In Demand Jobs Abroad for Pinoys

July 20, 2016

My eldest sister once asked me whether I’ll be willing to work abroad. I can’t remember the exact answer I gave her but I believe I said no. That time being an Overseas Filipino Worker is so far from what I imagine my career would be. I’m scared of being away with my family for so long. I also feel like I am still young to give up on the opportunities Philippines has to offer.

But after working straight out of college and for almost three years now I had a change of mind. If I have an opportunity to work abroad I’ll probably say yes. I think now I’m brave enough to go for an adventure and find out what it feels like living in an absolute new place. 

Almost every Filipino nowadays think of working abroad as the answer to better ones financial status in life. The goal has always been to work and even migrate overseas. Of  course there advantage and disadvantages being an Overseas Filipino Worker can be and it deserve a separate blog post. For now our focus will be the In Demand Jobs Abroad for Pinoys. If you’ve been wondering whether your current profession fits abroad or planning to take up a course then this post can be your reference.

Medical and Healthcare Professionals

Filipino medical and healthcare professionals most especially nurses are in demand abroad. We are the biggest exporter of nurses specifically on countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Norway, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. 


Depending on which country you work for, a  nurse salary can be higher or a little lower. Another factor that can affect your salary is your specialization and whether you passed the exam as a registered nurse. CLICK HERE for the Salary Guide for OFWs posted at

Work Condition

Nurses abroad can be employed as staff nurse on hospitals and clinics. There are also those who work as a private medical and healthcare professional. Some even have the opportunity to work as a home nurse to wealth person/family. Working hours can be flexible with benefits such as childcare, medical and possibility of bonus. 


Most hospitals, clinics and medical facilities abroad require the following education/requirement:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
  • Board Passer/Licensed Nurse
  • At least two years experience doing hospital work 
  • Experience in big hospitals like Philippine General Hospital or Makati Medical Center


Engineer jobs ranging from Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc. are in demand in middle east like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.


Successful engineers can gain 1,900-3,500 Dollars monthly salary or 95,000-175,000 pesos. This salary range will depend too on the specialty of the engineer and length of experience. 

Work Condition

Engineers for construction-related works such as infrastructure, residential projects, oil distribution, engineering design etc. But the demand for engineers abroad are mostly for Pinoys as its viewed to be tough job and requires physical strength. 


You can find a lot of engineering-related job needs in Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website and most of them are for countries in Middle East. 

  • Degree in Engineering specializing in Civil, Mining, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical etc.
  • Minimum of three to ten years of working experience relevant to the job
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Computer Literate
  • Passed all prerequisite training certificates

Teachers/SPED Teachers

Teachers as well as Special Education Teachers are also in demand abroad like US. Filipino teachers can easily adopt on US since the education system is almost the same. Our ability to speak English is also on point. 


Teachers/SPED Teachers can earn 2,000-5,000 dollars per month or roughly 100,000-250,000pesos. They also have benefits such as insurance, housing stipend and flight to and from home country.  

Work Condition

Becoming teacher abroad calls for a great social and moral responsibility. All teachers play a vital role to shape and mold young minds. If you love teaching then this could be a good profession for you. 


  • Bachelors Degree in Elementary or Secondary Educatio
  • Board Passer/Licensed
  • Teaching experience for two to five years


Another prominent job for Pinoys abroad is becoming a caregiver. First World countries such as Norway, Switzerland, United States and Canada who have increasing aging population have high demand for caregivers.

Now a bit of a warning for those who’d wish to pursue work abroad as caregiver. Due to advertisement and easy access to training centers there are now more and more Pinoys wanting to be caregiver. Make sure that your school is accredited and authorized to perform. Check the website of TESDA for the full list of competent school that will enable you to work on hospitals and nursery homes overseas. 


1,500-1800 dollars a month or 75,000 – 90,000pesos based on experience and whether you are documented. Non-documented caregivers are paid lesser. There are also cases of caregivers who work for a daily basis earning $75/day or 3,750pesos. 

Work Condition 

With the natural caring and compassion of Pinoys we are well-applauded in the industry caregiving. Be prepared for a hard-labor and most of the time you’ll be asked to do household work as well if you become a live-in caregiver. 


  • Certificate of Completion on TESDA accredited Caregiver center
  • At least High School graduate
  • Can speak and understand English language proficiently.

Domestic Helper

All-around helpers also known as Domestic Helpers (DH) are also in-demand jobs especially for Pinays. Asian destination such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Middle East have a big deman for Domestic Helpers to aide busy household. 


Domestic Helpers get a minimum of 3,500- 4,000 dollars monthly salary equivalent to 175,00-200,000pesos. 

Working Condition

Domestic Helpers work inside typical household so they’re not typical employees.  Most DH doesn’t have the social security and health insurance offered to regular Overseas Filipino Workers. Most complaints of abuse such as physical, verbal and sexual come from Domestic Helpers too. It is important to be on a family that will treat you well. 


  • There are training hours required to acquire a certificate that will allow you to work as Domestic Helper abroad
  • At least 21 years old
  • Have necessary skills to be an all around help like the following:
  1. Can take care of an infant (0-12 months old) and/or children (1-10 years old)
  2. Can take care of person with disabilities to an invalid or semi-invalid person
  3. Can cook, clean the house, do laundry, iron clothes and relevant activities.

Entertainer/Performing Artist

Another great opportunity for Pinoys abroad is becoming an entertainer/singer. This job is applicable especially in Japan and South Korea. From talented dancers, singers, choreographers to performing artists there are inns and variety bar willing to hire. 


You can earn ¥120,000 to ¥150,000 or P52,000 to P65,000 pesos a month. There are also daily rates available for specific jobs.

Working Condition

In Japan and South Korea age plays a vital role to get hired. Younger entertainers are more favored than the older performers specially those that look good physically. It would also mean a lot if you can speak and understand the Japanese language so you can be given projects without the need of third-party translator. 


  • A valid passpost and visa are required for employment in Japan
  • Two years experience as entertainer in other countries
  • Certificate of completion of a two-year course in performing arts institution
  • At least 18 years old
This article will surely be followed by other information as guide to those who aspire to work abroad. I will try to include guides and list posts of life as Overseas Filipino Workers. I hope this post help. Comment below if you have questions, topic suggestions etc.


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