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SavingsPinay September Quick Recap + Extra Income Report

I must say that September turned out to be a great month for the blog and my finances. I had a number of events and was able to hit my highest pageviews so far. To spice up  a little I decided to add an “Income Report” on my Monthly Quick Recap. This income report is devoted solely on my side hustles or the things I do outside my day job. […]

Weekly Notes #01 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads

Hi and welcome to the first installment of SavingsPinay Weekly Notes! I was inspired to create a weekly post that involves only links concerning personal finance and other money matters that are worth the click. I hope with these posts you’ll be more inspired to take charge of your finances. I’ve had such an amazing time searching and reading the posts I compiled in this Weekly Notes #01 | The […]

How to Invest Your 5,000 Pesos

I am so excited for today’s blog post because finally I will be covering an investment topic. All of us want to get rich one day and a step you can take to secure a better finances tomorrow is investing today.  But how can you invest with just 5,000 pesos? I chose the magic 5,000 pesos for a couple of reason. One, it is the easiest amount of money you […]

SavingsPinay January Quick Recap

It’s time to wrap up the highlights of the month through a quick post. Welcome to SavingsPinay’s January Quick Recap. We hit 100,000++ Pageviews.  Though it’s a little sad that we didn’t hit the goal before 2015 ends I still would like to extend my huge thank you for making my dream come true. We are now a hundred thousand pageviews in SavingsPinay!!! This means a lot especially to me […]

SERIES | Financial Planning 101: Day 1 Top 5 Personal Finance Basics

Welcome to Day 1 of our January SavingsPinay Series. If you missed the introduction then you can click this LINK or the post yesterday.  Financial Planning 101 is a great way to kick start the New Year right with your finances. You will be introduced to the importance knowing the what and ho of money. In the hope that the more you learn about money, the more you will be […]

SavingsPinay’s Best Posts in 2015

I never expected for SavingsPinay to grew this big. Imagine we are now nearing a hundred thousand pageviews. On my first year blogging in SavingsPinay I received nearly 100 pageviews a month. I was actually on the verge of deleting my blog because I can’t see any improvement in the pageviews. The post So I Entered the Wrong BPI Pin Thrice revived my blog and gave a whole meaning to […]

8 Things I Love About Windows 10 Upgrade

One awesome thing that happened to me during the last week of August is my free update to Windows 10 in my work laptop. The awesomeness of this new Windows version makes me cringe. For the record, I am not a fan of the Windows 8.1. I hate the tiles thing and how it makes it hard for you to search for your documents and all. So when the invitation […]

A Special Guide on the New FAMI Investor’s Portal

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys on my FAMI investments so I thought it is just ideal to create a quick post. I am still part of the FAMI investors and just before June ends I received an invitation to join the 2015 FAMI Annual Shareholder’s Meeting. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend because I already have an scheduled event. Aside from the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting,  […]

SavingPinay May Quick Recap

And a new school year begins. I still can’t believe that it is already June!!! More than half of my personal and financial goals are still undone yet half of the year have already passed by. Today I’ll be sharing yet again my quick recap. I hope you are enjoying this installment for SavingsPinay. May has been a very busy month for me in terms of work. I also had […]

SavingsPinay April Quick Recap

Hi and welcome to another Monthly Quick Recap from SavingsPinay. The month of April has been very good for this blog, thanks for your support. You have given most of my posts generous pageviews and I can’t thank you enough for keeping this blog alive. This month I was able to create 17 posts which is a fail if you consider my 21 and Better List that includes posting 21 […]