TESDA Short Courses You Can Take And Earn Extra Money

August 31, 2016
One of the many ways you can invest in yourself is to learn a new skill. And there are different courses online and offline that allows you to expand your knowledge and/or be better in a specific course. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) offers the best and cheapest short courses for Filipinos who wants to gain training certificate and start earning extra money. I hope you find this post valuable.


TESDA is a government agency that manage and supervise technical education and skills development for Filipinos in and outside the Philippines. It was created through Republic Act 7796 also known as “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994”. Over the years, TESDA proved to be the “go-to” school and program for students, out-of-school youths, professionals, unemployed or Overseas Filipino Workers

TESDA Short Courses You Can Take And Earn Extra Money

Baking and Pastry 

This is a hand-on class that covers on the basics of pastry, bread baking, desserts as well as decorating cakes. Home-made baked goods and pastries are now in-demand as an extra source of income. You can start making pastries for family and friends on special occasion and events and build your portfolio. Create an Instagram shop and post pictures of your products for people to find you. You can do personal delivery and/or meet-up with your client.

Beauty Care / Cosmetology

For people who wants to learn how to perform pre and post beauty care services including manicure and pedicure as well as make-up for others this could be a perfect short course for you. This course will allow you to start earning by offering your manicure and pedicure service to your neighborhood or asking a salon near you to have you as in-house nail expert. You can also use the learning you have in applying make-up to offer your service as makeup artist on occasion  such as wedding etc. You may need an additional education in hair styling to complete your profile as hair and makeup artist for hire.

Commercial Cooking 

One of the best short courses offered in TESDA is Commercial Cooking. Here you will learn more about the use of kitchen tools, preparing and cooking hot and cold meals as well as  classes in local and international cooking. If you want to start a small eatery on your neighborhood or a catering business this will be the perfect short course to take. You can also take this to learn more meal ideas you can use for personal home cooking use. 

Events Management Services

For people who want to do event coordination business or familiarize themselves in event planning this is a new course you can take. You will learn to develop an event proposal, concept and program. You will also understand how to select venue and site, on-site event management and many more. Use the knowledge you gain from this short course and apply as Event Coordinator in a venue near you. There are also job demands for event officers and having this certificate can be a great advantage for you. Earn Extra Money as wedding and event coordinator for hire. Offer you service first to family and friend’s wedding and special occasion then slowly build your portfolio. 

Foreign Language 

TESDA also offers basic foreign language that will can make you extra bankable. They offer six foreign language namely:

– Basic Japanese Language and Cultures (150 hours duration)
– Basic English Language (100 hours duration)
– Basic Korean Language and Cultures (100 hours duration)
– Basic Mandarin Language and Cultures (100 hours duration)
– Basic Arabic Language and Saudi/Gulf Cultures (100 hours duration)
– Basic Spanish Language for Different Vocations (100 hours duration)

Enrollment to this course is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is open to the public for free but priority is given to those who will use it for application abroad and/or nearly hired abroad. For inquiries and training schedules you can visit other source of income as a tutor of basic and advance English to Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs and Spanish people. You can communicate better as you understand their mother language too.


Another new short course offered at TESDA is photography where you will be equipped to take good photos of fashion, beauty and nature. This is a good opportunity to take your photography hobby seriously and earn money by offering your service as a photographer for hire. You will gain knowledge in camera operations, parts and functions. You will also learn photo shoot strategy and style that can create your branding as a photographer. Earn extra money as a wedding and event photographer, travel blogger, freelance photographer for hire, graduation photographer or a Photography Studio (taking 1×1, 2×2 photos) at your neighborhood.

For complete list of TESDA Short Courses Offered this 2016 click here.

How to Enroll in a TESDA Short Course

Below is the step-by-step procedure to enroll in a TESDA Short Course. 

Step 1

Choose the TESDA Short Course you want to enroll. TESDA offers a number of short courses that will match your needs and wants.

Step 2

Go to TESDA Accredited Training Centers/TESDA Regional Office near you. You can CLICK HERE to view the list of TESDA Accredited Schools and Training Centers per area in the Philippines. Make sure to check if the school or center is TESDA accredited to make your training certificate valid.

Step 3

You will be scheduled to take an Entrance Exam. You need to pass this entrance exam to be able to start attending your TESDA short course of choice. 

Step 4

Once you pass the Entrance Exam you will be informed with the next list of requirements you have to pass as requirement. Give your phone number to the TESDA employee to know when the training program will start. 

Prepare the following requirements.

1. Certificate of Birth (NSO copy)
2. 1×1 or 2×2 Photo ID with white background
3. High School Diploma
4. Medical Certification
5. Updated NBI Clearance
6. Police Clearance
7. Good Moral Character Certificate or Honorable Dismissal Certificate
8. National Certificate (NC) if you already finished a program and will be enrolling on the next level.
9. Additional Photo ID (Passport Size) for any scholarship program available in the Institute of your choice.
Why Take a Short Course at TESDA?

TESDA provide offers hands on training that may enable you to start your own business or extra source of income. Admission fee are subsidized by the government so you don’t need to prepare a lot of money to start learning. There are also training centers and accredited schools all over Manila and Nationwide to cater to your schedule. TESDA also have the Online Certificate program for people who have day jobs and/or have busy schedules but still want to study a new skill. 

Have you tried enrolling in a TESDA Short Course Program?
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