My Tagaytay 2D, 1N Itinerary + Expenses

August 24, 2015

Hi everyone!!! I blogged about My Tagaytay Travel Diary in IzzaGlino so if you want to know more about what happened during the 2 days and 1 night trip please go to my other blog. 
Here at SavingsPinay I will be sharing how our itinerary turned out to be as well as the how much the cost of the trip. I hope this could inspire you to relax and have your own weekend getaway. Tagaytay is a very nice place to enjoy a quick and affordable vacation.
Our Itinerary + Expenses

Day 1
7am: Leave Manila. We opt for a DLTB Bus bound to Tagaytay and told the driver to drop us at Skyranch. The conductor said that they won’t pass Skyranch but they can drop us off to Petron (almost near Skyranch already)

Bus Fare: 87pesos

Drop Off Point: If you read other blog posts I am sure you have read about about Olivarez Plaza. This is actually a very good drop off point if you want to start your backpacking travel. It is in the middle of all the best places to go to in Tagaytay.

10:00am: Petron. Since we drop off at Petron we have to cross the other side and ride a Jeepney. All jeepney will pass by Skyranch so you don’t have to worry. If masipag ka you can also walk.
10:10am: Skyranch. This is a nice and fun place if you are into rides. It is like Star City though there are fewer rides. There are also gift stores inside and food kiosks.

Entrance Fee: 80pesos
Rides: 50pesos to 100pesos per ride

We bought souvenir t-shirts in one of the gift shop inside Skyranch. White T-shirts with Tagaytay designs are 120pesos-150pesos depending on size.
12:15pm: Mahogany Bulalo Place. This is like heaven for those looking for the best Bulalo experience. A row of Bulalo eateries awaits you. We dine at Mommy Tess who offers unli sabaw and unline banana. Their Bulalo is awesome too!!!

Jeep from Skyranch: 8pesos.  When you are at the entrance go to the other side. Landmark is the Korean restaurant. There will be jeep that says Indang. Tell the driver to drop you at Mahogany Market.

Mama Tess’ Bulalo: 350pesos serving is good for four. Rice is 20pesos per serving.

1:00pm: Going to D-Zone Backpackers Inn where we will stay overnight. This is the voucher we got from Ensogo. If you want a quick preview of the room check my other blog. 
Jeep from Mahogany Bulalo Market: 8pesos. Ride a jeep going to Dasma. Get off at Buho Gasoline Station.

4:00pm: Bag of Beans Olivarez. This is where we spent our afternoon. Bag of Beans is so fancy and dining in is indeed very romantic. You can get salad, pasta, main meat and fish dishes as well as coffee.

Jeep from D-Zone Backpackers Inn Buho: 8pesos. Get off at Olivarez Plaza and just walk your way to Bag of Beans. 
Our Order: Quattro Cheese Pizza for 450pesos and 2 Iced Caramel Macchiatto for 150pesos each.

6:00pm: Ayala Serin. From Bag of Beans you can just ride one jeepney and get off at Ayala Serin or you can also walk. It is just 5-10 mins away. We opted to just walk.

Daiso Shopping : 520pesos
Cold Stone: 220pesos

9:00pm: Back to D-Zone Backpackers Inn. Just ride any jeepney going back to Buho or Dasma and get off at Buho Gas Station.

Day 2

9:00am: People’s Park. From D-Zone Backpackers Inn ride a jeepney with a sign Olivarez. Tell the driver to get you off at Terminal. 

Jeepney from D-Zone Backpackers Inn: 8pesos
People’s Park Jeepney: 17pesos 

  12:30pm Back to D-Zone Backpackers Inn to Checkout. There are jeepneys outside People’s Park to get you back at Terminal. Then from Terminal ride a jeepney going to Buho Gas Station.

Jeepney from People’s Park to Terminal: 16pesos
Jeepney from Terminal to D-Zone Backpackers Inn: 8pesos

1:30pm Pasalubong from Colettes. Truly the best place to buy pasalubong. Price range from 75pesos to 300pesos.

Pasalubong: 560pesos but Ate gave me a 40pesos discount.

2:30pm Mushroom Burger. Ride a jeepney going to Olivarez and get off at Terminal. Tell the manongs there that you will be going to Mushroom Burger. The jeepney with sign Nasugbu will get you off at Mushroom Burger.

Jeepney from Terminal to Mushroom Burger: 8pesos

4:00pm Starbucks Tagaytay. There are 3 different Starbucks in Tagaytay but the one we opt to go is the branch we passed by during on our way to People’s Park. Your way is same with the way you go to People’s Park just pay 8pesos though. 

6:00pm Bus to Ayala. I have no memory of how much we paid but I believe it is 80pesos to 100pesos. You can easily ride a bus at Olivarez.

From Starbucks Tagaytay ride a tricycle for 10pesos only. 

PS. I hope you can also read My Travel Diary posted in IzzaGlino!!!


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Do you also plan to go to Tagaytay? Do you have any other recommended sites or attractions?

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