible Sunday.
  • I had my first job on August 2013 but I left on December 2013 for a high paying content writing position.
  • I only stayed for a month in the high paying job and I am now on my 3rd job as a Marketing Assistant and Document Specialist/Technical Writer.
  • I recently became a regular employee and received a major major salary increase.
  • I continued to blog and do videos on Youtube
  • I still hope to do more of the skills that God has entrusted me with.



Reading the above I know there’s nothing much that happened after graduation but I was filled with a lot of realizations. Here is a pretty long list but still worth reading Things I Realized After Graduation.


  • Di natatapos sa pag graduate ang problema, trials at kung anu-ano pang hardships. When I was in elementary I wanted to be in High School because I thought life will be better and cooler. Come High School days and all I wish was to be in College and when I became a college student I felt so excited to graduate for I thought it will be the end of all the problems. BUT I’M WRONG. College is just a preparation period, working life is the real battleground. You wake up, go to work, go home, sleep repeat. Responsibilities are higher now because you are earning. You can’t just go absent or cut work unlike before. 🙂
  • You are now entitled for your own wants and needs. I realized that after graduation and when you started working it is a must that you stand in your own. If you need or want something you can’t just easily say it to your parents and wait for it to be bought for you (not if you are born rich) . You should learn to stand on your own now, make your decisions and your parents will just be mere supervisors. 🙂
  • Work is like classroom but in a different level. You still have your classmates (workmates), your teachers (supervisors), your deans (managers) and your President (the boss). You still study (work) for hours and have your recess (break time) the only difference is that you are inside a much different area when it comes to age, personalities and characters. You don’t do your assignments but you will be assigned to bigger things that may affect not just you but the whole company. See how harder it is?




I know I still have a lot to realize for the next years to come and I just pray that I’ll be ready and up for the challenge. As my motto states for 2015, “21 and Better”. Real life truly begins after you graduate.


Remember to always be hungry for knowledge, always remember that every success comes in failure and believe in yourself and choose to be happy.




How about you, what are the you realized now that you already graduated?! Share them on the comment section!


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Clariza Glino

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