October 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report

November 5, 2017

October 2017 Recap and Extra Income ReportHi and welcome to my October 2017 recap and extra income report while working full-time!


Every month I publish an in-depth report of my net-worth and extra income projects. I personally love reading income reports and I hope by doing this I inspire you to start side hustling too.


Just like last month I didn’t make any money from my extra income projects. Most of my focus for October went in revamping my other blog, IzzaGlinoFull, which I’m proud to be on it’s best state ever! Please open this link new tab if you are interested in beauty, lifestyle and travel posts.


Although I didn’t make that much extra income money I am beyond happy with how the month of October ended. There is so much to be thankful about so let’s get starter!


But first, I want to give a few background on why I’m publishing my recap and extra income report monthly.

I do this mainly because of two reasons:


1. To help myself stay on track with my finances and stay accountable to my goals and actions.

2. To encourage you and the others who are reading this post to pursue you passion and hustle your way to success.


I strive to keep this recap and extra income reports simpler, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. Thank you for the positive feedback and I hope you will continue to support the succeeding recaps.

My Extra Income Projects


I started making extra income in 2013 as a professional wedding and event emcee for all occasion. From then on I searched for other ways I can earn on the side. Below are my side hustles:


Blogging – I manage two active blogs., a personal finance blog and, a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog.


YouTube – I do have a YouTube channel which I wish you can check out and subscribe. I do beauty, bullet journal, personal finance and life videos.


Freelance Content Writing Service – I offer my service as a part-time web content writer. My niche includes general finance, personal development, blogging and web pages.



Weddings and Events – I recently launched Izza Glino Weddings and Events Business, a full weddings and events production based in Taguig, Philippines.


Also towards the end of this post I am sharing how these extra income projects affected my net-worth for September 2017. Lastly, I will share to you how I achieve my goals under personal development like reading, growing as a person and more.


Let’s begin with the breakdown.




As mentioned before, my main goal for 2017 is to generate actual income on my blogs. I finally achieved this goal last August 2017 when I reached my $100 Threshold on Google AdSense.


If you are thinking of starting a blog, this tutorial may help you. I condensed everything I know on how to start a blog for beginners.


Below are the highlights or progress I made on my blogs for this month.


On My Other Blog


I launched the new look of! It took me a month of choosing a suitable blog template, downsizing labels/categories (around 450+ blog posts) and fixing errors or broken links before the big reveal.


All the hard work paid off seeing how good it looks now compared to the previous version. The navigation is so smooth, less ads on the sidebar so people will focus more on the content plus it is mobile friendly! I am so happy with how the revamp went.


I was surprised when I checked my Pangalan Affiliate account and saw 290 php campaign sales! Thank you for those who purchased their own domain and/or hosting using my affiliate link >>


And thank you for supporting the products and services I highly recommend.


Still not convinced? Here’s How To Make Money Blogging for Beginners to inspire you more!


On Social Media


The SavingsPinay Community on Facebook has surpassed 1500 members as of this writing. I can’t believe how much love and support the exclusive group is getting lately. Members are now commenting and sharing their stories to the group.



I created the exclusive Facebook group to gather the readers of SavingsPinay blog and create a venue where all who would want to learn more about living with a budget, saving money, investing in the Philippines, retiring young and making extra income with a full-time job can interact with each other.



If you are not yet part of the SavingsPinay Community of Facebook you can easily join here.


On Email List


For the first three years of my blogging journey I didn’t take building a mailing list seriously. I thought no one will dare to sign up on my tribe. Thankfully I overcome this fear in June 2017.


What do you get as part of my email list?


  • Access to the Resource Library where you can download freebies like workbooks, budget templates, money manifestos etc.
  • An exclusive email every week containing info and updates I only share to my subscribers. My first newsletter includes how my first three months investing in direct stock market went. And the response has been amazing.


Sign up here.


With that here are my other regular posts on SavingsPinay:



For October, I consider launching the new version of my beauty, lifestyle and travel blog, IzzaGlino as a major highlight. I put time, energy and resources to create the said revamp/launch.


How I Make Extra Income Blogging?


Now you may wonder how I make extra income blogging. In the beginning I didn’t really plan to make money out of my blog. It seem so impossible to me.


Then last year when I finally got my own domain with Pangalan and invested more time and effort on the blog, opportunities opened. I realized I can really make extra income with this hobby.


And so here’s a quick breakdown on how I do it:


Google Adsense


If you look on the sidebar of this blog you’ll find some ad placements. I earn through impressions and clicks those ad placements generate.


Sponsored Post


Sometimes I get an opportunity to write for a company which is in line with what I blog and what you, my audience, likes to read.


This holds a big chunk of my earnings in blogging for the past four years. On my 2015 Extra Income Report, I haven’t declared any earnings from sponsored posts because I only got a chance to work with brands/companies come 2016.


If you want to learn more about sponsored post opportunity on this blog, shoot me a message on




I make money by joining affiliate programs in the Philippines. Below are the companies and programs I am affiliated with:



You can buy domain or hosting plans through Pangalan with my link. I consider getting my own domain as the biggest turning point of my life as a blogger. With your own domain you will be easily remembered, get noticed and build authority.

(read more on my How to Start a Blog post)


I became an affiliate with TravelBook since August last year when they held a blogging contest which I fortunately won. If you want to book hotel or accommodation on your next trip then try to check TravelBook. They have tons of partnered hotels all over the Philippines and some even give huge discounts.

(read more on my How to Earn as a TravelBook Affiliate post)


I recommend makeup or skincare products I use and include an affiliate link on my other blog,IzzaGlinoFull. Here on SavingsPinay, I share financial books I read and other resource materials with their unique affiliate link. Make sure to check out some items on sale on Lazada.

(read more on my How to Make Money with Lazada post)

October 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report

Blog Income and Traffic for October 2017


I run two active blogs at the moment.


IzzaGlinoFull, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and

SavingsPinay, a financial journey of a common Pinay


I follow a different content and marketing strategy for each blog. IzzaGlino is more of a personal space for me where I can share my obsession with makeup and skincare, bullet journal, reading books and more.


SavingsPinay, on the other hand, is more of a resource page or niche website. I try to create more valuable posts that is in line to what my audience wants to read. I focus mainly on living with a budget, saving money fast, investing in the Philippines, retiring young and making extra income while working a full-time job.


blog extra income report


For October 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report on the blog I earned the following:

AdSense – $16.61 or 851.59 php

Sponsored Post – 0.00php

Affiliates – 290.00 php


After I earned my first 100 dollars from Google AdSense, it became much easier for me to reach my next payment threshold. As you can see in the photo above I am now halfway through my next Google AdSense payout which still feels so surreal.


It took me almost four years to make money in Google AdSense and now I only need to wait 3-4 months. Hopefully one day the ads and traffic I generate is enough to help me earn at least $100 monthly.


I haven’t reached the threshold yet so I will not be including my blog income on the October net worth below.

Happy to report that Affiliate earnings have some major movement for the month of October. Thank again for getting your own domain and/or hosting through my affiliate link with Pangalan.


Now all I need to focus my energy and resources is getting sponsored post. Being in a personal finance niche is hard because there are less companies and brands that you can connect with. I am looking forward to work with financial companies, services and applications that my readers could benefit as well. If you are interested please email me in for collaboration.


Traffic-wise it was a great month for both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino. Both blogs increased when it comes to pageviews compared to the previous month.


Blog Recap and Extra Income Report

Traffic for SavingsPinay this October 2017. Pageviews increased from 12,944| Users increased from 5856 to 6522 | Sessions increased from 7098 to 8031


Blog Recap and Extra Income Report

Traffic for IzzaGlino this September. Pageviews went up again from 10,643 to 11,328 | Users also went up from 7261 to 7426 | Sessions increased 8289 to 8454




The decision right now is to wait for until I get my next threshold before uploading any new videos. I won’t be deleting my current channel but will definitely delete videos that doesn’t resonate with my brand anymore.


I will stop creating beauty videos because there will never be a chance for me in the said field. Instead, I will be introducing some personal finance and lifestyle videos as well.


For income update, I currently have $18.32 on my account which is below my $25 threshold. This is what’s good with YouTube as a passion project, even if you don’t shoot, edit and upload a new video, you will earn passively from the past views. I am looking forward for my second YouTube payout before the year ends.


Wedding and Events Business


There is no activity for Izza Glino Weddings and Events for October.I have completely postponed all my plans and activities for this side venture to focus in keeping both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino active.


Next year I’ll be surely back with my active involvement in marketing the business. My goal is to generate active income with it that could fast track my journey to first one million pesos!


Freelance Content Writing


Another way I make extra income while working full-time is offering my service as a freelance content writing.


I work as a freelance content writer and blogger for hire since 2014. I specialize in the following topics:


  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Personal Finance and Business
  • Freelancing and Startup Life
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Domain and Web Hosting
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Weddings and Events
  • Travel


I have a degree in Journalism and have been working in the corporate world as a documentation specialist – first in an IT firm and currently in an asset management company.


I genuinely enjoy writing for the web. I love helping businesses promote their services through quality content material. I enjoy meeting my clients’ needs on schedule and getting their message across all mediums.


For the first part of 2017 I slowed down on this area because I had a tough month last February and March. Fortunately, I am recovering well and is back in doing freelance content writing services.


I mentioned last August, that I became a ghost writer for a personal finance blog. I was able to write around 6-7 articles during the duration of the work. The money I earned already reflected on my extra income fund last month.


If you are a business owner or a blogger who want to grow through content marketing and need my services don’t hesitate to email me at or my personal email




Now to end this post I will be sharing my net-worth for October 2017. Just like my last recap and extra income report I am including actual figures already. But, I am making a simple spreadsheet this time to easily track down my progress.


October 2017 net worth tracker


Here are the details:


  • I didn’t include cash on hand since most of them are my budget for the coming work week.


  • As you can notice the extra income fund went down from last month. The main reason for this is I invested in FarmOn online farming before October ended. I got surprised that the 16th Cycle Registration has opened so I joined the bandwagon and opened an account on FarmOn. I picked the remaining farm at Pangasinan to invest with and I got a bit surprised that 1 plot is Php 7,500!!!  I am excited how this new investment vehicle will turn out in the next 6 to 8 months.


If you want to learn more on how online farming works reread my interview with Geli, a real FarmOn investor! Or a comparison of Croptial, FarmOn and Philcrowd here. 

  • Both Receivable #1 and #2 are money owed to me.


  • Other Assets are combined value of items I own that has market value like aircon (I won on a raffle), LCD projector and gadgets like Ipad Mini and previous HP laptop.


  • My direct stock market investment is bloody red!!!!!! You may be seeing an increase compared to last month but it is only because I topped up my investment in October. Return-wise I’m currently at negative 500 php!


  • Although the market is  in it’s all-time high there stocks I bought from the past six months that I’ve been investing that went down. Wilcon (WLCON) is now at 8.33 php per share compared to 9.80 php per share last month.


  • At the moment I am negative when it comes to return of investment but because I am investing on a long-term basis I don’t really mind the loss I’m seeing in my portfolio. I know there is still a big chance that I’ll earn what I lost in the future.


  • Unlike my direct stock investment, my money in mutual fund is now on it’s highest return ever. I am so happy I didn’t withdraw my investment last year when the performance of FAMI-SALEF went really poor. I keep on investing my money and now my mutual fund investment is earning well.


  • I am now officially done paying for my Canon EOS M3! A huge chunk of my monthly salary goes to this so now that I’m done I can add up the money to my savings and investments already. I plan not to have anymore debt for the rest of the year.



Final Notes from SavingsPinay


I hope you enjoyed my October 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report. By the way, I am still working full-time. I have no plans of quitting unless I feel confident enough that my extra income can support me towards financial freedom.


Please go over Goodbye October, Hello November 2017 on my other blog to read all about the events and happenings that took place in my personal life.


Also the month of November marks my birth month so I am feeling a little extra every single day! You can follow me on Instagram for some behind the scenes.


Thank you for reading my post. See you on the next recap and extra income report.

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