May 2021 Net Worth Update

June 15, 2021

Welcome to another net worth update of 2021, the May 2021 Net Worth update.


How are you doing? If you’re new to SavingsPinay, you may be wondering why I post my net worth update every month. If you’re not you can easily skip to the next section.


The main reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. As to why I share them publicly revolves mainly with my core objective of bridging the financial literacy gap among Filipinos one content at a time.


I hope you enjoy today’s post.



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May 2021


May 2021 felt unproductive. I was in a continuous slump, especially in terms of blogging. I was missing-in-action in terms of content and have no progress on the goals and plans I set for May.


The main reason for this is because I experienced three long weeks of no internet connection. I rely so much on the internet to do my work and my side hustles and without that stable connection, I feel off. It was a mess calling my internet provider almost every single day for updates. Thankfully, this was already resolved and I got upgraded to a Fiber plan now. 


But when it comes to finances, May was a great month! The mid-year bonus came and I was able to use it as planned. I was able to give additional tithes, extra money for my parents, and tried a new investment vehicle. 


I was about to buy a treadmill for the rest of the money but didn’t pursue it. There was a fire that happened in our barangay and one of my best friends from high school got affected. She lost her whole house through the fire. I knew back then I needed to help. I used the budget for the treadmill to give to her. 


For now, the treadmill is put on hold and it’s okay. I can always buy the treadmill from my extra income fund whenever I want it. Parang biglang natakot din kasi ako bumili since prone sa sunog yung lugar namin. 


I also spent the whole month of May working from home. I’ve been enjoying grocery shopping so much and picking up the things I really want to eat. 


You can go to my personal blog for more inside stories of my life.


May 2021 Blog Updates and Highlights


May 2021 has been the worst month in terms of blogging. I didn’t blog at all except for my April2 2021 Net Worth Update. As I mentioned in the beginning, I was in a rut for May and became lazier than usual. 


I did publish another YouTube video before the month ended. I did a random Shopee Haul. If you’re curious on the recent items I picked, watch the video below:


If you want quick money tips and other updates make sure you are following me on Instagram.

For May, I had two speaking engagements and both are for schools. Grateful to have shared what I know on personal finance with students. 


I also had an opportunity to do guestings for Calamansi App. Calamansi is a new type of social media based on voice. You can do live audiocast and I became one of the guests on Female Network’s Usapang Pera. 



May 2021 Side Hustle Income Breakdown


For May 2021, I received my second Google Adsense payout. Again, thank you for the continuous support for the blog. 


I am now at 55% in my goal of $500 Google Adsense income. 


Aside from Google Adsense, I also got a banner advertising for the month of May. This is the very first banner advertising I’ve ever done. 


Thank you, Coursehero. If you are looking for a side hustle and want to be an online tutor, go to bit.ly/savingspinaybanner.

For advertising inquiries please go to my Advertise with Me page

May 2021 Goals


I posted my 2021 goals not long ago and something I learned to be very effective in life is the power of measuring your progress.


Excited to share with you how I’ve been moving in terms of my goals for 2021.


Financial Goals

End with Php 500,000 net worth. Grateful to continuously move up in terms of my starting net worth. The journey may be slow and steady but I’m already seeing some good opportunities happening specifically on the side hustle income. Thanks to the mid-year bonus, I moved well from my starting net worth. 


Grow Side Hustle Income to Php 100,000 net. Grateful for all the opportunities opening up for the blog. For May, I was able to cash out my second Google Adsense payout and got my first banner advertiser. There is much that I need to work on, especially on my commitment and consistency. 


Total Money Saved and Invested to Php 100,000 net. Since I also didn’t work at the site in May, I had more room for savings and investments. I was able to accomplish saving and investing more than 35% of my salary for the month. What I did is actually set up my mobile banking to transfer x amount of money every first day of the month to my brokerage account and my mutual funds. I’ve also been adding to my high-yield account every month as a form of extra savings since I already hit my emergency fund. 


For May, I used a portion of my mid-year bonus to invest in a feeder fund. Thus, you will see in my net worth update later  that I have an additional fund in the investment section. So far so good with the said fund. My initial investment of Php 10,000 grew to Php 10, 402 after almost a week. 


Finish my 2021 Sinking Funds

I’ve shared my 2021 Sinking Funds in this post and I actually have two categories – personal and work. So far, each of my sinking funds are in progress. I made progress on my blog and business sinking fund with the set up of my filming studio/workstation. Now I only have two left on my blog and business sinking fund.



Blog and Business Goals

Upload 2x/week on YouTube. For the past net worth updates, I’ve been mentioning that YouTube would be my biggest venture for 2021. I really want to publish new videos on my YouTube channel. The plan to have my first few videos up in February 2021 has been pushed to April instead. 


Last April I made my comeback to YouTube and I can’t be anymore happy. After almost two years of hiatus, I was able to set up my Filming Studio/Work Station and finally uploaded my first video in two years! I hope you can support me in my YouTube comeback. Make sure to watch and like the video plus subscribe to my channel.


Blog 100 times. I went back to publishing less posts compared to March. I only published one post in May. I’ve been working from home yet, I can’t seem to find time to write new posts. Super sorry for this. 


Release at least three (3) Paid Products. I mentioned how I set March as a busy month to plan all the hard work for my April 2021 paid product release. However, I had a major change on the product I will release for April. I kind of scrapped the whole concrete plan I already did last February 2021. No product release for April but I am counting my comeback to YouTube as part of the ventures I did for this year.


Get one (1) month ahead of blog posts. As mentioned, this area has been a work in progress pa din.


The best I can do currently is one week in advance. At this rate, I’ve been able to write and publish all posts for the week over the weekend which allows me more time in the weekdays for other things. My plan was to hire someone to do admin tasks for the blog like creating graphics, posting on Pinterest, etc. But I didn’t push through with this plan. 


Update blog Main Menus and Archive. Updating the blog Main Menus and Archive will not only allow a better reading experience to my readers. It will also help me identify what posts I am missing. I also want to use the Main Menus to offer my services. In April, I was able to dedicate this task to someone and it’s already finished. My to-do list now is to implement the new Main Menus and Blog Archive.


Reach $500 Total Google Adsense Payout. In my 2020 Side Hustle Income Report you’ll know that Google Adsense is one of the areas that I earn as a blogger. My main goal for 2021 is to continue earning well since it’s more of a passive one. With $279.03, I am now halfway to reaching this goal.

Personal Goal

Read 20 books. For 2021, my target book to read is 20. I didn’t finish any new book for the month of May 2021 and am still in the middle of reading The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers.


May 2021 Net Worth Update

I’ve been tracking down my net worth since 2017 and it’s very motivating to see my progress. Grateful I am now green in terms of my net worth. I’ve been pretty consistent in following my savings and investment schedule which is really A-MAZ-ING. 


Some things to note in my May 2021 Net Worth Update:

  • There’s a significant increase in my net worth for May 2021. May was an exciting month financially because I received a mid-year bonus. As mentioned in the beginning, I used part of the bonus on a new investment which you can now see in the net worth update – the Feeder Fund 
  • The market has been going well for May 2021. I’m really happy how my current investment has been lately. I am still on track with my saving and investment schedule. I am not as worried with the current value because I am investing for the long term.
  • The main reason why I need to make money on my blog is because I have recurring expenses to maintain it. For May, I made money from Google Adsense and banner advertising but because of the expenses I have hindi ganun kalaki yung side hustle income na nadagdag.



Next Month’s Plans


And now we’re finally in the month of June!


Can’t believe we are now in the second half of 2021. 


June will definitely be spent doing two important tasks – do a mid-year review and update my financial game plan. It’s all about revisiting the goals I set for 2021, reorganizing my budget, and redefining my next actions to finish the year strong. 


From my mid-year bonus in May I followed as planned but decided not to buy the treadmill anymore. I’ve weighed the benefits having one will be for me but after 30 days, I settled that it is more a want rather than a need at the moment. I am reserving the money as a preliminary investment as I open my MP2 Account online. 


I also need to prepare myself since by mid-June I’ll probably report back to work-at-site. I have to make sure I plan my budget and my meals since I’m also currently living alone. I need to step up in content creation as well. I’ve been missing in action lately and gusto ko makabawi.


June is all about the Season 2 of the SavingsPinay Podcast and more YouTube videos up on my channel. If you haven’t listened to The SavingsPinay Podcast go to Spotify, iTunes or Google Podcast and search SavingsPinay Podcast.


For YouTube, I realized I can only do one video a week for now. Still, I plan to release money-related videos soon and not just hauls, routines, and vlogs. 


For June, I want to make sure to release new newsletters, stick to my budget, and track my expenses.


What should happen this month – send out newsletters and release the new archive of www.savingspinay.ph


Last Month’s Goals: ⁣⁣


Spend my mid-year bonus wisely – DONE except the treadmill

Prep for SavingsPinay Podcast Season 2 – FAILED

Release new YouTube videos every week – FAILED

Release weekly newsletter – FAILED

Stick to budget + track expenses  – DONE


Money Goals This Month


📌 Conduct a Mid-Year Review

📌 Update my 2021 Financial Game Plan

📌 Open MP2 Account online

📌 Prepare for back to work-at-site situation including budget and meal prep

📌 Bulk up on contents for the month of June

📌 Release Season 2 of The SavingsPinay Podcast


Final Notes from SavingsPinay


Thank you for reading my May 2021 net worth update. I am eager to do more next month.


How’s your finances for May 2021?

Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at www.izzaglinofull.com, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages, www.izzagevents.com, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at izza@savingspinay.ph


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