How to Achieve Your Travel Goals in 3 Steps

March 13, 2018

How To Achieve Your Travel Goals In 3 StepsWe all have our travel goals in life.


On top of my mind would probably be South Korea. Locally, of course, Palawan where I dream of celebrating my birthday this year.


To travel is such a great goal, and something that could give a lifetime worth of happiness and memories especially when shared with the people you love.


Once I asked my Papa what his desires in life include, and he immediately answered, “to travel”.


My father is 62 years old now, but he never had a chance to achieve (and maybe even set) his travel goals to raise us five kids through the years.


I hate to end up like my dad. I want to travel now that I’m still young and able. The very reason I’m working hard is to enjoy life. And part of that enjoyment is new experience.


So if you are with me, and you have your bucket list and dream destinations you want to tick-off too, you’ve come to the right place.


This post will show you how to achieve your travel goals in life without breaking your savings and ultimately your finances! Here are 3 Steps to Achieve Your Travel Goals This Year.


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So, where do you want to go?


It is a prerequisite to have a bucket before you can even achieve any of your travel goals in life.


Writing it down makes everything better and clearer.


Here are some tips in making a list of your own dream vacations:


  • Just write. Similar to how a brain dump is done, I suggest that you simply write down where you want to go without limiting yourself with the budget.


  • Next is to breakdown your list. This is a crucial step especially if you have a limited budget to fund your travels. You can itemize your travel goals in the following categories:


o   This Year, In Three Years and In Five Years

o   Local and International

o   City Bucket List and Provincial


  • Prioritize. Based on the categories you made, you can now distinguish which goal to tick-off and when.


It can be overwhelming to complete a bucket list so it’s a must to prioritize.


You can either pick your top three places to see instead, select the place that excites you the most or work first on the places you set for 2018 then move on to your next list.


Do not feel pressured that you have to complete your travel goals in a year or less. Traveling involves a lot of planning and if you fail to prioritize it becomes too much to think about.


How to Achieve Your Travel Goals in 3 Steps

How To Achieve Your Travel Goals In 3 Steps


Step 1. Choose Where and When You Want To Go


Deciding where and when you want to go to that dream destination of yours is the first step.


Get specific with your travel plan and write down the specific activities or landmarks you would like to see, to achieve and to do.


For me this 2018, will be to travel with family, to embark on my first solo travel and to have my first trip abroad.


And I am proud to say that all these goals are on track so far.


This March I, together with my whole family will be in our province Samar, to spend the Holy Week.


I also got my Korean Visa already! So the only thing left to do will be to plan out the trip, book the ticket and go.


And I was able to grab a seat sale for Palawan on my birth week.


What I realized is this:


You are much more likely to achieve your travel goal if you know exactly what you are saving for.



  • When it comes to choosing where you want to go, choose the place that excites you the most.


  • Research online your chosen destination. There are a ton of sources in the internet from travel websites to travel blogs you can read. Browse their travel diaries and do take not of their tips and warnings. This is a good way to get a better picture of your travel for free


  • If you are an employee, make sure that you select dates feasible to your company. Can you afford to take a vacation leave for 2 weeks?


  • Another factor is the weather. Summer is the best time to go to places like Coron, Siargao and Boracay. The –ber months, of course, is best reserved for your Baguio or Sagada trips.


  • For international travel you might want to consider the weather too especially if it differs from the Philippines. May is almost the end of the spring season in Korea while the start of June to August will be rainy season.  Nica and I don’t want to travel in the rainy season, so we decided to go in May instead.


What’s in it for you? Bring out the list you created and encircle the three places you want to focus on.


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Step 2. Turn Your Excuse into Action


We all make excuses for our travel goals.


Last year, a dear friend of mine visited South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.


He will always tease me to travel too, but I always decline.

  • I don’t have a passport
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have paid leave (still on my probationary period back then)
  • I don’t have the ideal “travel fund” yet
  • I don’t have any idea how to travel at all!


It turns out the only person blocking the possibility of my goal to travel is me.


All the reasons I mentioned above were mere excuses. And there’s a way for me to actually travel too if only I turned those excuses to actions!


So this 2018 I’m slowly but surely polishing everything I need to achieve my travel goals.

  • I applied (and fortunately passed) for a passport!
  • I worked hard to have all my blog posts be scheduled in advance.
  • I marked the dates that I will file my vacation leave.
  • I finalized my yearly budget and know already where to get the so-called fund for travel.
  • I continuously read and learn from the best travel bloggers in the country!


So what’s my key takeaway here for you?


Turn each and every excuse you have as part of your to-do list!


What are some of your most common excuses for not traveling?


Is it because you have kids?


Is it because you can’t afford to take a leave?


Or is it because you don’t have enough money?


Honestly, traveling with kids is doable.


I encourage you to take time and learn from these amazing people who share how they travel with kids through their blogs:


Having kids shouldn’t be a hinder why you can’t achieve your  travel goals in life.


So you can’t travel because you can’t afford to take a leave? Or you’re too busy, you can’t make time to travel?


Here’s what I want you to ponder upon:



A good work life balance is what you need.


Put travel in a higher priority this year. Or if travel is really not much of your priority this 2018 then put that other goal of yours you’ve been setting aside up in the list!


Next year, for sure you will much more willing to travel.


Hey Izza, what if I don’t have any budget for travel?


One of the very reasons why a person doesn’t travel is the lack of money to do so.


I deeply sympathize with this excuse. I say no to a number of invitations to travel because I feel like I don’t have enough money to do so.


And because I have this innate fear inside me of losing money.


But my first hike at Mt. Manabu, Batangas changed everything. I realized that you don’t need to go broke in order to go on a vacation.


Less than Php 500 will do.


  • That’s skipping three cups of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.
  • That’s saying no to a new shoes or new dress or new makeup.
  • That’s working extra hour or two to your side hustle.


Traveling will make you forget about the cost. At the end of your trip what you will remember the most is the experience. Not the receipts and definitely not the bills.


But let’s face it, money is a real problem and as much as I want to sugarcoat it for you, achieving your travel goals will be difficult.


YOU: I don’t have any money AT ALL for travel. I live paycheck after paycheck, with debt and other expenses.


If you are locked in this idea, then I recommend for you to shift your goal from “travel” to “financial breakthrough” instead.


What do I mean by that?


Give yourself a couple of months to a year to save money before you travel. This is the wisest option I know of.


Just like an emergency fund, you can build a travel fund from scratch.


Don’t hesitate to start small. Saving Php 500 every payday for the next eight months will leave you Php 8,000 richer.


This amount can go a long way if you’re travelling in a local destination. Maximize your money by booking during seat sales and you’re good to go.


If you say yes to a travel without consulting your finances first then you’re bound for a financial loophole.


Personally, the idea of “don’t worry about money, just travel” doesn’t appeal to me.


I made it a point to give myself enough buffer fund (thanks to my side hustles), so I can spend a year of saying yes to travel without breaking my bank.


For the months or year that you wait for your travel fund to grow, I urge you to still have fun.


There are far less expensive trips you can take that won’t really eat up your savings. Hiking is the best example I know of. I’ve been to Mt. Manabu, Mt. Daraitan and Mt. Talamitam and each feeds my hunger for nature and adventure.


You can also visit nearby museums, parks and recreation areas. During the year that I’m building my travel fund, I became content with quick day tours at Manila Ocean Park, Intramuros, Binondo and Star City.


It’s really not about how far you’ve been to, but really more of the how happy you’ve been at that exact moment.


Try TravelBook


I discovered TravelBook in 2016 when they launched a contest where you can win a free 3Days 2Nights Trip to Caramoan.


I was sold with the idea and tried my luck.


Fortunately, I won and in August 2016 I, along with 14 other great bloggers, went on a much needed vacation.


Caramoan was out of this world! It was my first time to try island hopping and every island we went to was extraordinary.


It was the first time I’ve ever been so close with nature and really felt amazed by God’s creation.


TravelBook arranged everything for the said trip and they did a great job accommodating us.


We stayed in Al Del Rio, the best (and only) choice if you plan in having your own Caramoan escapade.


Al Del Rio provided us that homestay, living with the local situation, which is exactly what you want for remote place like Caramoan. Read my budget home stay review of Al Del Rio here.


They prepared all the meals from breakfast, lunch to dinner and even have a karaoke ready for late-night bonding!


I don’t know how to swim so during the island hopping I was literally trembling on my seat. Good thing, the boat we rode was complete with life vest so I felt assured throughout the itinerary.


Price is reasonable too. Knowing how hard it is to find a place to eat during island hopping, Al Del Rio provided everything.


My experience traveling through TravelBook led me to believe that it’s a haven for all who are looking to tick off their travel goals!


If you are like me, and you love the fun of traveling but not the boring part of planning it, then TravelBook is a must to visit.


Among the hotels and tours I’m aiming for 2018 are as follows:


Corregidor Tour

Coron Island Budget Tour

2 Days, 1 Night Sagada Tour

Cebu City Tour


I also suggest TravelBook to my family and friends in case they need a quick getaway and don’t have that much time to plan anymore.


So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to book cheap hotel and tours this 2018 I am shamelessly plugging TravelBook.


I highly suggest checking Paula’s story on how she was able to afford traveling the world.


And if you get inspired then book that travel goal of yours today here:


What’s in it for you? Take a year and build a travel fund first before you go on any expensive getaway. Be content with what you can afford first. Don’t let “envy” come your way and ruin your finances.


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Step 3. Repeat


Isn’t it easy?


First, you choose where and when you want to go.


Next, you build a travel fund around it.


Keep your travel fund alive. Continue to grow it until it becomes enough for you to travel more than three destinations of your choice in a year.


How to grow your travel fund?


Go for gigs for goals mindset by J.Money of BudgetsareSexy.


In his post he mentioned, using a particular gig to fund a particular goal.


Last month, I created a list of 41 different ways to earn money while working full-time job. Choose one and dedicate whatever money you generate in that side hustle as your travel fund.


And because there is an end-goal for that gig or passion project you’re doing, it’s way easier for you to work hard and hustle.

Your salary can only cover as much as your bills, allowance


So if you really want to achieve your travel goals this, you need to make the gap between what you earn and what you can spend bigger.


And the best way to this is to start a side hustle.


More about minding the gap in this post.


Look for opportunities that can make you earn some cash.


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If you have any travel plans before the year ends check out TravelBook! They provide the latest budget-friendly hotel and accommodation and offer no credit card needed, pay at hotel stays for conscious travelers. Don’t forget to use my friend code 0225 upon check out.



Final Notes from SavingsPinay

I am not as passionate as others when it comes to traveling. I’m happy to spend a long weekend at the comfort of my desk writing blog posts or bullet journaling instead of going places.


But, to go out and learn is an essential.


I value personal development so much that’s why I try to read and finish a self-help book once a month.


Traveling is a good source of education. Just being there, fully consumed by the wonders of a certain city, province or country is such an opportunity worth trying.


      Step 1. Choose where and when you want to go.

      Step 2. Build a fund for it.

      Step 3. And repeat.


That’s three simple steps you can achieve any of travel goals in life.


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