How to Dress Up for a Job Interview like a Pro

March 13, 2015

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Today I’ll talk about How to dress during a Job Interview and as a bonus I will be linking a Job Interview makeup tutorial that I did before in my Youtube Channel. 

Job interviews are not just boring question and answer portion… it is an opportunity to impress and network with people that could be beneficial for your career goals. First impression lasts in landing a job so you better dress well and proper so success will just shine on your side. 

When I had my job interview I believe I wore the classic white tee, brown jeggings and black blazer. I love these trio combination for they are casual yet gives attitude. But others prefer cocktail dress or for men a polo and slacks. Whatever your choice is remember that the most important thing is to look professional. To look like you are ready to work. 

My very first tip is To Dress According to Your Body
Your top priority of course should be comfort. It you really can’t wear a dress then don’t. If in the first place you are happy with the way you look on the day of the interview then you will have added boost of confidence.  

Take Note of the following:

  • Clothes with vertical lines will make your body thinner and height longer. Horizontal lines on the other hand will make you appear bigger in size and a bit shorter in height.
  • Basic colors without any print at all as top is a go to as they don’t take away the attention to you that printed or floral tops could do. Choose white, black, brown, grey or red.
  • For male, avoid tucking in your t-shirts and short-sleeves polo. Long sleeves with slacks are the best combo to tuck in and prepare a belt to make the look better.

Next is to prettify for the girls and groom for the boys

Of course you wouldn’t just dress smartly but also look prim and proper too for your job interview. De-stress the night before such as sleeping earlier, having a tea time while listening to your favorite music. 

On the day of the interview try put some makeup for the girls especially if you need to conceal some imperfections. Just remember not to over do the makeup especially the foundation (that might look cakey), the brows (that may look too face) and the blush (that might make you look like a clown). 

For males, you may want to exfoliate the face using a male facial scrub just to rejuvenate the face area. A lip balm might also help to avoid cracking of the lips which the interviewer could possibly point out. 

Here is the video I posted before where I featured an Interview Makeup Tutorial.

Last tip is to dress in accordance to the type of job that you are applying

This tip is important because this could really make the impression for your job interview look. By in accordance to the type of job you are applying for means you need to really capture the Hiring Officer with how you look. if you are applying for a job of the secretary then you might want to wear like a secretary too, with really well-made up makeup, heels and dress with blazer. 

Below are other tips for dressing up in accordance to the type of job that you have.

1. Sales and Marketing (Sales, Marketing, PR and Advertising, Account Executives)

from IzzaGlino

This type of job requires you to really dress because these type of jobs deal with clients. The Hiring Officer might give you a point on how well you look for this will surely be an advantage once you landed the job. Haven’t you noticed that most Sales and Marketing people are good-looking or better yet… appear very clean and proper. That’s because they are the face of the company… they really need to look good for the kind of job that they do.

2. Banking and Finance (Insurance, Bank Tellers, Stock Analyst, Financial Manager)

from IzzaGlino

For this job category you want to look polished and professional. Your style must be someone who is good with numbers and whom the people can trust to. Suit and Tie for the males would most probably be the best option while ladies can either dress manly but still with a female touch such as two piece pant suits.

3. Information Technology (Coder, System Engineer, Web Developer, Product Manager, Web Designer)

from IzzaGlino

I work in an IT Company so I believe dressing up for a job interview in this field is not much of a requirement but will still be better to be good. You could go with a casual work outfit like pairing your blue jeans with a white tank top and blazer. Look serious but not too serious that the Hiring Officer might feel intimidated.

4. Broadcast Journalism and Creative (Writer, Film, Graphic Designer, Editor)

from IzzaGlino

A laid-back look will be very nice for this type of job. You might also want to stay true to yourself in dressing up and always include a casual piece. For example you can go with black tight slacks for bottom, a white button down (tucked in) and instead of classy black blazer go for a military anorak/jacket.

5. Managerial Job (Secretaries, Human Resource, Assistant)

from IzzaGlino

Office jobs requires professional looking outfits. Investing in a pencil skirt, a nice top and a blazer could be a go while you can always try pants and sleeves combination. Just make sure that everything is put together and the pieces fit well.

If you need more outfit examples you can check out my OOTDs in my second blog, IzzaGlino as most of my outfits can be worn  in job interviews. 

Have you watched Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith who played Chris Gardner?! I love that scene when he came to his make it or break it job interview with his shirt unbuttoned and ragged jeans. He even had paint in his body for at that time he was painting their house when police came and arrest him for the unpaid parking tickets he had accumulated. 

The interviewer asked “Chris – What would you say if a guy walks in for an interview without a shirt, and I hired him… What would you say?” He answered “He must have had on some really nice pants.”

Though I won’t advise you to come on a job interview same with how Chris did because of the situation he had been the night before, I want you to appreciate the wit and humor of his answer. He made the best impression not just because how he looks during the interview but also because of the answer that he gave. Thus, remember that no matter how well you look that day… if you can’t answer the questions during the interview… that would be nothing.

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