My Extra Income Year-End Report

December 26, 2015
Welcome to another year-end post. Today I will be sharing publicly My Extra Income Report where I publish a highly detailed report how much I earn and how I earn through my side hustles. If you’ve been following my blog for long then you’ll know that I have a day job as a Technical Writer in a Makati IT Firm. I’ve been employed in a day job for almost two years now but I choose to have side jobs here and there to save more money. 

Making this very first extra income year-end report will help me understand the progress in my event hosting, freelance writing, YouTube and blogs. It will allow everyone to see an overview/ clear picture of how I was able to generate extra income for the past year. I hope it will inspire you to take advantage of your spare time and learn ways to earn money. 

My Multiple Sources of Income

2015 has been the busiest year so far. I got active in my blog and my freelance writing career. Though the hosting career isn’t that well (I hosted less than 10 paid events this year) I am still happy that I was able to generate legit extra income. 

Event Hosting

  • If my memory is correct I was able to host a few weddings, debuts and public event this year. My fee is still the same. I get 2500pesos for 2-3 hour event if its Metro Manila and additional for the outside Metro Manila. Some of my unforgettable hosting stint would be a back to back event one Saturday where I hosted a wedding around 10am and another wedding on 2pm. I also hosted Emporia’s Launch event thanks to Mother of Philippine’s PR Ms. Ace Gapuz. I am also humbled to host the wedding of Quitco-Adelino Nuptial and the 18th Birthday celebration of Franchesca Alyanna Santos. 
Freelance Writing

  • I became all out in finding freelance writing gigs for 2015 and so this part here will be pretty long. I will try to detailed out the company/individual I worked for and how much I earned. Since I did some ghost writing for some companies I can’t disclose the name of the website or the owner but I’ll still do my best to describe.
  • iPBS Content Writing  
    • I worked in a local content writing service website from May- August 2015
    • I was paid through BPI on a weekly basis 
      • First Week May 26- June 10 – 2,649pesos
      • Second Week June 11- June 25 – 960pesos
      • Third Week June 26 – July 10 – 1,620pesos
      • Fourth Week July 11- July 25 – 1,732pesos
      • Last Week July 26- August 10 – 555pesps
    • Total Extra Income – 7,516pesos
  • Kalidad Prints and Favors
    • I worked for a couple of blog posts related to wedding.
    • Fee is 150pesos per post and payment is sent on a weekly basis too
      • I was able to create 15 blogposts
    • Total Extra Income – 1500pesos
  • Foreign Content Writing
    • I worked for different website owners to create one to two contents. 
    • I was paid via Paypal
      • January 2015 from  Kimchee Guesthouse – $6.39
      • June 2015 from Website Application – $2.09
      • July 2015 from Dai Mingsheng – $18.82
      • August 2015 from Latinanomics, Inc. – $11.17
      • August 2015 from Johnnie Houge – $10
      • August 2015 from Lorelei Tuscano- $10
      • September 2015 from Latinanomics, Inc. – $28.38
    • Total Extra Income – $86.85
  • First Upwork Job
    • I worked for web contents
    • Total Extra Income – $26.15
  • Craiglist Client 
    • I worked for a couple of blog posts
    • Total Extra Income – $100
  • Current Content Writing Project 
    • I met a client during the 11th iBlog 2 Day Blogging Summit
    • I will be working on her website with web content pages for 350pesos each and blog posts for 150pesos each
    • Already had first payment
    • Total Extra Income – 1,500pesos
  • Blog
    • Nuffnang Philippines- 123pesos
    • Adsense – $33.19
    • StyleHaul – $25
    • Infolinks – $2.90
    • Sponsored Posts
      • Zalora Partnership – 750pesos GC
      • Two Posts from Ms. Hannah Weijers about prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding dresses -$20
      • Heart Press Philippines – $10
    • Total Extra Income – $91.09 and 873pesos
Future Plans

I know I could do better to earn more extra income next year so I am actually planning a lot on how I will approach the New Year. My plan is to do my best in my current content writing project. I want to take care of my client. I would also want to be active again in hosting for events. I miss hosting so much. Hopefully I can advertise my service better in 2016. I am happy for the opportunities that my blogs IzzaGlino and SavingsPinay had earned in 2015 and I am looking forward for a better blog income. I hope to get sidebar ads and sponsored posts too. 

I am blessed to earn extra income in 2015. I was able to use my talent and my spare time wisely. Cheers for the coming 2016. May the year bring prosperity to each and everyone. To God be the glory.

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