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SavingsPinay’s August Quick Recap + Join Our Facebook Forum Group!!!

Just Search: SavingsPinay   I skipped not just one but two SavingsPinay Quick Recap. I’m so sorry for I got too busy working as a freelance content writer by night and weekends. I tried to balance everything but somehow there is something that will really suffer.   So to cut the long story/explanation short, I decided to limit my freelance writing gigs to just 3 clients and still do event […]

Financial and Personal Goals 2015: Mid-Year UPDATE!!!

I still can’t believe that we are in the middle of year 2015. Time surely flies faster than we could imagine.  Last year I decided to make my personal and financial goals for 2015 public. Today, after six months I’d like to give you an update on how things turning out for me.  2015 Financial Goals What I originally wrote? 1. Open a COL Easy Investment Plan before first quarter […]

Finding the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type Now

Hello there! I know it took me almost two weeks to update this blog. I’ve been very  busy the whole June and I couldn’t find any time writing for my blogs. Both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino had suffered due to the unexpected projects that came to me. So now I’m back (from outer space!!!) and ready to bring you new contents. Thank you so much for staying in this humbl blog […]

Believing These 4 Myths About INVESTING Keeps You From Growing

I still consider making my first investment through FAMI-SALEF the biggest financial decision of my life. It was a first time experience and as the good saying dictates, “nothing beats the first time”. Though my determination to be an investor at 20 years old has been more of an “impulse decision”, I have no regrets at all. I knew that time I had proved that you are never too young […]

How to be Financially at Peace in Your 30s, 40s and 50s

When I did my very first Reader Survey last year, the results revealed that the primary age bracket of SavingsPinay Readers are in between 25-55. I remember how surprised I was back then. I felt a lot of pressure because I knew those who are reading this blog have the age and experience advantage that I cannot  contest. And to give thanks for the trust that you are showering for […]

2015 Financial and Personal Goals: This Time I’ll be Better

I thought of not creating a visible goal this year for I feel so embarrassed of how my 2014 goals became but then I felt like I need my accountability partners now more than ever. And yes, you are part of my life now! Just like what I declared on my Review post I will be including the failed goals on 2014 to my 2015 and I will also create […]

SavingsPinay’s first eBook attempt is DONE, Register for a copy NOW!

If you remember my 2014 SavingsPinay Reader Survey, I asked whether what topic of an eBook would you like to receive from yours truly. I got a favorable response for Tips and Tricks for A New and Improved Life so from then I slowly started drafting the contents. The Welcome Page As this is my first attempt to write something more than an ordinary blog post, I felt like it […]

Things to Look Forward to This November

Hi everyone! It is as always nice finding time to blog for you guys. I have been quiet busy with events outside and even events at the office as the Admin had requested me for help on program for the Anniversary and the Halloween Party. Both of which I will discuss on a separate posts on my Beauty and Lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino. I thought it would be very nice to […]

Introduction to New SavingsPinay Pages!!!

Wow. I still can’t believe how I manage to stay in the Top 50 Business and Finance blogs of the site. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting to my humble financial platform. I hope in some way or another I am adding value in your life. For this quick post I’d like to still introduce you to New SavingsPinay Pages! These are quick links that will make your […]