My 2nd Year Anniversary Working in Makati

February 26, 2016

February 26 marks my 2nd year anniversary working in Makati. I can’t believe I will last this long in my current company considering how I easily used  to things. I lasted only 1-3 months in my firs two jobs before I finally settled in my current work. READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and 6 Things that Helped Me Succeed.

Today I will try to celebrate my second year by providing the lessons I learned, the highlights of my career and probably future plans. I hope with this post you’ll learn something. 

Lessons and Pieces of Advice
  • Respect/Authority is something you earn through time. 
Currently I am part of the Management Committee at work. I am happy to gained such respect and authority over time. Though we are of the same age bracket, kitang-kita how people sees you as superior to them in terms of experience at work and expertise in what you do. Respect and Authority at the workplace are important factors especially when you have already stayed for a couple of years. 

  • Time Management is the only key
Over the last six months of 2015 I was going to work super late. I always blame the traffic or it’s just that I have bad luck commuting. Then 2016 came and one goal I made is to finally go to work on time ( I do this “No Late January, No Late February etc. tracker on My Bullet Journal). I realized that all it takes is discipline in how you use you time to be early at work. I didn’t have to do any magic. At the moment I seldom go to work late and if I do it will always fall in the grace period. My trick? I set an alarm in what time I have to go out of the house. 

My Roll Out Family
  • Don’t be hard on yourself
I have the tendency outdo myself. I feel like I needed to do things on my own and have a hard time letting others know that I need help. Then realized that I have to stop being hard on myself. It is okay to let others know that I can’t do it. Hindi naman ako si Wonder Woman. I can’t be a martyr all the time. 
  • It’s okay to commit mistakes
I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes with my kind of work. I don’t tolerate mistakes. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do my work right all the time. But then I realized that it’s okay to commit mistakes. There’s a lot of things that I have to improve in terms of what I do and I have to be an open cup…always ready to take knowledge from people around me.
  • Be Prepared for Sudden Changes at Work
My second year at work is a bit of chaos to be honest. We had a sudden change with the management. I mentioned our former President, Sir Joel had to leave his post since the ownership is now 100% sealed and signed. 

Currently we are in complete hiatus at work. There’s no concrete plan or even organization chart being released. Though I am still compensated well still it’s hard knowing how blurry the path ahead is. We have no idea what will happen to the company in 6-12 months. 

That’s why its important that you prepare yourself mentally, financially and emotionally. Whatever happens you need to be smart with your career decisions. Have enough savings ready and make sure that your emotions won’t affect your job at all times.

Highlights of My Career so far

1. Transferred to sister company

    On my first year of work I was rendering my service with SysNet as technical writer then I got transferred to WiFun as Technical Documentation Specialist. Though both companies were sisters and highly connected with each other it is still a new working environment, with new workmates and new job description. It started a little tough but now after five months I am getting used to the transfer that happened. 

    2. The WiFun Family x Christmas Party x Holloween Party

    Last December we celebrated WiFun Christmas Party with a Tropical Party. I hosted the event and prepared the program. It was so much fun and I believe I have blogged about it in Goodbye December, Hello January 2016 post. 

    We also celebrated a Halloween Party!!! We decorated the office and brought the kids of our employees for some games. It was super fun event too. 
    I love my WiFun Family so much and I feel blessed to be surrounded by amazing individuals who always make me feel loved and wanted. 

    3. Meeting Nica and the Coffee Monday

    I found the best people in the company that made such an impact in my life. Nica, our HR/Admin Representative whom I treasure the most as my bestfriend. Meeting Nica has been one of the best thing happened on my second year at work. We’ve been through a lot and I am excited on what else will happen. 

    Coffee Monday on the other had are my barkadas at work. They were the very men whom I shared a lot of laughter and stories with. I still remember our Star City Adventure as well as our coffee Monday sessions. They even gave me a cake on my birthday.

    So What’s Next, Izza?

    I want to be honest with you as my readers and I do feel a bit “50:50” whether I will be staying in my current work or not. I finally reached a point when I am not satisfied anymore on how things are going on in terms of the management. I feel like there’s no opportunity for growth anymore and I owe it to myself, my family and my future family to establish a better and surer career path. 

    But I do love my WiFun Family and I have established memories and friends there so it’s really a tough decision on my part.

    Soon if I have made a decision I will surely blog about it and inform you. 

    Thank you for reading this post.

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