On Things I Want To Make Time For

May 16, 2016
Monday is dedicated to personal posts here in SavingsPinay. I know how most of the time this blog get a little serious with all the financial terms and money matters we discuss. And so to lighten up everything I decided to dedicate a day of the week when I let you have a glimpse about me as an ordinary Pinay obsessed in personal finance. 
Today’s post is all about the things I want to make time for. Nowadays its very easy to get consumed by technology and let these gadgets, apps and social media sites rule your life. So as a friendly reminder I want to set my intent to live intentionally and create a much fruitful 2016. 

Let’s start.

    Reading the Bible
    On to the top spot on my Personal and Financial Goals 2016 is reading my Bible. I’ll be very frank that I sometimes miss doing my devotions because of things happening around. I know there’s no excuse with this one but I am guilty beyond reasonable doubt of not focusing my time for God more. I have to redo everything and really prioritize what should be prioritized in my life. I also want to make time for Sunday service and discipleship which I miss gigantically.
      Though I now run for every Wednesdays and Fridays after work I still want to make time for an easy exercise I could do on a daily basis. My Balik Alindog program was a success until I stopped doing it because I wake up late. I have to work hard to have a flat tummy and I do want abs to be honest.
      Pamper Myself
      My weekdays as well as weekends are stretched most of the time with work and  blogging activities. I am the type of person who puts so much pressure to myself and not easily satisfied with a success. However, this kind of attitude is making me sick in the inside. I get easily stressed and worn out. I want to make more time in celebrating the little wins of the day or the week. I have to also congratulate myself for being awesome, right?
        Earning Extra Income
        There are so many things I can do if I really want to earn extra income but I seem to procrastinate a lot. I can promote my hosting more, advertise my wedding coordination service and find online writing gigs to apply for but I sadly I don’t. Now I want to act up and really do something to earn extra income. June is a perfect month for weddings so I can’t miss the chance to put up some ads and learn to market my hosting skills again. 

        Organizing My Inbox
        My email is a complete mess and I have to do something about it immediately. I need to make time and unsubscribe to those I don’t even open. I also wish to do an Inbox Zero meaning have as little messages as possible in my Inbox and just ruthlessly delete those I don’t really need.
        I hope this post appeals to you. Happy Monday!

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