How to Compute for your FAMI Investment

July 23, 2014
As many of you may know now, I am currently working on my portfolio income as a 2014 goal. I invested in a FAMISALEF Mutual Fund and continuously invest monthly as my Retirement Fund. Since I am using a personal investment method to which I will share in a future post, I decided to just write a short blog on How to compute your FAMI Investments.
          Once you had a FAMI account you will receive a letter from FAMI office per investment made. The letter contains information about your recent investment or mainly the variables needed to compute for your FAMI investments as well as ROI as follows:
Number of Shares bought
Amount Invested
Take note of these information and let’s start to do the math. Tip #1: Buy a folder and/or any envelop wherein you can collect the mails sent to you by FAMI for future reference

Number of Shares x Value of NAVPS = Investment
         Let’s have a working sample. Say, you invested 5,000pesos in June and the current NAVPS is 5.304. The value of your shares as per the FAMI receipt is a total of 1,112 shares.
                Number of Shares x Value of NAVPS = Investment
                1,112 shares x 5.3024= 5,896.2688
          This means that you have a gain of 896.2688pesos for your investment.
          Now take note that this a sample only. Your investment depends a lot on the value of NAVPS and the number of shares you bought. Also take note that this co-depends too on the terms and condition in your FAMI investment of choice. In FAMI, if you withdraw your funds within 6 months you have an exit fee of 1.5% which will be deducted to your ROI.
          Is this post helful? If you have further questions on How to Start Investing in FAMI or on How to Investitself then be sure to leave your questions on my contact form above and/or simply email me at izzaglinofull@gmail.com

Clariza Glino

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