How this 23 Year Old Started Her Online Negosyo during COVID Lockdown

August 2, 2020

Today we have an inspiring story about a 23 year olds who started her online negosyo during COVID-19


You may remember how I publish past success interviews before from this series I introduced last August 2017 where I interview ordinary people who has helpful and inspirational stories when it comes to personal finance, investment and making extra income.


Do you remember Romer, a young marino who is doing extremely well investing in the Philippine stock market.


We also have Geli, a real investor in online farming who’s harvesting the fruits of her investment real quick!


And Kathryn, a mompreneur started built her own arts and crafts business at 23.


Now I have Rizza, another success story who started her online business during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In this interview Rizza will briefly discuss the following:

  • How she started her online business at home
  • How she handles the tasks being in entrepreneur
  • Her advice to people out there who wanted to start their own online business


Let’s begin!


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Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida

I’m a kind of person who wants to do many things. I’m an artsy person who love plays and being on stage. I also have a heart and dedication for business.


Since I was a child, I really wanted to have my own business aside from being an anchor on TV. It started from elementary I do sell packed biscuits on my classmates. I also sell pogs, teks and rubber band to my playmates to have my own money to by some stuff that I want. I enjoy selling things that might benefit me, it feels like selling is really into me.


After I graduated, I’ve been into sales and financing industry. My experience being in sales was challenging to the point that I felt like I’m really in a toxic environment.


Later on I realized that there is really a purpose why I had experience such things like that because, I will also have my own business too in the future.


All the bad and good experiences really helped and molded me to today. Now me and my partner already have our own business. I also learned that it is not just to sell to other people for your own benefits that matters. You must know their needs too.


Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida don’t just offer products to people, but an opportunity to start their own business too without ‘PUHUNAN.’


The business name is dedicated to my Mom who sacrificed everything in order for us to survive and finish our college studies. We mostly offer It to people whose lack of budget but also want to earn extra income due to this kind of pandemic.

Is Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida a full-time dedication or do you do other work on the side?

Partly, Full time dedication if the Lord permits.




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How did you start your business at home? What are the steps you did in order to craft, (Name of Business) what it is today? Will appreciate a step-by-step procedure. From requirements to how much the initial investment is.

During the lock down because of the pandemic, we usually saw ads on Facebook selling Chili Garlic Oil.


We noticed that many people buy this product for their appetite especially around our subdivision.


So, before our savings run out we decided to start a small business just to circulate the money.


My partner asked some of his Chinese Chef colleagues on how to make Chili Garlic Oil and we also did our own research on YouTube for other processes on how to make it more special.


Then we started to make our first batch just to practice. On our first try we asked for the assistance of my partner’s friend to assist us on the overall process.


Everything turns exciting when we smell the Chili Oil on our first try.


It turned out very delicious. It feels like you really want to have an extra rice when you put it on your plate. We also decided to sell Mushroom Chicharon.


We tried to practice on how to make a perfect Mushroom Chips but due to lack of equipment we decided to look for a supplier for the meantime. As for the Raw Honey we looked for a legit and cheapest bee farm around Cavite.


Here’s a quick table to show you the breakdown of our first batch’s investment, production and earnings:


ItemTotal InvestmentTotal ProductionTotal Earnings
Chili Garlic Oil₱1600.0024 Pcs₱800.00
Mushroom Chicharon₱3000.0040 Pcs₱1000.00
Pure Raw Honey₱4300.0020 Pcs₱1700.00

What was your memorable experience or story so far since starting the business?

Nag-test run kami ng ibang businesses na online before yung Online Business ni Mama Nida. Naalala ko pa nun nag-bebenta kami ng balut and penoy everyday.


And things were very smooth naging continues hanggang sa nakaipon kami nang pang dagdag pang puhunan.


Nung firsttime naming gumawa ng Chili Garlic Oil, sobrang perfect ng lasa without even realizing na madaling araw na pala. 😀


Did you have any hesitations in the beginning?

To be honest, wala. Since this was really our plan before as individual ng part ner ko to really put up business.


Describe a day in your life as an entrepreneur?

Every day is different since we’ve started the business. Every decision we make we always consult with each other if it’s for the better or not. We are very much wiser than when we started. Our goal has been to lessen our expenses and invest it on our business while keeping part of it to fund our savings.


How do you handle all the tasks as a business owner?

Every day we do task for us to be more organized and productive. We also have individual quota for amount of sales and target number of customers. We have separated our task for selling, inventory and publicity on social media.


What was your goal/motivation when you started your own business at home?

First, both our goal is to really have fund for our savings. We also want to own a business that will not only benefit us, but also can help and change other people lives by helping them to have other source of income too. We want to provide an opportunity, to inspire and motivate them that they can also have their own business.





How did your business evolved since it started/launched?

We first started from scratch, where lots of ideas came up. Later on when we have realized that we really did execute the business. We both decided to do it as soon as possible before others get into our target consumers.


After a few weeks we find out that the sales were good so from Chili Garlic Oil and Mushroom Chicharon, we add a new product, the Raw Honey.


Our business really increased in number of customers since we started.


We’ve tried online selling specifically on Facebook and we also do boosting when we have extra income for our publicity to increase more sales. We also do direct selling on crowded people like public market in Tanza.


Every experience we encounter gave us new ideas. We continue to learn more on every and try to improve how we do our business.


What are your future plans for Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida?

We saw it not only just a store online but also to have a visible store around Manila and if possible to other near provinces. We want to add more product to our business that will really reflect on the name of our business.


What advice can you give to other people out there when it comes to starting their own business?

Our advice is when you really want to do something you must do it with action and dedication. Your mindset is not only for temporary survival but also for long term to achieve all your goals.


We all have our seasons in life, a season for suffering and a season to grow. You just have to learn to be strong on every challenges that you will encounter in order for you to achieve all your goals.


But above all your plans and goals, one thing will always be certain. That the Lord plans’ are much better than yours.


What are your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

To all aspiring entrepreneurs out there, if you really think that you want to do business, do it as early as now.


Plan and prepare everything. But, also expect the unexpected. Do not just think that your business will boom once you launch it.


Always think that in everything you will do, will it benefit other people?


Lastly, always have a positive mindset everyday.


About Rizza

I’ve known Rizza since 2018 as part of the Victory Makati church community. As young as she is, she already has desire to start a business from the get-go. I am very proud of the success of her business, Online Negosyo ni Mama Nida.



Final Notes from SavingsPinay 

A huge thank to Rizza for sharing her story here at SavingsPinay!


Rizza’s success story is such an inspiration.


Here are brief summary of lessons Rizza shared:

1. Our past and current experience are there to prepare us for the future.

2. Having a small business is a great way to circulate money especially if your savings is already running out.

3. Use the time you spend on Facebook wisely. Rizza, saw the demand on Chili Garlic Oil while browsing on Facebook!

4. Once you have the idea set, don’t just stop there. Research on ways you can make a better product or service for the people. It’s okay to ask around especially if it is your first time. Rizza sought the help of her partner’s Chinese chef friends to ensure that their Chili Garlic Oil recipe will be authentic and special.

5. Always think that in everything you will do, will it benefit other people?

6. Rizza used social media to market her product and it paved greatly! Her ideas as a business person is all about reinvestment!


For those interested, Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida is really glad to help you start your own business. You can drop message on Online Negosyo Ni Mama Nida’s Facebook Page or you can call us at 09156852194 look for Ms. Rizza Vallo.

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