My First Ensogo Transaction (2D/1N at D-Zone Backpackers Inn Tagaytay

August 3, 2015
I have shared many times my dream of traveling. I never actually walked out of my comfort zone in terms of places I wanted to visit. The furthest I’ve been is Antipolo and mind you, it was only a short trip to host an event.

As an action plan for my strong desire to travel, I knew that I don’t have to procrastinate anymore and just commit to it. 

Just last week when me and my best friend, Nica is just having our usual conversation during lunch time. She told me that she haven’t been to Tagaytay and since I’ve been there before to host a wedding and spend a brunch I thought this could be a great opportunity to embark on a journey of traveling.

My BFF Nicka!
We booked a 2 Days 1 Night Traveler’s Inn in Tagaytay!!!

A little disclaimer though, me and Nica paid for the deal with our own money. This post is not sponsored by Ensogo or whatsoever. 🙂

The Plan

Though I’ve been to Tagaytay for a day trip I never actually tried to spend a night at one of the best tourist destination near Metro Manila. We wanted to do our own itinerary or to-do list so the only thing missing is the place to stay in at night. We both wanted it to be more than just a day trip.

I volunteered to do our itinerary so if you’ve been to Tagayatay and you have ideas on the must-do’s please let me know. I badly need your advice.Nica wanted to go to People’s Park which I haven’t been to ever so we will surely add that. I also need recommendations on where to eat for the only places I’ve been to in Tagaytay were Bulalo Point and Bags of Beans.

The Deal

Right after our conversation I told Nica that I can check at Ensogo for a budget hotel we can stay at.

Fortunately, I saw a great deal in Ensogo. I let Nica check the deal and once she agreed I immediately made my very first Ensogo transaction

D-Zone Backpackers Inn Tagaytay 2D/1N Accommodation for 2 or 4 Persons

We obviously went with the accommodation for 2 which costs 999pesos from its original price of 2,400pesos. It was a huge 58% discount. We plan to go this coming August 15 to 16. I

The Details

Package 1: 2D/1N Accommodation Deluxe Room for 2 Persons in 1 Queen sized bed for P999 (valued at P2400)


  • 1 Queen Size Bed
  • Air-conditioned Room

  • Plated Breakfast

  • LED TV

  • Wi-Fi

  • Towels

  • Toiletries

Check-in Time: 2:00PM

Check-out Time: 12:00NN

I’ll share our itinerary here in SavingsPinay and how much we’ve spent for the trip. My travel blog, on the other hand, which will have the detailed “what happened in Tagaytay” will be up on my personal blog, IzzaGlino. I am also planning to film a video or a vlog sort of. 🙂

I am just super excited that this whole “travel” thing is finally coming true. I am praying for more adventures and more fun and exciting destinations. I know that there will surely be more to see and more to do outside my comfort zone.

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