Reader Question Part 2: How to Manually Compute for Your Mutual Fund Earnings

April 3, 2015

I have posted Sir Jonathan’s series of question before and I know I promised that I will update the Part 2 as well as Part 3 of our conversation. If you missed the part 1 then just click Reader Question.

Here is the second part of his question.

sir jonathan

And this is my answer:

Hi Sir Jonathan.

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

As per my personal experience, what I do with my FAMI investment is treat it as a long term investment plan. So I really don’t mind counting daily or monthly how much my investment grows.
What I do is just secure that I invest every month the same amount (I am adopting the Peso Cost Averaging method). For the first year of my investment I do top up 1000pesos only but for the start of 2015 I also added a higher monthly investment.

Compound Interest happens in time. The longer your money is, the bigger the chance for compound interest to happen. Give up to 3 Years for the effect to take place.

Additional Answer:
Since you have already mentioned that you invested in FAMI Mutual Fund then why not enroll for the online FAMI Portal Account?! The FAMI Portal will show you how much you have already invested and the earnings you already have. It even gives the percentage of your Year to Date earnings.

Have you enrolled to the online portal already?! I will create a blog post on how to enroll one very soon.

Here is a sample of how your FAMI Portal will look every time you have an investment.  I included some terms that you’ll find helpful.


Now if you have a mutual fund account but do not have the said online portal then you can know your Mutual Fund earnings by using the step by step formula below. If your mutual fund company gives you a receipt (FAMI does and I collect them) then you can use it as reference.

How to Manually Compute for Your Mutual Fund Earnings:

To Know How Many Shares You Own:

  • The Amount you Invested divided by NAVPS of the day


I invested 5000pesos for the month of March.
I checked the NAVPS of the Day as 5.9349
1000/5.435 = 168 shares (estimate)

To know the Total Shares You Own from previous investments to current:

  • Every investment determine the number of shares you own via the formula above then ADD the result of the previous month to the current month.

March Shares is 168
April Shares is 172
Updated Shares owned: 340

To know the current Net Asset Value Per Share  (NAVPS)

The NAVPS can never be calculated as it is based on how well the investment is performing in the market. If your last successful investment gives you a NAVPS of 5.453 then you redeemed and the NAVPS became 5.922 then YOU WIN. This means that your investment gained.

To know Your Mutual Fund Total Earnings

  • First you need to calculate your Profit.

To do this, get the value of (Current NAVPS – Original NAVPS) x Number of Shares.

Current NAVPS is 5.922
Original NAVPS is 5.453
Number of Shares is 340

(5.922 – 5.453) X 340 = 159.46 pesos

  • Second, Add the Amount You Invested + Your Profit

1000pesos + 159.46pesos = 1,159.46pesos will be your Total Earnings.

I hope this post had helped you. Checking your investment is important for you want to know if what you’ve invested with is earning or not. Pull out in case your investment gone wrong. Just as I’ve mentioned before  aim for a long term investment.


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