Isang Pagbati para sa mga Kapwa ko Empleyado!

May 24, 2015

May 1 is marked as a national holiday. It is a day set aside to recognize all the working men and women. I believe it is not just an ordinary day off for employees out there like me but a day to pay tribute to your role as part of the country’s working force.

I’ve been an employee for the past two years of my life and it has been the best two years spent with people that matter. At 19, I got myself my first actual job as a Marketing Assistant in a Milk Tea shop. Then I resigned after three months in order to pursue my Journalism degree and found an SEO Content Writing job as a second job. One month later I felt burdened by the massive workload so again I resigned.

At that time I know it will be hard for me to land a job as I never stayed in a work for more than a six month, I found a home in IT Company in Makati and to where I am working for a year and two months as a Technical Writer.

Each one of us has our own “job” story and there are those whom go to the everyday hardships at work. My hope is that you’ll find happiness in your career. I always believe that everything that happens in our life has a reason so stop worrying about tomorrow and continue on your hard work!

Today is our day to celebrate the contributions that we’ve done for every employer/company we work with.

So I say my biggest congratulations to all the men and women out there who strive hard in their own chosen career.

  • To those who battle the morning rush just to be at their office on time.
  • To those who eagerly wait for their monthly pay slip knowing that the hard earned money will go to a good place.
  • To those who fall in line to get their lunch and enjoy every minute of their break time.
  • To those who spend the after working hours wisely though that means spending another long hours to be at home.
  • To those who miss sleeping late and waking up late in the morning.
  • To those who’d love to spend their weekends/day offs together with their family or have a weekend distressing moments.
  • To those who work harder and better in order to prepare for their future.
  • To those who wander what will happen five years from now will be. Whether they’ll still be in their same job or have their own small business.
  • To you… congratulations,

And Happy Labor Day!


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