SavingsPinay Series | Intentional Living this 2016 Day 3

December 24, 2015

On the 3rd installment of our December SavingsPinay Series I will be sharing to you how I attempt to Live an Intentional Life in 2016. 

Remember the questions I pointed on yesterday’s post? The one where I commanded you to answer honestly?

For all of the five questions my answer is YES. 

  1. YES I don’t seem to find value anymore in what I do (talking about my day job here guys)
  2. YES I long for a deeper source of motivation to continue in life
  3. YES my heart is sad at the end of the day 
  4. YES I have full of regrets with the things you didn’t do over the past year, past month and past day
  5. YES I have a lot of what ifs and if onlys in life

This will come as a surprise for someone who knows me personally or have been my friend in Facebook. I know how I seem to be very happy and very accomplished in life on some of my posts however, the real me still remains.

I mentioned before how hard I am on myself. I can’t seem to be proud of my accomplishment. There’s this constant longing to achieve things and outdo myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself sometimes. I guess it comes with having recognition as my language of love. I always feel the need to be recognized in order to know that people love me or value me. READ: How to Achieve Financial Stability in Your 20’s

And so I decided that I want to let go of this constant quest for recognition in everything I do. Instead I want to focus in living an intentional life.I want to be more mindful in what I do. I want to be more conscious in the present. I want to do things out of selfish reasons. 

This 2016 there will be less of me and more of God.

This 2016 there will less of things bought and more of time well spent

This 2016 there will be less of what if and if onlys but more of yes I did it.

The question is HOW

Let me share to you how I plan to commit to an intentional life this coming 2016 and forever. I pray that this will encourage you to do the same. 
Theme of the Year

I adopted this idea out of the book Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. There’s a part in the book where Elizabeth and her friends are talking about in an outdoor cafe. There were discussing that every city – and every person – has a word.  Rome’s word is “sex”, Vatican’s word is “power” and New York’s word is “achieved”  

Then I thought I should also have a word for myself. But, since a single word can’t express my deeper thoughts and feelings I then concluded it a central theme.

What’s the theme of your 2016?

Mine, again, is 

“Everything I do, I say and I think will be for the glory of God”

Think for a moment of what the theme for 2016 will be. This will be the focus of your year. Everything that you do, every goal that you set will be aligned in this central theme.
Create a Bucket List

For the first time I will be creating a Bucket List. It’s a collection of things I want to do for 2016. No pressure on when, where and how but just a pure list of what I want to do. As for me I plan to include this publicly on the sidebar of my personal blog, IzzaGlino. I will also create a quick navigation link in SavingsPinay to keep track. Publishing it on the web will guarantee that I will stay on track of my list. 

If you are looking for a sample of Bucket List then here is a helpful link:
Create a Master To Do List

I became obsessed in Bullet Journaling in 2015. I will start my Bullet Journaling posts next year if you also want to start a bullet journal for yourself.

Anyhow I notice that I have a lot of things unaccomplished during the day because I list down too many things. I don’t know how to prioritize. My to do list always become a wish list afterwards. 

Then came the Master To Do List. It is a list of things you need to do but with no specific time. It’s like a brain dump of everything that needs to get done. Once you have set a date of time to do it then you move the task on your daily planner. With this, you’ll surely become more intentional in how you use your time and how you set priorities in your life. 

My Intentional Living this 2016 Set Up

Intentional Productivity 

Next year I prepared 3 Notebooks. Notebook #1 is my Master Notebook, a room for my idea dump, collections and more. 

Notebook #2 is my Planner, a room for my monthly and daily to do list. 

Notebook #3 is my Blog and Business Notebook, a room for my editorial content management. 

This may seem too much of a task to maintain three notebooks but upon review of how 2015 went, I realized that the reason I am not accomplishing less in life is because I tend to overthink and overachieve things. I create so much clutter in my life. 

Intentional Blogging

Since I count blogging more than just a hobby but an identity I wanted to focus more with my blogs. I want to turn my blog into massive success. To plan out everything, writer better contents and give more value to readers. 

Evernote is where I will continually write each and every blogposts because I love the simplicity of this tool. 

My Notebook #3 will be meant for a lot of planning and to do lists.

Aside from the physical notebooks I also use Google Calendar to plan the blog posts and videos that will be released for the month.

Intentional Spending

I’ve been such an overspender this 2015 and I want to change that part. I bought a nice envelop and notebook in one thing in Landmark and plan to use it for my DIY Spending Tracker. It’s nice because the envelope is available for me to use as I allocate my money on a monthly basis.

Shopping for makeup is what makes me happy but also what makes me broke most of the time and so for 2016 I will be much more intentional with what I will buy. I will try to limit my makeup/vanity shopping to once a month with just a limited budget. No more, no less intentional spending. 

Intentional Relationship

I had a fair shot of heartbreak and “hopia” moments for 2015 and so I learned my lesson. I have to stop chasing love and instead welcome its coming with all my heart. I should learn to love myself first wholeheartedly before I can love another person. I know that everything is in God’s perfect timing.

Intentional Soul

This 2016 I want to embrace my life’s ultimate purpose. I want to do everything for Him. I want live purposely and know that I without God I am nothing. I want a stable relationship with The Creator. I want to be known as His Daughter and I pray that He will be manifest with my every action from what I say, what I wear, what I watch, what I think and everything. 

In my life that seems out of control, I know that God above is still in control. 

Are You Ready for the Big Change?
I will be honest that a big part of me is afraid that I might not be able to pull off this commitment to Intentional Living this 2016. I might fail…I might be lost along the way. I don’t know and I have zero idea in what the future holds.

But this BIG CHANGE fires me up. It ignites my soul. It gives me something to adhere to. A BIG CHANGE IN 2016. 

Now my question is, Are you ready to join me?
I hope this post helps.  
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