SavingsPinay Series | Intentional Living this 2016 Day 2

December 23, 2015

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Today is the Day 2 of our December SavingsPinay Series entitled Intentional Living This 2016. Yesterday I gave a brief introduction of what Intentional Living is.  It is  all about living life with full consciousness. You are aware of what happening around you and why you are doing what you do. You set an intention even to the smallest task that is assigned to you. Read: Day 1 Intentional Living This 2016
On Day 2 we will focus on the WHY and the HOW. I hope that you find this month’s series helpful. If you are ready to live intentionally this 2016 then read and ponder upon the posts that will be published this week on SavingsPinay.
Why Live Intentionally?
I know many of us still can’t believe that 2016 had already passed us by. It seems like yesterday when 2015 started and now we are on our way to celebrate the New Year. 
Now I want you to honestly assess yourself with the following questions:
  1. You don’t seem to find value anymore in what you do
  2. You long for a deeper source of motivation to continue in life
  3. Your heart is sad
  4. You have full of regrets with the things you didn’t do over the past year
  5. You have a lot of what ifs and if onlys
If you answer YES to any or most of what mentioned above then you should be more motivated to live intentionally.
Living an intentional life will let you see what’s more important in life. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself. You’ll find a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment in the things you do. Intentional living transforms you current life into a healthier, more fulfilling and abundant one.
How to Live Life Intentionally?
Set Priorities
We can’t handle everything at once. Thus, we need to set priorities. What are the first three to five things that’s most important for you to get done. What are the areas in your life that really want to focus, the you really want to improve? Is it your financial?mental?professional? etc. Learn to prioritize. 
Always Know the Why of Your Every Whats
I know the above is a little confusing but what I’m trying to say is that you need to finally ask the why in everything that you do. There should be a purpose in what you do and it should be aligned with your goals. You don’t just read a book… your read it to learn. You don’t just cook  a meal… you cook it to be able to live. You set an intention (a purpose) to everything that you think, you do and you say.
I for example would want to live an intentional life this 2016 by one solid intention.
That in everything that I do, I say and I think…I will be giving it all for the glory of God. 
With that on my mind I know that I am setting a solid foundation in life.
3. Invest on Long Term Values
This 2016, let’s learn together to buy less and do more. Let’s invest in things that we can treasure for a lifetime. Let’s dedicate the year for intentional spending. Travel, learn a new skill or spend quality time with your loved ones. Buy less and do more instead. Have you tried writing a bucket list? If not then try it. This 2016 I’ll be sharing mine in this blog and as the days/months progress let’s cross out one bucket list at a time.
4. Get rid of clutter in your life
Whether it’s physical clutter or emotional clutter, get rid of it. Forgive those who have offended you. Go through your closet or work space and throw the things that you don’t need at all. Try to live in a simpler and more minimalistic approach. Declutter the habits that made you unsuccessful. Declutter the people that make you sad or feel worthless. 
5. Find Peace with God
If you are truly encouraged to live an intentional life this 2016 then you need to be one with God. Find peace in His presence and understand that everything is according to His plan. 
Let’s live an intentional life this 2016. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing Ways to Live an Intentional Life. I’ll tour you on the process that I’ll be adopting and the tools that I will be using. 
I hope that you learned something with today’s post.
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