March 2019 Net Worth Update

April 9, 2019

march-2019-net-worthWelcome to my March 2019 net worth update.


It will be in the same layout as last month as I want the net worth updates to stay as simple as possible and reflect real numbers and situations.

March 2019


It was a busy month for yours truly. You may notice the lack of post and I’m truly sorry for being missing in action.


As I revealed last month, I am now a Digital Marketing Associate at one of the leading asset management firm in the country. Adjusting to the said new role in the same company I’ve been for the past two years proved to be challenging but tolerable.


Some of the highlights from the month of March are as follows:

  • Went  to a free Captain Marvel movie screening
  • Attended Discipleship 2019 at Victory Makati
  • TV Oplan Asenso March 16 Interview
  • Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola Twin Day Hike
  • Attended Smart Women Invest Event of First Metro Asset Management Inc.
  • Bella Rosa Tagaytay Wedding Event


Check out the full story in my Goodbye March, Hello April 2019 post.


Money wise I earned double the amount I made for February 2019 in Google Adsense. But because I am reaching a new threshold, this will not be reflected in the net worth table towards the end of this post.


I also had an event for March which created additional income.  I am still on track of adding 10% every payday in my emergency fund.


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Overall, yes it was busy but still a great March 2019.



March 2019 Blog Update and Highlights


For March 2019, I was only able to publish two posts which is too few compared to January.


Here are the posts for March 2019 in case you missed something:

Blog Income Breakdown


In terms of traffic and income, March 2019 was way better than last month! Although both blogs – SavingsPinay and Izza Glino Full have fewer posts, I am grateful to still end up with line of $36.


Here is a quick snippet of the income breakdown for each blog:

In March 2019, I earned a total of $36 from blogging. With my starting balance of $18.29 from February, I am now $45 away from my next payout! Yes!

TV 5 Oplan Asenso Interview

I am also proud to mention that last March 16, I had my first ever interview in mainstream media as Izza of SavingsPinay!


Yep! I sat down for a one-hour interview with Sir Gerald dela Peña and Ms. Michelle Ople of TV 5 Oplan Asenso. From the interview I was able to share how I started SavingsPinay, why I became a personal finance blogger and a ton of saving and investing tips.


Here’s a link to the show. You can skip to 1:02:00 for my interview part.


Just amazed of this milestone. To God be the glory.



March 2019 Goals

Something I am excited to include in this new monthly recap is the update on my goals. I believe one of the biggest mistake I made last year was not reviewing and taking notes of my progress. Thankfully, I learned my lesson and this 2019 I want to do it every month and be as transparent as possible.


The set up of my goals update is based on Sir Joe of He is one of the top bloggers I follow.





Financial Goals


End 2019 with Php 250,000 net worth. For 2019, I want to be back as near as Php 250,000 in net worth. Even exceed the said target if possible. And this March 2019 I am 73% near the target.


Tithe 10% of whatever Money I Earn Every Month. This is a very important goal for me. Tithing is more than just a financial term. All of us are called to tithe and bring every tenth of whatever we have back to God. I am tithing way much this year though compared to what I did last year because I re-calculated how much I am earning in a month and in a year. I have cash benefits I receive that I need to tithe to like holiday pay, bonuses and allowances which I failed to include last year. So yep, whatever money I earn every month including the blog (or any side hustle) income will be tithed.


Php 60,000 emergency fund. This is the main goal for 2019. I’ve failed this countless times and I don’t want to fail at it again this year. For March, I was able to maintain the emergency fund and added the usual 10% of my monthly paycheck. 21% progress! Sweet.


Monthly Transpo and Food <4400. Again, I failed the goal of staying below Php 4,400 for my both my transportation and food allowance.


Maintain a Working Opportunity Fund. The Opportunity Fund is composed of every side hustle I do. My Opportunity Fund has a significant growth thanks to the March 30 wedding event I did. In total my working opportunity fund is now at Php 12,000!


Monthly Phone Bill <1500. Finally able to pay less Php 1500 for my phone bill! Another failed goal for February 2019. I still plan to cut my plan for August 2019 or to possibly downgrade.


Invest Php 48,000. For 2019 I plan to successfully maintain 30% saving rate every single month. I skipped some months last year and so this year, the goal is to not skip a month ever. To better track this I decided to just write down the amount I plan to invest with is 20%. The other 10% is saved on emergency fund anyways so you already have idea on my progress from above. So far I am on track with this goal. I invested a total of Php 8,000.


Blog Goals


Create a better “Archive” for the Blog. As mentioned earlier I was able to publish a new archive page for SavingsPinay. But, I still have more things to do. Another archiving I wanted to do as a project this year is the “per topic” which was suggested during my 2018 Reader Survey. I am also including my other blog, IzzaGlinoFull, for this goal and I have yet started doing any progress on the said site.


$500 Adsense Income. Adding the amount I earned from January to March, I have $113.77 earned. This is a good sign that I will be hitting my total Adsense income goal for 2019.


Double My Total Published Content. The past two months have been very hard for the blog. I badly need to get my priorities straight and get back to regular posting.


Personal Goals


Read 30 books. I have zero books read for the month of March which is a total bummer by the way. With more holidays for April I am committing to read and finish at least three books. Here’s my Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge for the current status of this goal.


Hike again. I had my first hike for 2019!  I had twin day hike experience at Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola with my highschool friends. Here’s a quick diary post of the said climb with photos.



March 2019 Net Worth Update


Something that you will notice in my net worth update is that I separated my mutual fund accounts. I am currently invested in an Equity Fund and an Index Fund so I thought it would be nice to see them grow separately.


For the Investments what you are seeing are the net meaning the money I have invested so far. For the current market value as of April 9, 2019 here are the figures:


Stocks – ₱44,141.32

Equity Fund – ₱46,363.56

Index Fund – ₱27,004.19

Next Month’s Plans


With plenty of holidays I will have an increase of savings for. Our company provides Holiday Pay so whenever there is a regular holiday, we actually have double pay even without going to work. Nice, right?


We will be spending the Holy Week at my eldest sister’s condo which I’m truly excited about.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay


What a month in has been for March. I hope you are okay with the new format of this monthly recaps. Let me know in the comment section below.


How’s your finances in March 2019?



Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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