41 Ways To Make Extra Money While Working a Full Time

April 17, 2020

easy-ways-to-make-extra-moneyAs someone who has done various ways to make extra money while working full time, I know first-hand the difference it could make.


The extra money I make while working full time helped me:


  • Boost my savings;
  • Increase my investments;
  • Reinvest in my passion projects and
  • Make extra money for shopping, paying bills or vacation


Here in SavingsPinay, I encourage everyone not to be satisfied with just one source of income. I don’t want you to get comfortable with the salary you get in your 9 to 5.


“Walang yumayaman sa pagiging empleyado”.


Lalo na pag di mo alam kung paano palaguin ang pera mo.


And so I thought of making this post. This post offers ideas, how-to tips and helpful resources on creating multiple sources of income.


To make extra money while working full time could also help you:



So let’s begin!

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Make Extra Money Online


Internet-based side hustles are everywhere!


They are honestly one of the simplest way you can turn your salary to passive income. If you are looking for ideas where to make extra money online then the suggestions below might be of help:


1. Start a Profitable Blog


I’ve been blogging for the last three years and it’s been one of the most rewarding thing I ever did.


Do you have passion in writing for the web? If your answer is yes then try blogging a good way to make extra income today.


To date I’ve been earning passive income through the ads you see in this blog and my other blog,


You can read more about this on my monthly recap and extra income reports.


I created a 2017 Guide on How To Start a Blog and all you have to do is follow the six easy steps I shared.


Once your blog is set and ready and you have created some good content, you’re now ready to monetize your side hustle.


I have a long post to teach you how to make money blogging for beginners and also the story on how I received my first ever Google Adsense Payment.


Aside from a good source of extra income, blogging will also change your life for the better.


You can start a blog today as low as 350pesos.


Some profitable niches in the blog industry today are as follows:

  • How To Make Money
  • Business and Finance
  • Self-help or Personal Development
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Starting a Freelance Business
  • Traveling





2. Become a Freelance Content Writer  


Becoming a freelance content writer in the Philippines, is a good example of a work at home job anyone can easily start.


I started content writing for others online back when I was still in college and it did helped me make extra income on the side


Most businesses and even individuals will hire a freelance content writer to write for them. As a freelance content writer your goal is to deliver quality content to your clients.


You will be tasked to write blog posts, keyword based articles, web pages and even social media posts.


Different services you can offer as a freelance content writer:

  • Blogger for hire/ Contributor
  • Ghostwriter
  • Staff writer for bigger online publications
  • Technical writer
  • Resume writer
  • Service Page writer
  • SEO article writer

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3. Try YouTube  


YouTube has been a great avenue for a lot of ordinary individuals to earn passive income in the past 10 years.   How to make money from YouTube?  

  • Find your niche. Select a topic that people can relate and learn from.
  • Invest in your gadgets. As much as possible invest in good camera like Canon EOS M3, microphone and the like.
  • Learn how to edit like a pro.Edit your videos in a way that it is entertaining and easy to be understood by your audience.
  • Be consistent in your uploads. Just like blogging, you need to show consistency on your content or videos.


Your earning potential in one video is about $1 for every 1000 views.   Check my YouTube Channel  


4. Do Online Surveys  


Another great way to make extra money online is to answer paid online surveys.


There are plenty of companies that are willing to pay to get to know what ordinary consumers need. Some of the websites for online surveys Philippines are PanelPlace, MOMBROG and Triaba.

If you have extra 10 to 30 minutes to spend why not answer online surveys instead, right?


All you have to do is sign up and you will be notified through email once a new survey that matches your interest is available. Most of the paid surveys online are paid through Paypal.


5. Manage Others’ Social Media Accounts  


Do you have what it takes to be a social media manager?


Some businesses, online stores or bloggers don’t have to luxury of time to manage and to grow their own social media following and will delegate the task to someone. This could be a good way of earning extra money plus the gig can even lead you to bigger opportunities.


6. Affiliate Marketing  


Affiliate Marketing works best if you have a website or blog as a home base.


How does affiliate marketing work?


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.


A merchant will have a product or service to sell and will use your platform. Now for every sale you make through your system generated affiliate link, you will earn a little commission from the merchant.


This is a good side hustle if you already started a blog and want to monetize. Just make sure to select products and services that are related to your niche.


Currently, I am affiliated with the following: – a web domain and hosting solution

TravelBook – a one-stop shop for budget tours and travel hotels

Lazada – a marketplace where you can buy almost everything you need

Shopee – another marketplace where you can buy almost everything you need

Althea Korea – a marketplace for Korean skincare and makeup


To know more how much I earn through affiliate marketing you can read my latest income report.


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7. Become a Virtual Assistant  

A virtual assistant is someone who offers administrative or personal assistance and work remotely (home-based) for various clients.


Becoming a virtual assistant is another way you can have an additional income at the comfort of your home.


What Does Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant offer countless tasks  and services to individuals, organizations and companies. As a virtual assistant your task may depend on the field/business of your client. Below are some examples:

1. Writing

2. Ghostwriting

3. Proofreading

4. Creating Graphic Design

5. Project Management

6. Audio, Photo and Video Editing

7. Transcribing

8. Data Entry

9. Researching

10. Bookkeeping


And the list just goes on and on…


If you are currently looking for an online job related to virtual assistant you can try Upwork to get started.


8. Podcasting  

If you are don’t feel that comfortable writing in a blog or talking in front of a camera then you can do a podcast instead.


Podcast is a form of blogging but instead of words or video, the only thing you need to do is speak. Just select a good topic and start recording your first few episodes.


Once you got a good following, sponsors will surely contact you for a possible partnership. You can check out Freelance Blend ,the pioneer of podcasting in the Philippines.


Make Extra Money with Your Services


We are all created with gifts and talents that make us unique. Some are wise enough to use these expert skills to make extra money.


Here are some ways you can offer your services to others and be paid:


9. Become a Weddings and Events Emcee  

You all know that I am a weddings and events host for all occasion. It’s the very side hustle that started all of my other passion projects. Something I’ve been doing since I was 17.


Hosting requires a special skill of entertaining the crowd. You are there to make sure that the program flow runs smooth wherein every guests knows what’s happening at the center stage.


If you feel like you can are good at hosting and have been a host for small gatherings and occasion, then try to branch out and market yourself as a weddings and events emcee.

Me hosting as a form of side hustle aka raket –Izza Glino Weddings and Events.

10. Publish Your Own eBook

Creating an eBook is a simple and easy way to make money on the side. You can create an eBook of about 50 to 75 pages (or lesser) about a particular subject your expert about.


You can publish your eBook online and sell it to Amazon. Take advantage of social media and market your new eBook to your friends, colleagues and loved ones.


11. Busking

Busking is the act of playing a musical instrument or performing for donations on the street. The busking culture in the Philippines is not that prominent yet but if you are really into music and would want to earn extra money doing what you love, this could be a good avenue.


Most malls in BGC area already have buskers. I even saw couple of teens busking at Ayala elevated walkway.


12. Uber or Grab Driver

Here’s another well-known extra income idea, becoming an Uber or Grab Driver.


You can spend your spare time driving for others or better yet, hire someone to drive your car while you go on your 9 to 5 job.


A decent car and smartphone is all you need to get started.


Uber or Grab is a good example of how technology can affect our lives. Now means of transportation can be resolved by just a click away.


The good thing about Uber or Grab is you are your own boss. If you don’t feel like driving on a particular day or time of the day then it's fine. You can work whenever you want to make extra money.


13. Become a Photographer for Hire

If you have a good camera and good skill in taking photos why not sell your service as a photographer for hire.


This is one of the very profitable side hustle to start with a full time job without any capital at all. You may have purchased a DSLR before and don’t know how you can turn this gadget into an additional income stream. I then encourage you to use that DSLR and offer your service as a freelance photographer.


Here are a number of ways you can make extra income as a photographer for hire:

  • Event photographer on weddings and events
  • Personal photographer for bloggers/influencers doing product and outfit shots
  • Selling your own photos on stock photography websites



14. Design logo, calling card and other marketing materials

Every business, brands and even blogs need a good logo for branding so you won’t have difficulty finding clients. To get started you will need the following:

  • Computer
  • Design Software
  • Digital Camera
  • Printer

From then you can create some sample designs for portfolio. It will also be best to have your own website where you can showcase your outputs and promote your designs better.

Visit: All Things Ellizoid


15. Tutor or teach on the side

Teaching is a profitable market if you find your expertise.


You can tutor kids or those studying in lower years subjects like Math, Science and English. You can also teach others how to play instrument like violin, organ or guitar.


Doing tutoring part time will only take an hour to two hours of your time in a day and you get chance to be paid per hour.


16. Arrange Tours for Others

This side gig may take time to materialize but once done properly you can definitely earn passive income!


Those who travel a lot have an advantage in this. Select famous travel spots first like Baguio, Bohol, Cebu and Davao then come up with a possible itinerary that others will surely have fun with.


Now you need to find and to partner with transient house/hotels within location of your planned itinerary for possible discount.


You can use this discount as a form of extra income on your part. Tours can go either overnight, two days and one night or longer.



Corregidor Tour

Coron Island Budget Tour

2 Days, 1 Night Sagada Tour

Cebu City Tour


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17. Become a Part-Time Agent Real Estate or Insurance

If you have the network and market reach then why not try to work as a part-time agent?


>You can partner with insurance companies or life plan needs provider to be an agent. Your goal is to provide them with leads and potential customers as well.


Request for a commission or a small percentage for every successful product/service you sold.


This will also work if you plan in being a real estate agent. You can just promote the house for sale on your social media and make extra income while working full-time.


18. Bake

One of the best side hustles to start is baking.


You can search for easy recipes online you can do while without that much tools or ingredients needed. Bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies and even cakes for special occasion.


Sell your goodies to friends and family members and ask them to recommend you and your products to their own network as well.


You can always start small with this side business. No need to rush and buy the heavy equipment.


  Make Extra Money While Working Full Time  

Make Extra Money by Selling


There are a ton of things you can sell for extra money. As a matter of fact, selling items is a good way to make money at home without much effort on your part.


You don’t need to spend so many hours writing or working upfront. You just basically bring the item to potential customer and sell.


Profit on the other hand depends on your marketing skills. If you have good items to sell and marketing skills then you will surely get the extra money you deserve!


19. Declutter and Sell

Just last January, I decluttered my room and fill in boxes of used (but not abused) clothing, shoes and bags.


Instead of throwing them away I plan to talk to an “ukay-ukay” store in our neighborhood and sell the items I don’t use anymore.


By doing this you don’t only organize your home and free up some space, but you also get some extra money.


20. Sell your old books

Do you have books you don’t read anymore? Or those you’ve finished but don’t consider re-reading anytime soon?


Then try selling your old books instead.


I had done this once in college to raise fund for a collegiate talent contest I joined.


Recto is a good place to start wit if you ever desire to sell old books especially textbooks and reference materials.  


But you can also try selling online by creating your own Instagram shop.

  Sell Your Old Books

21. Sell anything on Facebook  

Facebook recently launched a Marketplace where you can conveniently discover, buy and sell with people in your community.


A quick button at the center of your screen can easily redirect you to the market place.


One way you can maximize this new addition from Facebook is to use it as your own platform to sell anything. You can go from something preloved or something new.


22. Sell anything on Instagram  

Just like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram is also a good platform to launch your own online shop.


I did this years ago and it’s been rewarding especially when the algorithm of Instagram is still simple.


Although there are major changes already I still see successful online entrepreneurs on Instagram.


23. Sell on Lazada  

Aside from becoming an affiliate, you can also make money in Lazada by becoming a seller.


Lazada is a great place to sell gadgets, unique pieces, craft supplies and almost anything you wish to sell.


24. Sell on Shoppee

Shoppee rose to fame thanks you influencers like Anneclutz and Anna Cay who use the site to sell their preloved stuff.


Shoppee works like a typical online marketplace where you can create your own shop and sell.


Inside the app you have access already to communicate with your potential buyers, reply to comments and post updates as well.


Others can follow your account so they get notified whenever you have new posting! This is a great app to use for online selling. 


25. Sell on OLX  

Long before OLX was still, it has been the biggest online marketplace of absolutely everything.


It has been the home of my first ever advertisement as a weddings and events emcee. And I was able to get multiple clients since then.


Now, OLX is not as big compared before but still a good space to place any ads of items you are selling.


Make Extra Money from Your Own Business


Ready to start your own business?


If you have the capital and confidence at open-minded ka talaga, why not make extra money by starting your own business.


26. Sari-sari store  

I am one proud daughter of a sari-sari store owner. My Mama has always successfully provided us with all our needs thanks to her sari-sari store.


She was able to grow her store from one that caters the neighbors to something that serves other sari-sari stores as well on a wholesale basis.


A great tip for you is to study your market. Our store grew because my mother offered eggs on wholesale price as well as different type of feeds for chicken. She thought this will separate her sari-sari store to the others.



27. Franchise a Foodcart  

If you have a good location then why not franchise a foodcart and start earning extra income.


Foodcarts are the cheapest way you can start a business in the food industry, which, as well know is profitable in all ways.


Some of the best locations for a foodcart business will be:

  •  School
  •  Residential Area
  •  Transport Terminal
  •  Provincial Bus Stops


This post from gives a comprehensive list of 10 Best Franchise Business Opportunities in the Philippines under Php 500,000


28. Perfume Business  

You have two choice in this business idea depending on how much money you can spend and how much time you have.


  • You can partner with an already established perfume seller and just resell for a commission on every item sold; or
  • You can start your own perfume business from mixing scents to packaging.


This post is one of best I found on the web when it comes to how to start a perfume business at home.


29. Samalamig Business  

Now that the summer season is near, its best time to earn something extra by selling samalamig in your neighborhood.


People-on-the-go will always find samalamig a good and inexpensive option to relieve their thirst so why not make most of this demand, right?


Back in my childhood days I had helped my mother set up a samalamig at our street and it gives extra boost of savings now and then.

30. Street Food Business  

Another great food business in the Philippine is street food. From bbq, fishball, toknene to calamares, there’s just too much Filipino street food to choose from.


This business is ideal to be movable instead of in a fixed location so you can maximize the returns.


My tips for you is to go for a concept that have high market but still can be sold on a favorable price point to customers.


Startup capital for this is within Php 5000 to Php 15000 only depending on what you want to sell.


31. Printing, Photocopy and/or ID Picture Businesss  

If you want to put your printer in good use or your camera for example, then try a printing or ID Picture Business.


Most neighborhood lack this facility so take the opportunity and earn money by providing printing, photocopy and/or ID picture services.


32. Loading Business  

E-Load business is one of the most profitable side hustle you can do for less. All you need is a spare phone (dual sim) and a retailer starter sim.


Since you work in the office you already have a good market to start with. Let your friends and officemates know that you are selling load. You can even do this side hustle in your neighborhood. Find a good sari-sari that doesn’t have e-load product and talk for a possible partnership.


33. Event Styling Business  

I have a soft spot for the events industry for I have been serving as a weddings and events host for all occasion since I was 17.


One of the key factor for the success of every event is great styling so if you have the ability to turn a boring venue to something extravagant why not make it a business?


Some starts with simple balloon decorations then go as far as becoming a one-stop shop for all party needs.


Make Extra Money from Investing Your Money

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It works really simple, your investment will be pooled together with the others and be used as capital for local farmers. After the harvest and selling of produced goods, you’ll get your share of profits.   in the country to date. best investment alternative Well, these online crowdfunding business are now considered as the   Have you ever heard of Cropital, PhilCrowd or Farm On?


34. Crowdfunding

And the earlier (or longer) your money stay invested and earn returns, the more (and faster) it can build wealth for you!   The returns from your investments, actually earns money by itself without you even noticing it.   I have tackled the science behind getting rich aka compound interest before but to give you a gist of this eighth wonder of the world, here it goes:   Actually in can through compound interest.   Can investing really build wealth for you?   If you really want to make extra money while working full time you need to learn how and where to best invest.   


FarmOn Open Farms

35. Stock Market  

Investing in stocks can be scary, confusing and complicated. This is evident in the update I gave after six full months of investing in the Philippine stock market.


Still, out of all the other ways you can make extra money, investing in the stock market proves to be a worth risk to take! History has a proven track record on how much your money can grow through dividends and capital appreciation. 

Other resource links you can provide about investing?

I’m Finally Investing in Stocks 

8 Things You Should Do Before You Invest 

How to Invest for Beginners in the Philippines 

7 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself 

How to Invest Your 5,000pesos

36. Mutual Fund  

If you ask me what the perfect investment for beginners is, I’ll definitely answer – Mutual Fund.


At 19, I had a mutual fund and kept investing in it as little as 1500pesos every month. I treated my mutual fund as a retirement account, money I am saving for my(future)self.


mutual fund is a pool of money managed by a professional fund manager and invested in a specific type of securities to answer an investor’s financial goal in life.


Investing in mutual fund is also known as indirect investing in the Philippine Stock Market. Why?


Because when you invest in mutual fund you are basically entrusting your money to an entity. You can’t choose which stocks your money will be invested. You don’t need to worry of the whole buying and selling procedure.


It is the simplest and easiest way you can invest in stocks. You can treat it like a normal savings account but instead of parking your money in the bank, your investments will be put at work.


To know more about Investing in Mutual Fund click here.  


37. Buy Rental Properties (Condo or Office Space)

Real estate or rental properties is such an amazing investment to make. The extra money you can make with rental fees can give you a smart source of passive income.

Also, unlike other milestone purchases like  car, rental properties appreciate in value over time. This means your overall cash flow will surely grow in the future.


38. Direct Selling  

Direct selling had got a bad reputation through the years with reports of scams and schemes from irresponsible multi-level companies.


That’s the first thing you need to do before engaging in a direct company is to do extensive research. Find out whether you are transacting in a legit direct selling company in the Philippines.


Direct selling is highly popular especially in years 2013-2015.


It is recommended to those who are comfortable doing face-to-face selling of products and services.


You basically earn through commision on every products you sold and additional commission for any recruits.


Sample of direct selling companies  you can partner with are as follows:

  • Avon
  • Natasha
  • Ever Bilena
  • Mary Kay
  • Amway

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Make Money From Your 9 to 5 Job

 Lastly, I encourage you to make extra money with your 9 to 5 job. How?  


39. Ask for a raise  

This step maybe hard but in order to make extra money with your 9 to 5 job you should be strategically plan on getting some raise or salary increase.   Here are some of my tips:  

Build an excellent relationship with your workmates
Once the boss sees that you get along well with others in the working place, he’ll have an idea of your character. See to it that you engage in a conversation with others. Smile and don’t be shy to ask if there’s something that needed to be asked. Win their hearts and their trust so that good PR will be brought in your boss’ table


Meet your boss’ expectation
If you meet the expectations towards your job description not just by quantity but also by quality of work you offer, you will surely be rewarded. Bosses are after the how and not just the what when it comes to deciding for an increase. How well did the project tasked to you went?  How many clients have you brought successfully to the company? How productive are you at work?


Have the ability to work alone
Often the boss would want to hire someone who can work with minimal supervision. It will be nice to showcase your skills and abilities in a way that he will be assured that you can intelligently make decisions over the tasks that he delegated to you.


Show room for improvements
Do not limit yourself with what’s written in your job descriptions. Always allow new opportunities and room for improvements. Always ask where else you can improve. Do not live in mediocre but rather aim for excellence in whatever task you do.  


Acknowledge what your boss wants
Do the tasks that your boss pitched in to you and do it the way that he describes or specifies to be done. You may input you suggestions but see to it that you respect his orders no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you do your job what matters is that you are doing it in the right way as said by your superior. Even if you are working very hard for the work if its not something that your boss needed and wanted, your hard work might be put aside.
Inform your boss for the tasks completed
Sometimes we, as employees, may feel that our works are not acknowledged by the boss without even realizing that it might be miscommunication. Don’t forget to inform the boss of what tasks you are working with or already done. In my experience, I send an email to the boss whenever I finish a document that he asked or was asked to me by other departments. I send an email as a FYI and A (For Your Information and Approval).
Be part of the company’s solution
Strive to be a blessing in the company rather than a problem. Be present even when you lazy, just remember that you will only be working for 8 hours and even less with the breaks, lunch time and other time wasters happening. Treat that working hours as sacred as adding to your expertise.

40. Sell baon or snacks at work  

If your company allows then why not run a silent tinadahan in your office? You can stock with most sold items such as 3-in-1 coffee, instant cup noodles and candy. Make sure though that your job won’t be sacrificed.


41. Take advantage of the the new income tax  

My last example on ways to make extra money while working full time will be taking advantage of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.


In the current tax reform program set by the government, employees will now experience a much lesser income tax deduction than before. Take advantage of the new income tax program and automatically save all the excess money you can get.


Final Notes from SavingsPinay

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Hope this extensive list encourage you to make some side hustle this 2018





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