How To Apply For New Improved Postal ID in the Philippines

April 12, 2017
New and Improved Postal ID
Getting the new and improved Postal ID in the Philippines is now easier and simpler more than ever. All you need are two specific requirements and a personal appearance in any of the 260 capturing sites near you. If you are like me who wants to have additional valid ID for claiming purposes or as requirement for other valid ID then this post is for you. 

The New Improved Postal ID

Now you may wonder why the government released a new and improved Postal ID all of a sudden. The Basic Postal ID I described earlier lacks the physical security features made available to the new and improved Postal ID. Also your identity will now be saved via biometrics making ID verification more reliable. 


Aside from being a valid ID, the new and improved Postal ID  is now a requirement for Philippine Passport application. Though not a primary card unlike SSS, UMID, Driver's License etc., the new and improved Postal ID is accepted in all government and private transactions. 





Requirements Needed to Get Your Improved Postal ID

Here are the updated list of documents you have to present when applying for your new and improved Postal ID. 

1. Proof of Identity – submit any one (1) of the following.

  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate for married female applicant
  • GSIS or SSS UMID Card

2. Proof of Residence – submit any one (1) of the following.

  • Barangay Clearance
  • Billing Statement (cable, electric, internet, landline, water)
  • Police Clearance
  • Valid NBI Clearance
Note #1. Bring also a photocopy of your Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence.


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The Improved Postal ID. Photo from PhilPost website

Step-by-Step Improved Postal ID Application Process

The new and improved Postal ID can be claimed within two-weeks after your application. It is still valid for three (3) years just like the basic Postal ID. Below is the step-by-step procedure in getting your own improved ID.



Step 1. Fill out the Postal ID Application form. You can download, print and answer this form before visiting the Postal ID Capture Station of your choice. Application forms will also be available in the Postal ID Capture Station or any Post Office. Download the Postal ID Application Form here


Step 2. Bring this along with you your accomplished Postal ID Application form to the Postal ID Capture Station near you. Please see locations on


Step 3. Upon arrival your application form and requirements will be checked and verified. Next you will be directed to the ID Capture Station to take your photo and fingerprints. 


Step 4. Lastly, you will get a receipt of payment for your application and an acknowledgment receipt to be presented when claiming your new and improved Postal ID.



How much is the Improved Postal ID?

Aside from necessary documents you also need to prepare money to apply for your new and improved Postal ID. This is the current fixed amount you need to pay:


Fee Particulars
Postal ID + Delivery Fee
12% VAT


Now in case your Basic Postal ID is still available and valid you can avail a discount to your new and improved Postal ID application.


  • If your Basic Postal ID is valid for the next 36 months you will get 25% discount.
  • If your Basic Postal ID is valid for the next 24 to 35 months you will get 20% discount.
  • If you Basic Postal ID is valid for the next 12 to 23 months you will get 10% discount
Note #2. Bring your Basic Postal ID with you.

How long should you wait to receive your Improved Postal ID?

A mail carrier from PHLPost will deliver your Postal ID at your doorstep. Waiting period is as follows:
  • For Metro Manila – 5 working days
  • For Other Major Cities and Municipalities – 7 working days
  • For Provinces and Remote Barangays – 15 working days

Final Notes from SavingsPinay


New and Improved Postal ID

Postal ID was my very first valid ID ever. I remember my mother paid 400pesos to the mailman who used to come in our barangay to apply the Postal ID for me. All I submitted was a note with my profile like complete name, nationality and address. I also included description of myself including date of birth, height, hair color, eye color, complexion and if I have any birth mark.


After about a week my Postal ID arrived and I was able to use to apply for my BDO Savings Account, claim packages, enter buildings during my job hunt and the like. The validity of Postal ID is also pretty long. I got mine in 2013 when I was still on my final semester in college and it just got expired last May 2016.


Now that the New and Improved Postal ID is here I hope I can use it better. I am glad that it is accepted as primary ID for passport application too. I think this is a sign for me to get my passport once and for all. I've been putting that major task aside but I won't let 2017 pass by without my passport in hand.

Have you applied for the New and Improved Postal ID?

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