The Basics of Online Banking

August 10, 2015

I am a big fan of internet banking. I have Metrobank Direct account for my payroll in Metrobank and BPI Expressonline account for my BPI fund. Online banking makes it easier for me to pay bills and helps me avoid long lines. 

I actually encourage people around me to open the corresponding online service that their bank provides because you can check whether the sweldo already arrived. You don’t need to put your card in ATM to check.

So to further motivate everyone with the whole internet banking thing, here is a guide on the many uses of your e-bank account.

What is Online Banking

Online Banking allows clients an access to their account and empowers them to make transaction via internet even without visiting the physical bank. You can manage your account, pay bills, apply for another account and more at the comfort of your home. No need to rush just to make it to the bank before the banking hours end. No need to need to wait on a long line just to transfer fund or pay bills.

Transactions You Can Do With Your Online Bank
Almost all online banks can let you do the following:

1. Check your account balance

2. View or Print your account statement

3. Pay Bills

4. Transfer Fund to another account from your account

5. Apply or Open another account

6. Learn about Investments
7. Banking Tips and Free Downloadables
8. Read News and Announcement

Please check with your bank for the complete list.

How to Apply for an Online Bank Account?

Note that application may differ from bank to bank.

1. Visit your bank’s website.
2. Check out their Online Banking button. This should be available on the top most part of the website.
3. Follow through the online enrollment procedure.
4. An email will be sent to your inbox for confirmation.

Online Banking Tips

  • Make sure to choose your bank well. Check out my Banking 101 series for more details.
  • Logout whenever you finish your transaction.
  • Avoind transaction when you are in a shared computer.

Things Online Banking Provided Me to Do

1. I check whenever the sweldo already arrived
2. I pay for my Every Nation Missions support
3. I pay for my FAMI Investments
5. I easily transfer money from fund to fund

Hope this post helped you.

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