How to Earn Extra Money Online

March 10, 2016
Over the past blog posts I have shared how to be rich by spending less though a proper budget. Today I wanted to focus on how to be rich by making more money. Nowadays one can’t just rely on one source of income anymore. Making extra income isn’t just an option but a necessity to survive and to continue living with current lifestyle. Thankfully there are ways you can make extra income at home with a full time job. Now this may require additional time and effort on your side but the results will surely impress you. It will help you build additional money for your savings and investments. 

How to Earn Extra Income

There’s no limit on how much one can earn.  Opportunities to become rich is really wide especially with how the current technology works. Everyone can become a millionaire in less time. All you have to do is unleash the money-making machine in you and try the many was you can earn extra income on top of your full-time job. 

The first part are the ways I personally used to earn money alongside my current job as Technical Document Specialist. And then the second part of this post are more ways you can make money online and offline to fund your financial goals. 

Event Hosting, Event Coordination and Becoming a Party Supplier

During my college days I got invited to host programs at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. My spiritual Mom whom I introduced IN THIS POST gave me a lot of hosting opportunities before. 

And because I got confident holding the mic and talking to the public I tried my luck in hosting weddings, debuts, birthdays and more. (now OLX) became my best friend. I created an ad on October 2011 for my event hosting services. God blessed me with a lot of amazing people who entrusted the biggest events of their life with me. 

Till today I offer my expertise in Event Hosting which also led me to venture on other areas of party planning like Event Coordination and Party Supplier. 

How to do it?

Starting a career in Event Management is very easy and opens unlimited opportunities to earn extra income. You have unlimited clients actually because almost every day there are couples planning for their wedding day, individual celebrating their birthday and  more. 
  1. Assess if its for you. Are you a good host? Do you have a skill in planning and organizing a wedding? Do you have the right equipment as an event photographer or videographer? The very first step to make it in the business is to examine whether event management is truly for you. 
  2. Use the Power of Social Media. Once you are really keen to the event management world then you can promote yourself through social media. Use your personal Facebook to broadcast your service. Maybe you have Instagram too where you can post a photo and do proper tagging for easy search. 
  3. Build Your Portfolio. The thing about event management is that you need to build your portfolio well. Try to offer your service for a minimal fee first while building you portfolio.
How Much Extra Money You Can Earn

Hosting ranges from 2,500-5,000 pesos per event which only last to 2-3 hours.

Event Coordination is from 5,000-12,000pesos depending on the location.

Party Supplier is composed of catering, photo and video coverage team and more which range from 20,000 – 50,000pesos per event

Freelance Content Writing

This is another avenue where I get some extra money. I basically offer my services to write posts, articles and web contents online. Most of my clients are foreign small companies and whom I found also online. 

Becoming a Freelance Content Writer is trickier than hosting. You need to good if not extremely good when it comes to composing and writing articles. Also your grammar should be on point because you need to create almost an error-free work. 

How to do it?

A career in Freelance Content Writing is very promising specially if you are good in the said field. Your clients can be both local and foreign. You also can find clients online which cut the chase into half. 
  1. Register for free on online freelance job sites. These sites include Elance and Upwork which are two of the leading sites for freelance works. You can also try out which is a Filipino-owned site. 
  2. Try to market your writing services to people close to you. Your very first clients will surely be people who knew and trust your writing skills. 
How Much Extra Money You Can Earn

Freelance Content Writing can be a project-based, per hour based or per-word based earning. You can earn from $5-$100 just by online writing. 


Blogging gave me a decent source of income. I haven’t really earned that much money because you have to reach a certain quota before the money can be released to you. The good thing about blogging is that its a hobby that you will enjoy and will open a lot of amazing opportunities to you.

How to do it?

Blogging is an addicting hobby. It’s something you can start for free and continue on your free time. Soon when you get traffic you can easily get blog opportunities that pay. I created a blog post all about Starting a Blog IN THIS LINK

How Much Extra Money You Can Earn

This deserves a different post and will be published on my other blog IzzaGlino. Stay tune.

Risks of Online Job Searching

Nowadays, online job search is the most popular method that a person finds a job. It is easier, faster and more convenient to use plus most of the time pays better than regular job. However, just like any other online activity, searching job online has its risk factor involved.

From make-believe job posts that can lead to identity theft to emails encouraging you to go on unwanted websites. There are others who will ask you to pay money in exchange for the possibility of employment while others will expose virus or fraudulent on your device.

How You Can Avoid Being Scammed in a Job Search?

One sure way that will help you avoid beings scammed in a job search is replying only on trusted websites. See to it that the online job site has a physical address and contact number. You can easily distinguish a trusted website to a non-trusted website by reading reviews of other users and making sure that you have a semi to full control of your profile where you can select to go public or private.

Never give bank account information, credit card information, passport number or even date of birth for these details can be used against you if ever you end up in a scam job site.

Recommended Job Sites You Can Start With

I know how some of you are eager to know more about online jobs so I thought it will be nice to compile some of my most recommended online job sites that can help you get started in your job search. Don’t forget to visit each site to know more information.

    1. Elance

This is considered as the top of the line when it comes to online job searching sites. Elance allows you to create your online portfolio, to add skills that could be valuable with your employment and to apply on thousands of online job posts.

    2. Upwork

Upwork was once known as oDesk. It was built for freelancers to easily find job that suits their skills and needs.

    3. Craiglist

Craiglist is a user-friendly website that can help you land a job easily. You can select the category that you want to search for a job depending on your location and expertise. To apply all you have to do is email the owner of the job advertisement.


Freelancer is a great job search site if you are looking for a job as programmer, web developer, designer, writer or data entry.

    5. PeoplePerHour.

PeoplePerHour is one of the latest addition to the online job sites and though it is only functioning for three years, PeoplePerHour had proved its legibility in terms of landing a secured online job. You will get your own profile account and can apply to jobs that suits your need.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay

Online job hunting shouldn’t be a daunting task. Assess first what service you can offer and make sure that your skills satisfy the job description. Be very cautious when it comes to applying and do not get easily discouraged if ever you didn’t end up getting the job that you want. Try and try until you succeed.

Next on SavingsPinay

Do you have any past experience when it comes to online jobs? Share where you found your additional income source and how you experience is ever since.

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