SavingsPinay December Quick Recap + A Year in Review

January 3, 2017
Today is the last monthly recap for 2016. It’s been a habit of mine to do recaps every month on the different milestones that SavingsPinay achieved. This is also a good way for me to get ready for the next month or on this case the New Year. 2016 marked a lot of progress and accomplishments for this humble personal finance blog of mine. I don’t even know where to start. I hope you will enjoy this post.

Personal and Financial Goals for 2016 and What Happened to Them

2016 wasn’t my best year in terms of personal development goals. I consider this as the weakest area of my life. Both reading my Bible and achieving a prayer/quiet time routine didn’t push through. I am also lacking in terms of being more organized and getting things done on time. I struggled emotionally towards the middle of the year and grew a bad spot in my heart towards someone I’m really close with. I tried so hard to be in good terms but I don’t know why or how to treat the wound. 


I am still ready to celebrate achievements such as crossing a number of items on my 2016 Bucket List (which I’ll be updating as a permanent Life Bucket List). I am also happy with the new habits and routines I have learned for 2016 and for being able to live an intentional life. 


On Work life I was able to show up on time 90% of the time. I don’t know what happened to me but suddenly I stopped being late at work. I also finished my projects on time and kept my workplace tidy as much as possible. But I must say that the coming New Year has a big possibility of change in my work life and I am more than excited. 


I also experienced massive success in terms of my blog life. This year is all about harvest in my opinion. I was able to reach my pageview goals month after month. I got my own domains and 🙂 I bought my dream vlogging camera — Canon EOS M3 and a diva ring light for my YouTube Channel. I am sooooo ready for Next Year and with these things unlocked I have zero reason to be a lazy blogger.


Below are full updates on my Blogging Goals for 2016.


1.Reach 1000 subscribers in my YouTube Channel before the year ends. Half-way there 566 subs

2. Reach 200,000 ++ pageviews in SavingsPinay before the year ends . DONE!!!

3. Reach 100,000++ pageviews in IzzaGlino before the year ends. DONE!!!

4. Reach 500++ followers in Instagram before the year ends. Getting there 366 followers

5. Grow SavingsPinay FB Group to 100 members before the year ends. Almost…98 members!

6. Gain more sponsored posts and collabs in all of my blogs. Yes, yes, yes!!! From paid sponsored posts to guest posts from Geli, Kyle and John, 2016 has been very nice. 

7. Attend more events through my blogs. Yes!!! Blogapalooza 2016, TravelBook Blogger Getaway and Female Network Women Can Event 2016.

8. Start transitioning my blog to an income generating platform. The launch of SavingsPinay 2.0 has been the biggest surprise of 2016. This is the start of my journey in transitioning my blog to an income generating platform.

9. Conduct a seminar/workshop related to what I blog. Haven’t done this but hopefully on 2017 I can.

10. Blog everyday. Major FAILED.

11. Be invited as a guest speaker because of my blog. Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.

12. Gain exposure in mainstream media because of my blog. Also Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.

13. Conduct a reader meet-up. Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.

14. Make more money online. Yes!!! My Extra Income has been in its all-time high thanks to opportunities left and right. 

15. IzzaGlino, SavingsPinay and my YouTube Channel will be a massive success. Aside from my YouTube Channel which I’ve been on hiatus I feel like I have massive success in my beauty and lifestyle blog IzzaGlino and this personal finance blog SavingsPinay.

I didn’t do that much in terms of fitness and wellness but I did a ton of outdoor activities for 2016. It was my first time to hike at Mt. Manabu and Mt. Daraitan. I also joined a marathon last June where I won an aircon during the raffle. My Pampanga 2 Days + 1 Night Trip is also unforgettable as well as the time at Pansol, Laguna and of course the Caramoan Island Hopping Experience.


This year has been the best year so far in my financial life. I have saved a lot of money thanks to side business I did towards the end of the year. Who would have thought that I’ll be able to save up 18,000 in just a month and a half to finance my Papa’s 60th Birthday Party?! It was such a great achievement as a daughter. I am glad  that my Papa is happy on his special day.  


Here are my financial successes for the year:


    • I was able to set up a monthly budget. I am using the 2016 revised version template of 50-20-30 Rule of Budgeting. Along with my monthly budget I also did track my daily expenses on my Bullet Journal.


    • I was able to put up a Baby Emergency Fund that’s continuously growing. Now I’m more than prepared to make it a real Emergency Fund in 2017.


    • My FAMI-SALEF Investment is still strong and I do fund my account on a monthly basis. 


    • Got a dedicated savings account for my Extra Income or my hosting and writing gigs. This account is so successful.


Overall Year-End Review

If I must rate 2016 compared to last year with 10 being the highest, I’ll definitely say it is 10 out of 10. I had much better year this year and achieved more. However, I know that I procrastinated a lot and I can’t help but feel lacking in terms of my productivity for 2016. If only I can turn back the time I’ll definitely be better. 

December Quick Recap

  1. Launch of New SavingsPinay

As you may notice we are now in a new and better home. Welcome to and I hope you will enjoy your experience now that the look and feel of SavingsPinay is more professional. With this new design I promise same useful content on  budget, savings, investment, career and entrepreneurship and more.
  1. SavingsPinay Facebook Group achievemet

I am now 2 members away from reaching my goal of 100 SavingsPinay Facebook Group members. Thank you for everyone who have joined. I hope you enjoyed the conversationsand lessons we had for 2016 and rest assured that new things are coming this New Year. I am thinking of putting video contents soon as well as podcast. I am crossing my fingers that my schedule will permit me to do everything that I want.

Final Words from SavingsPinay

Thank you for everything guys. Thank you for keeping SavingsPinay alive. Cheers to a productive 2017 and may we all have a happy and fruitful New Year. Please do check out more year-end posts from SavingsPinay as follows:
  • 2016 Level 10 Life Goals
  • 2016 Year-End Extra Income Report
  • What To Expect in SavingsPinay this 2017


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