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February 4, 2018

Hi and welcome to my first ever recap and extra income report while working full-time for 2018! January 2018 Recap and Extra Income Report.January 2018 Recap and Extra Income Report


Every month I publish an in-depth report of my net-worth and extra income projects. I personally love reading income reports and I hope by doing this I inspire you to start side hustling too.


January 2018 is the start of a new year. It is as always full of hope. The best time to set some goals and resolutions as well as next actions for the next 365 days.


If you’re extra curious about my personal life you can go my other blog, IzzaGlinoFull where I published a Goodbye December 2017, Hello 2018 post. It simply chronicles the highlights of my 2017 complete with photos and short anecdotes.


Also, I did a 2017 in Review! This is important for me to set as a basis before the New Year starts.


Now, before I continue with January’s recap and extra income report I’d like to make a quick announcement.




Been binge-reading all of my recap and extra income reports since April 2017 and I noticed that the way I report it is messy.


Publishing my recap and extra income report monthly has always been for two main reasons:


1. To help myself stay on track with my finances and stay accountable to my goals and actions.

2. To encourage you and the others who are reading this post to pursue your passion and hustle your way to success.


I strive to keep this recap and extra income reports simpler, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand.


But sadly, the simple, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand part is missing.


And so I decided this series needs an overhaul for 2018.


Let me know your thoughts of this new version in the comment section and I hope you will continue to support the succeeding recaps.


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2017 in Review – Life, Goals, Finances and More

About Me and This Blog


Hi, I’m Izza!


I’m a financial advocate at, blogger at and owner of Izza Glino Weddings and Events.


This website is built to help individuals start their passion and hustle their way to financial success.


I share 2-3 posts a week on the core concepts of personal finance – living with a budget, saving money, investing in the Philippines, retiring young and making extra income with a full-time job.


In 2016 I created an exclusive Facebook Group as an extension of this humble web page, SavingsPinay Community. Join here


You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest.


In 2017, I launched the SavingsPinay Resource Library. It is a place to download freebies like the Mid-Year Financial Workbook, the 50-20-30 Budget Rule Excel Template, Money Manifestos, Desktop Calendars and more. Click here for your access pass


After four years of actively blogging, I am proud to have earned the following milestones:

  • First $100 on Google Adsense
  • Part of Rockstar Finance Directory
  • Included in the Top 10 Business and Finance Blogs at


If you are new in this blog I highly suggest visiting the Start Here section. You can also visit My Recommendations Page to know exactly what I use for my life, blog and business.


My Extra Income Projects


I started making extra income in 2013 as a professional wedding and event emcee for all occasion. From then on I searched for other ways I can earn on the side.


Below are my current side hustles:



I manage two active blogs., a personal finance blog and, a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog.



I do have a YouTube channel which I wish you can check out and subscribe. I do beauty, bullet journal, personal finance and life videos.


Freelance Content Writing Service

I offer my service as a part-time web content writer. My niche includes general finance, personal development, blogging and web pages.  This 2018 writing for others is not part of my priority and so it won’t be part of my recap and extra income report moving forward.


Weddings and Events

I recently launched Izza Glino Weddings and Events Business, a full weddings and events production based in Taguig, Philippines.


Also towards the end of this post I am sharing how these extra income projects affected my net-worth for January 2018.


Let’s begin with the breakdown.




Last year, my main goal in the area of blogging to generate actual income. I finally achieved this goal last August 2017 when I reached my $100 Threshold on Google AdSense.


I did a 4500+ word blog post about My First Google Adsense Payment Story to give you an idea what it takes to earn money on Google Adsense.


Below are the big wins on my blogs for this month.


1. My second Google Adsense Payment is confirmed!


I ended 2017 with $79 on my Adsense account. For January 2018 I earned roughly $24 which is enough for me to meet the minimum threshold and withdraw. 


But, the money is not yet reflected on my Google Adsense account so I won’t add it in this month’s net worth update.


2. SavingsPinay PH on Facebook celebrated its first 3000 likes!


This is such an amazing milestone.


I honestly never imagined I will ever hit that mark within a year of building the actual FB PageSame goes with the SavingsPinay Community on Facebook  now on near 2000 mark 🙂


3. Email list exploded to 600 members!


For the first three years of my blogging journey I didn’t take building a mailing list seriously. I thought no one will dare to sign up on my tribe. Thankfully I overcome this fear in June 2017.


What do you get as part of my email list?


Access to the Resource Library where you can download freebies like workbooks, budget templates, money manifestos etc.


An exclusive email every week containing info and updates I only share to my subscribers. My first newsletter includes how my first three months investing in direct stock market went. And the response has been amazing.


Sign up here.


Below are my must do’s related to blogging as the new month begins:


1. Updating some of the past posts in SavingsPinay to optimize and to add proper ads inside.


I have been longing to do this ever since my Kuya from helped me insert ads within my blog posts. This move goes the same with my other blog, wherein I must re-publish a lot of content.


2. New freebie on the SavingsPinay Resource Library


No finalized freebie idea yet but its coming. Aside from producing PDF versions of the new posts on the blog I also want to create a new freebie once a month. It could either be a checklist, a worksheet or anything that could be valuable to the members.


3. Send Weekly Newsletter


I’m forgetting to send out weekly newsletter. The last I sent out is my Goodbye 2017. Will be back to regular posting every Sunday this February.


January 2018 Blog Traffic Update


With that here are my regular posts on SavingsPinay for January 2018:


2017 Year-End Review on Life, Goals, Finances and More

How This Mompreneur Built Her Own Arts and Crafts Biz at 23

My First Google Adsense Payment Story – Everything You Need To Know



If you are thinking of starting a blog, this tutorial may help you. I condensed everything I know on how to start a blog for beginners.


I received a message from YouTube that my channel will not be eligible for monetization come February 2018.




My channel is sadly below 1000 subscribers.


This is still hard to process on my side considering the big plans I have to rebrand the channel.


I urge you to subscribe to me on YouTube. I am currently at 764 mark so I will be around 300 of you to hit the subscribe button.


Here’s my latest video:

Subscribe to my channel here.


Promise it will be worth it. And I vow to make it worth it.




Another way I make extra income while working full-time is offering my service as a freelance content writing.


I work as a freelance content writer and blogger for hire since 2014. I specialize in the following topics:



  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Personal Finance and Business
  • Freelancing and Startup Life
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Domain and Web Hosting
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Weddings and Events
  • Travel


I have a degree in Journalism and have been working in the corporate world as a documentation specialist – first in an IT firm and currently in an asset management company.


I genuinely enjoy writing for the web. I love helping businesses promote their services through quality content material. I enjoy meeting my clients’ needs on schedule and getting their message across all mediums.


The last project I did was I became a ghost writer for a personal finance blog.


I was able to write around 6-7 articles during the duration of the work. The money I earned already reflected on my extra income fund in October 2017.


But this passion project is not my priority anymore this 2018


I would love to focus all my energy writing for my blog. This year I am cooking something that involves A TON of writing.


This will leave me no time to write for others anymore. I also want to try and guest post to other blogs or online media, to grow the traffic of SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino.


Still if you are a business owner or a blogger who want to grow through content marketing and badly need some helping hand you can email me at or my personal email I will get back to you if ever I can accommodate your request.






I actually have a business and it’s something I’ve been doing in the past 7 years.


Izza Glino Wedding and Events is a full weddings and events production based in Taguig, Philippines.


Currently, I pushed all my plans and activities for this side venture to focus in keeping both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino active.


By March 2018, I will be launching a new version of the website and working towards making this online business more profitable.


My goal is to generate active income with it that could fast track my journey to first one million pesos!

January 2018 Recap and Extra Income Report

My Extra Income Report


Now that I’ve established all the income streams I have outside my full-time job, I can now give you a report on how much I earned in January 2018.


1. Google Adsense Earnings – $24.48 or Php 1248.48

Difference from last month – +$ 0.92 or Php 46.92


This is the second consecutive month I have earned more than $20 on Google Adsense.


A pat on the back for me, please!


Seriously after I earned my first 100 dollars from Google AdSense, it became much easier for me to reach my next payment threshold.


It took me almost four years to make money in Google AdSense and now I only need to wait 3-4 months.


This gives me so much hope that in near future I could earn $100 monthly, even more!


What did I do differently?


Owning my own domain and hosting made such a huge difference in my blog life.


That investment unlocked all the possibilities for monetization on my blog. For three long years I didn’t bother to have my own domain and web hosting.


I felt comfortable being a free blog.


Then my Kuya from said to me,


“Pag di ka .com, di ka lang hindi seseryosohin ng ibang tao. It also means na ikaw mismo ang hindi sumiseryoso sa blog mo”


Salute to you brother for changing my views and helping realize the value of investing in my passion.


If you are still blogging on free platform I highly recommend getting your own domain and hosting now. Try Pangalan, a one-stop shop to all domain and hosting needs.


2. Affiliate Income – Php 447.59

Difference from last month – +Php 157.59


I make money by joining affiliate programs in the Philippines.


Affiliate marketing can be very hard to penetrate. I don’t think it could provide me a stable extra income anytime soon.


I have to know what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t seem to earn good income in this field. Also I try to be very selective with the companies and programs I partner with. I make sure I really use the product myself before recommending them to you.


The companies and programs I am affiliated with:


Pangalan – Php 290.00

You can buy domain or hosting plans through Pangalan with my link. I consider getting my own domain as the biggest turning point of my life as a blogger. With your own domain you will be easily remembered, get noticed and build authority. To learn more about Pangalan, read my How to Start a Blog post.


TravelBook – Php 0.00

I became an affiliate with TravelBook since August last year when they held a blogging contest which I fortunately won. If you want to book hotel or accommodation on your next trip then try to check TravelBook. They have tons of partnered hotels all over the Philippines and some even give huge discounts. To learn more about TravelBook, read my How to Earn as a TravelBook Affiliate post.


Lazada – Php 159.59

I recommend makeup or skincare products I use and include an affiliate link on my other blog, IzzaGlino. Here on SavingsPinay, I share financial books I read and other resource materials with their unique affiliate link. Make sure to check out some items on sale on Lazada. To learn more about Lazada, read my How to Make Money with Lazada post.


If you have any travel plans before the year ends check out TravelBook! They provide the latest budget-friendly hotel and accommodation and offer no credit card needed, pay at hotel stays for conscious travelers. Don’t forget to use my friend code 0225 upon check out.


3. YouTube Earnings – $28.03 or Php 1429.53

Difference from last month – $3.81 or Php 194.31



Last month, I mentioned my decision to wait for my channel to reach its next threshold before uploading any new videos. But, after much consideration I guess rebranding to more of goal-setting, being a girlboss and financial videos is the best solution.


The goal now is to publish a new video every week and definitely delete videos that doesn’t resonate with my rebrand anymore.


It will be all about personal finance and lifestyle videos. If ever the beauty-related video will be more general like get ready with me, monthly favorites, routines etc.



For income update, I currently have $28.03 on my account which is above my $25 threshold.


This is what’s good with YouTube as a passion project, even if you don’t shoot, edit and upload a new video, you will earn passively from the past views.


I am looking forward for my second YouTube payout next month since it will take a couple of weeks for my payment to reflect to my Paypal account.


Also I hope you can subscribe to my channel so I can continue with the monetization program of YouTube. As mentioned earlier all channel below 1000 subscribers are not eligible anymore to the program.


Help me get 1000 subscribers before February 20.


4. Sponsored Posts – Php 0.00


Although I get inquiries about possible sponsorship and collaboration, I don’t really say yes to everything.


I want to work for a company which is in line with what I blog and what you, my audience, likes to read.


Hopefully this year I will have the opportunity to work with brands that promotes the same mission and vision I have.


If you want to learn more about sponsored post opportunity on this blog, shoot me a message on


5. Izza Glino Weddings and Events – Php 0.00


There is still much tasks to do and efforts to make for this passion project.


I have no added extra income this month and probably in the next 2 to 3 months ahead.


But, I am still positive that through thorough hard work I can do it. All the framework is laid out already. The only thing I’m missing is ACTION.

My Net Worth for January 2018


Below is the simple spreadsheet to show my January 2018 Net Worth:


January 2018 Net Worth Sample


Here are the details:


1. Extra Income – Php 29,742.65


There is still no movement in this because as I have yet to encash my second Google Adsense payment.


Also my weddings and events business is not making me any money at time being. One of the ways I’m looking to increase this number by next month is to offer Banner Advertising on the blog.


I plan to look for businesses or even blogs that would want to receive some referred traffic through SavingsPinay. If you’re interested you can email me at so we can work together.


Related Posts about Making Extra Income:

21 Best Side Hustles To Start This 2017

8 Important Reasons To Start a Side Hustle


2. Savings Account – Php 32, 719.12


One of my goal this 2018 is to reach Php 60,000 savings and put it on a passbook account.


Currently I am still half-way of this goal partly because last year I used most of my money to invest.


I’ve explained all about this in my 2017 Year in Review – Life, Goals, Finances and More.


This year I really want to tick-off this goal so that by 2019 I can focus on investing more.


I am currently saving 10% of my income from my full-time job. And to really boost my savings this year I decided to follow to increase my saving percentage by 1% every month.


A separate savings account is prepared for this and I’m happy to report that I am on track.


Related Posts about Saving Money:

How To Save Money Each Month : A Definitive Guide for Pinoys

The 50-20-30 Budget Rule and How It’ll Save Your Finances 



3. Stocks – Php 31, 362.22


For January 2018 my stock investment went on a roller coaster ride.


There are days when I was green and days when I was red.


I was surprised by the sudden comeback of Wilcon. Remember last year when Wilcon (WLCON) just keeps on getting down. It even went to Php 8 per share compared to the Php 9.80 per share high last September.


Well, now it’s back on the Php 9.80 mark again which is awesome!


The saddest part is that when Wilcon was down I stopped investing. Nagpadala ako sa takot.


Sayang talaga.


It goes to show that when the market is down, it’s an opportunity to buy actually. Relax and don’t panic.


I’m investing for the long-term so I don’t need to be swayed by my emotions easily.


The PSEi hit 9000 mark and it did made a huge difference in my returns. In the first six months only Wilcon and Puregold are my top performing stocks, now I have Megawide added.


Related Posts about Investing in Stocks:

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4. Mutual Fund – Php 59,301.72


I’ve been investing in mutual fund since 2014.


For the first three years I experienced slow growth in my mutual fund earnings.


I even experienced a loss in my last update.


But, thankfully I kept my investment intact. Now I already have a steady return in this investment.  


Related Posts about Investing in Mutual Fund:

Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners : The Complete Guide

Best Mutual Fund in the Philippines : 2018 Update


5. FarmOn – Php 7,500.00


I invested in FarmOn before October 2017 ended. I picked the remaining farm at Pangasinan to invest with and I got a bit surprised that 1 plot is Php 7,500!!!


Excited how this new investment vehicle will turn out in the next 6 to 8 months.


Also I have to quickly mention that I invested again in the 17th Cycle so next month this will have an additional amount for sure.


Related Posts about Investing in Online Farming or Crowdfunding:

Cropital, Philcrowd and FarmOn: Best Alternative Investment in the Philippines

How To Invest in FarmOn: A Step by Step Guide



For stocks and mutual funds, the figures reflected are market value already.

For online farming, the figures reflected are my starting capital.


6. Receivables


I know my receivables is too much and I have to do something to decrease this and reinvest instead.


Both Receivable #1 and #2 are money owed to me.


Other Assets are combined value of items I own that has market value like aircon (I won on a raffle), LCD projector and gadgets like Ipad Mini and previous HP laptop.


7. Liabilities – Php 0.00


I currently don’t have any liabilities, debt or credit.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay


I hope you enjoyed my January Recap and Extra Income Report. By the way, I am still working full-time. I have no plans of quitting unless I feel confident enough that my extra income can support me towards financial freedom.


Please go over my other blog to read all about the events and happenings that took place in my personal life.


Thank you for reading my post. See you on the next recap and extra income report.


I hope you can give me some feedback about this new layout in the comment section.

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How is your finances for January 2018?


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Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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