10 Best Personal Finance Books by Pinoy Authors

Today I am sharing the 10 best personal finance books by Pinoy authors to help you manage your finances.


​​I started falling in love with the topic of money, finances, and business because of books.


Every time I stroll in the mall (before pandemic) I will always grab a quick visit to the bookstore and spend an hour just browsing for books in the business and investment section. Nakakatuwa how there are more personal finance books by Pinoy authors being released nowadays.


Please note that the books below are in no particular order. Also, this post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

1. Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin by Ardi O. Roberto, Jr.

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin by Ardi O. Roberto, Jr.  started everything I know and I believe when it comes to personal finance. 

It is a simple, straight to the point and easy-to-read financial book. Perfect siya sa mga gusto ng madaling basahin at maintindihan na book about money management.


This is sold for Php 50 only but the knowledge you’ll gain will amaze you! It is a thin book filled with important information on the 7 Financial Stewardship Strategies:


1. Save

2. Give

3. Get out of debt and stop borrowing

4. Live simply

5. Magsipag, Mag-negosyo

6. Mag-invest

7. Educate yourself


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2. Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan Mo? by Vic and Avelynn Garcia

This is one of the very first financial books I’ve read. I even made a review about it years ago.


Sir Vic and Ms. Avelynn were able to share insightful details on budgeting, saving and investing in a writing style that every “Juan” can relate to.


The authors gave beautiful examples in pointing out their views about a particular topic like the Two Kinds of Old Age and The Kurot Principle. Both stories will surely make you reassess your finances.


Also included in the book are sample forms for budgeting, income and expenses and so on that are helpful for the readers.


This is a nice beginners’ book for those who still want to start their journey towards financial freedom.

Please click here to learn more about Kuntento Ka Na Ba sa Kaperahan Mo


3. I Wish They Taught Money in High School by Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que

Here’s another simple book on money management that you can finish in one sitting.


This book is divided into two parts. First part is I Wish They Taught Money in High School so I Can Start My Own Business Right and the second part is I Wish They Taught Money in High School so I’m Not Dependent on My Check.


Both parts are must read for anyone. I enjoy how the authors shared relatable stories based on their own journey to financial freedom.


Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn from the book:

    • Pay yourself first. Set aside a percentage of your income to automatically save and invest. I don’t matter how little the percentage is as long as you do it consistently.
    • Starting a business is for everyone. The book will open your mind to the possibility of starting a business even as low capital. It provides a true account of the author’s first few steps as she starts a real estate empire. From computation to business registration, this book has everything.
  • Such an amazing read!

4. Money Grows on Trees by Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que

It’s not every day that you will find a book that provides a lasting impact on your financial life.


Money Grows on Trees is a follow up from the foundational book I Wish They Taught Money in High School from the same author.


I Wish They Taught Money in High School is more of concepts to learn about money while Money Grows on Trees is about changing your money mindset. I Wish They Taught Money in High School speaks of the aftermath if you have a good money mindset which is tackled in Money Grows on Trees.


The book is meant for two types of people.

1. Those who are just starting their personal finance journey; and

2. Those who are already in the process but still want more tips

5. It’s Your Money (Spend it, Save it, Invest it and Lead a Debt-free Life) by Entrepreneur Magazine

If you like a quick crash course on spending, saving, and investing your money, this book is for you.


This book answers all the tough questions when it comes to money management.


It is a good book to read for defining money terms, explaining financial facts and giving expert insights. There are also financial professionals who give quotes about a certain topic.


Every chapter has a Summary page which also has a short quiz that will help you determine whether you understood the topic.


You will never feel bored reading even if there is no humor involved.


And it’s only Php 175.


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6. How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation that Can withstand a Crisis by Ameena Rey-Franc

Ameena of The Thrifty Pinay released the most relevant book at the moment especially with the current pandemic. It’s quick and easy-to-read on how to build a strong financial foundation.

As Ameena shares, if your foundation is strong, your financial skyscraper can go as high as you want to build it. Despite a major calamity that’s about to hit you, it can only cause a dent in your building.

The book shared the following:

  • A financial foundation pyramid 
  • How to invest and earn during a crisis
  • How to fuel your motivation to pay off debts faster
  • And more!

It’s a practical read if you are a beginner and you want an easy to understand financial book. 

Please click here to learn more about How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation that can withstand a Crisis


7. My Budget Diary by Chinkee Tan

Chinkee has such a way of explaining personal finance na talagang maka-masa. My Budget Diary is proof of his wit and charm. This tiny book offers simple and effective tips to achieve a stress-free life in the area of budgeting. 


I also appreciate the inclusion of templates and trackers like an expense tracker, monitoring sheet, bill payment tracker, and a 52-Week Budget Challenge.


8. The Debt-Free Lifestyle by Andrew Liuson

I got this book as a gift from my friend Pia of www.piathought.com and I couldn’t be more grateful. The book shares 10 principles that can revolutionize your finances. 


I enjoyed reading this book because it has all of the important elements of a good personal finance book. It shares both relatable and inspiring stories, doable money tips, and even includes sections for reflection. 


Please click here to learn more about The Debt-Free Lifestyle


9. 12 Steps to Build Wealth by Alvin Tabanag 

The book 12 Steps to Build Wealth is one of the classic personal finance books that you shouldn’t miss reading.


I love that you don’t need to be financially-savvy in order to understand the book even if it’s written in English. This is another perfect for beginner book offering insights on topics such as how to save money, how to make the right investment, how to prepare your finances for retirement, how to deal with debt, and many more.


10. Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Personal Finance by Efren Ll. Cruz

This book teaches personal finance in a textbook style. It is reliable for definitions, instructions, and steps to have a solid personal finance. From explaining the road to financial security to smart use of debt and investing 101 — this book is definitely a one-stop shop.


Final notes from SavingsPinay

I hope the above books will help you manage your money better. If you are into self-help and productivity books you can check out this post instead. 


Which of the books above is your favorite?

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this post. I remember reading your blog 3 years ago which inspired me to become financially independent myself. I have not been consistent in the past years but I am looking forward to learning more about saving and investing money.

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