July 2021 Net Worth Update

Welcome to another net worth update of 2021, the July 2021 Net Worth update.


How are you doing? If you’re new to SavingsPinay, you may be wondering why I post my net worth update every month. If you’re not you can easily skip to the next section. 


The main reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. As to why I share them publicly revolves mainly with my core objective of bridging the financial literacy gap among Filipinos one content at a time. 


I hope you enjoy today’s post.


July 2021


During the month of July, I started working at site. I went to work five times for the month of July and spent the rest working from home. This made a huge difference in terms of my budget. 


I had a lunch date with a friend and spent Php 600 for a single meal! Haha. But I have no regrets. It’s always great to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. Also that lunch date gave way for an exciting project! I also got my first dose of COVID vaccine before July ended, that’s great.


Aside from this, it was a typical month for me. 


Financially, the month went great. My extra income fund grew because I got paid for a long-term project and had a sponsored post. My Feeder Fund also reached a Php 1000 return which I managed to redeem and reinvest into the fund. This has always been my plan since starting this new investment. As soon as I reach Php 1000 return, I will redeem and reinvest.


You can go to my personal blog for more inside stories of my life.



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July 2021 Blog Updates and Highlights


Since April I haven’t been blogging that much and I deeply apologize for that. I’ve been receiving messages from readers who are already missing the posts in SavingsPinay. 


I can only blame myself for what happened. I was lazier than usual and didn’t really spend that much time writing. 


Here are the posts I did for July 2021:


Investing During Pandemic – What Should You Do

June 2021 Net Worth Update


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I also had another Calamansi guesting in June. 


July 2021 Side Hustle Income Breakdown


I will be honest that my current Google Adsense payout is decreasing since April. I believe this is due to the lack of new posts. I am really hoping I can get back to my posting schedule in the coming months. 


As for my Google Adsense income I am now at 63.8% of my goal of $500 Google Adsense income. 


For July, my side hustle income went well. I received my payment for my Project 1, a long-term project I got in March. I also had a Sponsored Post in July which brought more extra income compared to last month. 


July 2021 Goals


I posted my 2021 goals not long ago and something I learned to be very effective in life is the power of measuring your progress.


Excited to share with you how I’ve been moving in terms of my goals for 2021.


Financial Goals

End with Php 500,000 net worth. Grateful to continuously move up in terms of my starting net worth. Super happy that the current net worth is going strong. 


Grow Side Hustle Income to Php 100,000 net. Grateful for all the opportunities opening up for the blog. In July, my side hustle income blew up. I got paid for the long-term project that I mentioned previously and had a sponsored post as well. 


Total Money Saved and Invested to Php 100,000 net. Since I also didn’t work at the site in June, I had more room for savings and investments. I was able to accomplish saving and investing more than 35% of my salary for the month. What I did is actually set up my mobile banking to transfer x amount of money every first day of the month to my brokerage account and my mutual funds. I’ve also been adding to my high-yield account every month as a form of extra savings since I already hit my emergency fund. 


For July, I just continued my investment schedule as usual. I reached a Php 1000 return in my Feeder Fund and processed my first redemption. As mentioned in June 2021 Net Worth Update 2021 my plan is to withdraw the return I get and reinvest in the fund so it will accumulate income.


Finish my 2021 Sinking Funds

I’ve shared my 2021 Sinking Funds in this post and I actually have two categories – personal and work. So far, each of my sinking funds are in progress. I made progress on my blog and business sinking fund with the set up of my filming studio/workstation. Now I only have two left on my blog and business sinking fund.


Blog and Business Goals

Upload 2x/week on YouTube. For the past net worth updates, I’ve been mentioning that YouTube would be my biggest venture for 2021. I really want to publish new videos on my YouTube channel. The plan to have my first few videos up in February 2021 has been pushed to April instead.


Last April I made my comeback to YouTube and I can’t be anymore happy. After almost two years of hiatus, I was able to set up my Filming Studio/Work Station and finally uploaded my first video in two years! I hope you can support me in my YouTube comeback. Make sure to watch and like the video plus subscribe to my channel.


I didn’t publish any new YouTube videos in July but am currently working with an editor for three new videos come August. Yay!

Blog 100 times. I apologize sincerely for the lack of new posts since April. I’ve been quite busy from work as well as personal matters. I only published two posts in July. I’ve been working from home yet I can’t seem to find time to write new posts.


Release at least three (3) Paid Products. When 2021 started I had a goal of releasing three (3) paid products. I missed the product release in April and counted on my comeback on YouTube as part of the ventures I did for this year.


But in July, I started working on a new product which I plan to release in August 2021. I am excited for this. 


Get one (1) month ahead of blog posts. As mentioned, this area has been a work in progress pa din. The best I can do currently is one week in advance. At this rate, I’ve been able to write and publish all posts for the week over the weekend which allows me more time in the weekdays for other things. 


Update blog Main Menus and Archive. Updating the blog Main Menus and Archive will not only allow a better reading experience to my readers. It will also help me identify what posts I am missing. I also want to use the Main Menus to offer my services. In April, I was able to dedicate this task to someone and it’s already finished. My to-do list now is to implement the new Main Menus and Blog Archive.


Reach $500 Total Google Adsense Payout. In my 2020 Side Hustle Income Report you’ll know that Google Adsense is one of the areas that I earn as a blogger. My main goal for 2021 is to continue earning well since it’s more of a passive one. With $319.17, I am now more than halfway to reaching this goal. 


However, I can really see how the lack of posts is affecting my Google Adsense Payout. I don’t think I can reach $500 with just four months left in 2021. But I will still work hard in the next four months. 


Personal Goal


Read 20 books. For 2021, my target book to read is 20. In July, I started reading The Shack. I’m hoping to finish this soon and add another book to my reading list. 



July 2021 Net Worth Update


I’ve been tracking down my net worth since 2017 and it’s very motivating to see my progress. Grateful I am now green in terms of my net worth. I’ve been pretty consistent in following my savings and investment schedule which is really A-MAZ-ING. 


Some things to note in my July 2021 Net Worth Update:


  • The month of July just got better. If you can see I’m nearing my net worth goal at the end of the year. Even though the market went flat for the month, the extra income fund made a huge difference. Grateful for the opportunities.


  • The main reason why I need to make money on my blog is because I have recurring expenses to maintain it. The extra income helped a lot in terms of paying the bills for the website and email list.

Next Month’s Plans


August is starting off bad as NCR is back in ECQ. This halted two plans I had for August, an overnight trip and spending a full week with my sister for her birthday.


For August, I want to make sure I have at least 6 new blog posts published. I know I’ve been missing in action since April and gusto ko talaga bumawi. I am also working on releasing a paid product by the 3rd week of August. Stay tuned for this!


Part of my long-standing tasks are publishing a new YouTube video, releasing the final episode of The SavingsPinay Podcast and working on Season 2. I also want to read and finish 3 books.


August is all about being productive and getting back to routines. For the whole month I will be working from home and I want to use that time to work on all my long-standing tasks.


What should happen this month – blog more, send out newsletters, and release the new archive of www.savingspinay.ph. I also want to maintain my budget.


Money Goals This Month


📌 Publish at least six new blog posts

📌 Release new paid product by 3rd week of August

📌 Publish new YouTube video

📌 Release season break episode of SavingsPinay Podcast

📌 Work on Season 2 of The SavingsPinay Podcast

📌 Read and finish 3 books

📌 Make August more productive. I want to feel accomplished by the end of the month.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay


Thank you for reading my July 2021 net worth update. I am eager to do more next month.


How’s your finances for July 2021?

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