My Personal and Financial Goals for 2017

January 8, 2017
For 2017 I am doing the Level 10 Life Goals wherein I had 10 areas of my life where I want to achieve my highest potential with. For each category I’ve written 10 goals then every end of the month I will rate my self from 1-10, 10 being the highest.


My categories include Personal Development, Habits & Routines, Family & Friends, Spiritual, Health & Fitness, Bucket List, Career & Business, Finances, Blog and Organized Life.


Let me give you a description for each category:


  1. Personal Development – I want to spend more time and effort to be a better version of myself.
  2. Habits and Routines – I want to gain new habits that will be part of my routine for the rest of my life.
  3. Family and Friends – I want to be closer to my family and friends.
  4. Spiritual – I want to reunite with my faith to God.
  5. Health and Fitness – I want to be fit and to have a 360 degree turn on my wellness.
  6. Bucket List – I want to check of more items in my life bucket list.
  7. Career and Business – I want to establish my event business and freelance writing business.
  8. Finances – I want to solidify my financial life.
  9. Blog – I want to continue inspiring others through my blogs and YouTube Channel.
  10. Organized Life – I want to live as simple and as organized as possible.


Below are my goals for each category. I will surely update this post and add more as the months pass by.


Personal Development

  1. Practice Miracle Morning everyday
  2. Read at least 50 new books
  3. Set mini goals every month
  4. Track my habits and routines in the Bullet Journal
  5. Create and maintain a “Me Time” Ideas and Schedule
  6. Focus on goodness
  7. Read daily affirmations
  8. Stop procrastinating
  9. Practice GTD
  10. (To be updated)

Habits & Routines

  1. Day and Night Skincare Routine
  2. Drink 5-8 glasses of water everyday
  3. Make bed in the morning
  4. Clean room on schedule
  5. Read daily
  6. Daily gratitude log
  7. Morning and Evening Routine
  8. Time Block for productive work

Family & Friends

  1. Treat and pamper my parents
  2. Plan out and have an out of town trip with my friends
  3. Reunite with elementary, high school and college classmates
  4. Meet and network with new people
  5. Become a better sibling
  6. Grocery shopping for my parents
  7. (To be updated)
  8. (To be updated)
  9. (To be updated)
  10. (To be updated)


  1. Maintain Daily Quiet Time
  2. Attend Victory Group
  3. Establish my own Victory Group
  4. Keep a devotional journal
  5. Attend Sunday church regularly
  6. Listen to worship songs
  7. Listen to worship podcasts
  8. Buy more devotional/inspirational books
  9. (To be updated)
  10. (To be updated)

Bucket List

  1. Visit Thailand or Singapore
  2. Take my parents on an out of town
  3. Attend or experience a Philippine Festival
  4. Learn new language
  5. Organize a family photo shoot
  6. Volunteer
  7. Solo travel in the Philippines (3 new places)
  8. Hike again (5 new summits)
  9. Watch a real concert of someone
  10. Learn how to ride a bike

Career & Business

  1. Enroll in a class based on my passion
  2. Create an event business website
  3. Create multiple streams of blog income
  4. Find and be in my dream job
  5. (To be updated)
  6. (To be updated)
  7. (To be updated)
  8. (To be updated)
  9. (To be updated)
  10. (To be updated)


  1. Save up for a real emergency fund
  2. Open a COL EIP Account and start investing
  3. Top up my FAMI-SALEF Investment
  4. Become a St. Peter Life Place Seller
  5. Save every 20 peso bill in a piggy bank
  6. Automate my savings
  7. Buy new book/s about personal finance and investing
  8. Attend a personal finance seminar
  9. Grow extra income to 6 digits
  10. Set monthly, weekly and daily budget.


  1. Write and publish a physical book
  2. Create a SavingsPinay product (planner, t-shirt, mug, etc.)
  3. Conduct a reader meet-up
  4. Conduct a personal finance workshop
  5. Be nominated in a blog award
  6. Become a speaker
  7. Build SavingsPinay YouTube Channel and Podcast
  8. Rebuild my Beauty YouTube Channel
  9. Create an online course
  10. Successfully launch a SavingsPinay Resource Library

Organized Life

  1. Become more organized
  2. Create a capsule wardrobe
  3. Create a productive workspace
  4. Have a cleaning schedule
  5. Fix my book collection with a book shelf
  6. Have a dedicated space for my accessories.
  7. (To be updated)
  8. (To be updated)
  9. (To be updated)
  10. (To be updated)

Final Words from SavingsPinay

As you may notice I keep my goals this year as specific as possible. I noticed that last year’s have been very generic so I didn’t have a measure of success. I hope this New Year will be better. Although I had a great year last year I know that I have work harder and better this 2017 to achieve more. Hope you enjoy this post and please stay tune for my first update at the middle of the year.

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What are your goals for 2017?

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