More Career Lessons for New Graduates

March 22, 2016

My biggest congratulations to Batch 2016 Graduates! In the next 1-3 years you will find yourself in the challenging journey of transitioning from university to work. I’ve been in that situation and still facing big financial and career decisions up until today. Funny how sometimes I want to go back to school when before I have always wanted to work in an office. 

Now that I am on my second year working in Makati I have experienced, gathered and learned more important lessons that can be valuable to new graduates. READ: 6 Career Lessons for New Graduates. I hope after your graduation day, once all the celebration is done, you read this post and ponder upon the following things:

Your Diploma, Award and/or Grades will be worthless

As ruthless as it may sound, your diploma will be just a piece of paper mounted, framed and displayed in your living room. The medal you earned as top of the class will just become a good reminder of your achievement while the high grades you have accomplished will soon be forgotten. 
Once you start working your attitude will be the number one thing that people will value for. You need to work with your relationships. You will become part of a team and if you can’t work together with your other co-employees you will surely find yourself caught in a big problem. Forget about the diploma, award or the good grades you have and focus on how you can manifest a good character at work.

Take Charge of Your Finances. 

It will be your full-responsibility to budget your money and manage your income. This is both exciting and daunting because it means taking a big responsibility that may affect your future. The earlier you learn to take charge of your finances, the better your journey to financial will be.

Below are some posts that can help you:
Saving automatically a portion of your income is as important as budgeting. I have always regretted overspending and not saving earlier. If only I saved money as soon as my first paycheck arrived, I will have a better financial status today. 

There are those who will earn more than you for doing the same job — even less of the same job

This is a reality that you need to prepare for once you become part of a company. There will always be a people around you who will earn better even though you feel like working more. These people have long-earned experience that make them worthy for a bigger salary and no matter how much you hate this reality.

Sometimes it’s all about finding a good manager

You are lucky if in your fist job you are blessed with a good manager. Managers are the first person who will shape a new graduate on how and what it is to be an employee. The manager should oversee and inspire you to become a better part of the team. He clears what is and what is not your responsibility. He sets you in the direction you need to go. A manager can also be the factor why you will quit or hate your job someday. READ: 5 Reasons to Find Enjoyment in Your Daily Job

Build a Network

Networking is important if you want growth in your career. You need to learn how to build a relationship with individuals whom you share similar interest, values and goals. A good network will gear you towards advancement. Opportunities will open up easily and you will learn a lot from these people. 
Quit for the Right Reasons

There will come a time that you will be too burdened maybe or find yourself in a tough decision whether to quit or not to quit. Whether you are still in the career path that you wish to follow. It is important not to quit just because of hard work or challenge that you experience. Quit because your heart tells you so and I know it sounds cheesy but I mean it. Quit because it is clear in your heart and mind that you don’t see anymore satisfaction in the current work situation.  READ: When To Quit Your Job and How to Do It

Hope this post helps.

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