My HBC Beauty Rewards Card plus Secure Insurance

January 22, 2015
Hi everyone! I took a week of writing retreat just to replenish my mind and my editorial calendar. It feels so good to find out a lot of new information and turn them into blog posts!!! Today is all about the HBC Beauty Rewards Card.

I have shared to you guys how much I love Rewards Card. You can click this link HERE to find all of my posts in regards to Rewards Card. I feel so empowered when there is a membership card/rewards card a store offer.

Last December I was shopping for new items to add in my collection when the cashier asked me for my membership card. I actually own one but lost it already plus they’ve got a new membership card with new appearance so I thought it will be nice to have a new one.


HBC Exclusive Card is a rewards program that aims to provide exclusive privilege and services to the loyal customers of HBC.

How much?! 50pesos ONLY!!! OR you can get a card if you show receipts worth 2,000pesos!
  • Automatic conversion of earned points to E-Purse
    •   Every 2,000 points will convert 10pesos on your ePurse.
  • Special Invite to “Exclusive Members Only Sale”
    •   There will be quarterly exclusive members only special sale. (I haven’t attended one, though)
  • Special “Birthday Pamper Day”
    • Members are given exclusive beauty services for free like facial, hair spa and foot spa on your birthday.
  • Birthday Double Points
    • When you purchase on one day on your birth month you will have double points. For example, my birthday month is November so if I purchase for one day in between of the said month I will have double points.
  • Special Discounts of New Products
    • Members have discount for new products on HBC.

Aside from the Rewards Card I also availed the Secure Card which is Insurance for only 30pesos only. I thought “wala naman mawawala” and it is only 30pesos so why not. Anyhow, this Secure Card is in partnership with Banker’s Insurance. The validity is only 6-months upon activation. So meaning if you activate on December 1, 2014 the ending of the insurance is on June 1, 2014.

HBC Secure

1.       You get 15,000pesos for Accidental Death
2.       You get 1,500pesos for Accidental Medical Reimbursement
3.       You get 5,000pesos for Fire Assistance

You get an Info Card that you need to keep for it to be presented along with a bunch of document upon claiming. Also you get a nice mini flyer that explains everything that you need to know about the HBC Secure.

You have 2 Options in activating the Card. The first option is by submitting the form included in the flyer to the HBC Cashier of your choice and the second one (which most cashiers will advise you to do) is to Activate Through text.

Again, the Coverage will start twenty four (24) hours from successful activation.

I haven’t had any experience for insurance other than my BPI Save Up plus Insurance so I can’t seem to have a nice solid comparison. All that I can say is that I reserve it for short term needs just like a microinsurance. Of course I pray to God not to be able to use it EVER. But, it is way better to be secured.

Hope this post helped you! If you have questions, remarks and so on, don’t forget to write on the comment box below.

What’s your opinion on this HBC Secure?!

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