August 21, 2017

I will often get asked through email or private message on Facebook about the essentials, tools, resources I use, follow and rely the most. And so I decided to create a dedicated page where I can include my top recommendations.

Disclaimer: You will find affiliate links below, but these are products and services I swear by in my years of blogging and hustling online. I won’t include anything on this page that I don’t personally use.

SavingsPinay Resources


I have mentioned this over and over again how getting my own domain with Pangalan was the biggest turning point of my blog! Having my own domain increased my credibility as a personal finance blogger, made my blog easier to search and to remember. For Php 350/ year you can secure your own domain too! Graduate from a or today and build your own name in the internet.

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Looking for budget hotels and accommodation can be very daunting. Thankfully, TravelBook is there to provide me with the latest budget-friendly hotel and accommodation. One I have tried is Al Del Rio, a perfect homestay if you are going to the Caramoan. They also offer no credit card needed, pay at hotel stays for conscious travelers.

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Online shopping has never been this easy thanks to Lazada. You can almost buy everything in this A-MAZ-ING market place. I am always on the look-out when they have flash sales especially for lipsticks, skincare items, tech gadgets and the like. This site is perfect to find and buy gifts for your loved ones. Did I mention that I bought my Diva Ring Light in Lazada for less than Php 5,000!


I use Mailchimp in building my e-mail list. I find it the easiest and cheapest (FREE for the first 2000 subscribers) email platform available today. In case you don’t know I launched my own mailing list last June 2017. If you sign-up today you will get a free access pass on the SavingsPinay Resource Library where I upload freebies like the Mid-Year Financial Review Workbook Bundle and the 50-20-30 Budget Rule Excel Template.

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If you have a YouTube channel you might want to monetize it by joining StyleHaul network. I’ve been affiliated with StyleHaul ever since I started doing videos on my YouTube channel. StyleHaul will pay you every time you reach $25 threshold and get the money on your Paypal account. You will also get your own portal to see your progress, earnings for the month and more. They even hold dinner for YouTube partners!  

Google Apps

I am an avid user of Google Apps from the Gmail, Calendar, Docs to Sheets. I love how I have 15 GB of free web storage to process everything I need and want.

Gmail is where I write, send and reply to emails.

Calendar is where I manage my content calendar for all of my blogs.

Docs is where I draft my blog posts and articles for my freelance content writing clients.

Sheets is where I create cheat sheets, project tracker and whole lot more of helpful templates to increase my productivity and help with my blogging process.


I use Canva to create all the beautiful blog thumbnails you see in SavingsPinay. Creating an account is free and you get to choose from hundreds of free templates available. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without Canva as I’m not a good graphic artist unlike my eldest sister an All Things Ellizoid.

Bullet Journal

To plan and organize my whole life I use a physical notebook and adopt the bullet journal system created by Ryder Caroll. Bullet Journal is something I’ve been doing since 2015 and had helped me to be really intentional and productive. If you want to learn what a bullet journal is and how it works please watch this video. My set up every month is published on this LINK.

Here are some collage photos of my Bullet Journal:

Stock Smarts Series by Marvin Germo

Everything I know and I continue to know when it comes to investing in the Philippine stock market came from these series of books from Marvin Germo. I love it! He makes investing in stocks easy by sharing real scenarios, easy-to-apply concepts and more. I personally recommend purchasing his books. You can get yours HERE.


St. Peter Life Plan

As morbid as it sounds, investing in a life plan is something everyone should consider. For every St. Peter Life Plan you’ll invest with you are entitled of the following benefits:

  • A wood casket, split lid cover, full glass with elegant interiors, imported covers and other details/
  • Memorial Service according to life plan you invested this includes flowers, four days use of chapels and nine days service at home.
  • Cash Assistance Benefit
  • Waiver of Installment
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit
  • Money Back subject to the conditions of the Life Plan Contract

I highly recommend getting a life plan for you and your family. I personally got mine at 21 and the rest of my family had a St. Peter Life Plan of their own. To help you get started with the account opening procedure, please fill up this form:


This Resource Page will be updated as often as as possible with the latest I use. I recommend checking this post from time to time. Take you for taking some time to read!


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Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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