My First Google Adsense Payment Story – Everything You Need To Know

January 28, 2018

first-google-adsense-payment-storyAre you interested to make money with Google Adsense? Read below to know how I got my first Google Adsense payment and how I grew my blog!


In the past year I have managed to grow my Google Adsense earnings from $2/month to roughly $16/month.


700% increase!


I have seen more growth in the past 12 months than I’d experienced since inception of SavingsPinay.


After I earned my first $100 dollars, it became easier for me to reach my next payment threshold.


Right now I’m on my in earning my second Google AdSense payout which still feels so surreal.


It took me almost four years to make money in Google AdSense, now I only need to wait 3-4 months.


One day, I know the ads and traffic I generate will be enough for me to earn at least $100 monthly.


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Everything You Need To Know About Google Adsense

First Google Adsense Payment

Google Adsense is a monetizing program where you earn from ad placements relevant to your content.


Whether you are a blogger, website owner or YouTube creator, Google Adsense is a wonderful tool to earn through the traffic you get.


As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, it took me four long years to earn my first Google Adsense payment. I thought the day I will get my Adsense earnings will not come anymore.


But God is good, and true enough hard work pays. Last August 2017, I finally received my first Google AdSense payment!


I received an email from Google AdSense saying my payment is ready for pick up and it was like the most awaited email ever for me.

Google AdSense Threshold

Google Adsense is the most known ad network especially for new bloggers. The ad program they offer is easy to implement, simply copy and paste the code and your new advertisement is ready.


I also like the fact that Google Adsense is responsive enough to adopt on the content you provide.


For example on my beauty and lifestyle blog, all the ads displayed are relevant to beauty and lifestyle. Here in SavingsPinay all ads displayed are either related to personal finance particularly bitcoin. 


This is advantageous because readers would only want to patronize the ads related to the content you provide. It increases the chance that a reader will click on your ads which means more money for you.


How to Apply in Google Adsense Program


Someone asked me how I got approved in Google Adsense Program.



Mind you, her blog is much better than mine in every area.


I was surprised that she is not yet approved by Google Adsense and feel regretful of the amount of traffic and money she could have received.


Getting approved in Google Adsense Program is way stricter now compared before. I got approved the same year I started blogging – here’s my first ever post and I didn’t experienced any difficulties at all during my application.


Here are the steps I took in applying:


1. Read Click Adsense Program Policies to learn more on what and what don’t work on Google Adsense.

2. Go to the Google Adsense Home Page and sign up.

3. Fill up the online application with your blog’s URL, primary language and answer to the questions from the Google Adsense Program. Contact Information and Payment information or where you will receive the money you earn from your blog or YouTube must also be added.


Once you are done in creating your account with Google Adsense you need to confirm your website by pasting a code in your blog’s template.


From then on the waiting period begins. Google Adsense will review your application and send you an email once your account is approved.


Receiving Your Google Adsense Pin


The Google Adsense Pin is sent out to the home address you gave upon application. This is required for you to verify your address before Google sends any payment.


When will you receive your PIN? Your pin arrives after you have reached the verification threshold.  I received mine 2 weeks after I my balance reached $10. 


Once you received the pin, enter it in the “Account information” page in your AdSense account. If you encounter any problems regarding your Google Adsense Pin CLICK HERE.


Google Adsense Pin

Adding Ads on Your Blog


Once got approved in the Google Adsense program you can now add ads in your blog.


For those using Blogger, you may add new ad placement with the following steps:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click Layout and Add Widget.

3. Select the HTML Text Widget option.

4. Copy and Paste the HTML Code of your Adsense ad and click Save.

5. Your ad/s won’t show instantly so you have to wait for a few hours to review whether you’ve successfully added an advertisement.

6. You can also check in your Adsense account if the ad link is already part of your My Ads page.

If you are using WordPress, you can only add Google Adsense if you have your own domain or you have a self-hosted blog.

What Your Blog Needs to Start Earning on Google Adsense


Placing ads on your blog is easy but making money on Google Adsense takes time.


Making 2, 3 or 4 figures per month isn’t that easy, especially in the beginning.


To start making money on Google Adsense make sure that your blog has the following:


1. Reliable hosting solution 


Web Hosting is a service that allows you to have a space to post a website or web page on the internet. Most bloggers overlook this step and proceed in blogging under free hosting services.


The problem in remaining as a free WordPress blog is that you are limited in the type of ads you can put.


WordPress only allows their own ad to work for free blogs. They basically get money off your own blog, your own visitors and your own content.


If you really want to make money and get your first Google Adsense payment, I recommend to have your blog self-hosted.


2. Own domain name


Domain name works as the main URL/address of your blog. Instead of being you can be known as


This is a good investment if you want to be easily found and be remembered in the busy blogsphere.


If I can only turn back time I wish I have bought my domain and hosting earlier. I only made the shift last year and it turned out to be the biggest turning point of my blogging career.


I only started earning an acceptable income in Google Adsense when I bought my own domain and got self-hosted thru Pangalan.


3. A niche



It will be harder to earn your first Google Adsense payment if you fail to specify your niche.


A niche blog offers a specific topic, subject or category in the online community.


SavingsPinay is an example of a niche blog.


Although involves budgeting, saving money fast, investing in the Philippines, retiring young and making extra money with a full-time job, everything follows one theme alone – personal finance.


Blogs with how-to articles, lists, celebrity gossips, and trending news are a few of the best niches for Google Adsense.


If you already started your blog and you are not earning in Google Adsense try to incorporate a searchable topic.


For example in my beauty and lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino I started to blog about bullet journal. This turned out to be a wise move because my Adsense earning significantly increased.


Overall, my best advice is to still try the Google Adsense program no matter what your website is about. Test if the program suits you and you can see result after a few months of growing it.


Google Adsense Earnings

Here’s my current Google Adsense Earnings


Why I recommend Pangalan?


First, I wouldn’t recommend getting your own domain with Pangalan if I haven’t used it myself.

This blog and my other blog, as well as my business are all hosted in Pangalan! I love patronizing local businesses and it makes me feel secured knowing they have a headquarters in Manila. If something bad happens, I can reach their office right away!


Second, you can start a blog with Pangalan for less than 500php per year.

For that low price you can now start a professional blog. They even have promos if you really want a domain on a budget.


Third, amazing customer support.

Newbie bloggers especially those who, like me, have no interest in the technical side of blogging will definitely love Pangalan.

Their customer support really works. If you have questions on getting started or setting up your new domain now, you can get help quickly and easily over phone, Messenger or email.


Lastly, reliability

My experience with Pangalan so far has been pretty smooth. They immediately respond to my requests and ensure that my blog is up without any problem at all.


Start a blog with Pangalan. Domain starts 490php/year and PNSakto for Bloggers is only 116.67php a month



How To Get Your First Google Adsense Payment ever?


There is a magic formula for success in Google Adsense.


CTR + CPC + Traffic = Revenue.


CTR refers to “ad click through rate”, the percentage rate at which people click on your ad banner.


CPC refers to “cost/revenue per click”, how much an advertiser pay you every time a visitor clicks on your ad banner.


TRAFFIC refers to every impression and pageviews your blog makes in a month.


What this means for you?


If you are aspiring to get your first Google Adsense Payment this 2018 then you need to increase…

  •         Your Click Through Rate  (CTR)
  •         Your Cost/Review per Click (CPC) and
  •         Your traffic


Step 1. Increase Your CTR for Google Adsense


There are two ways to increase your blog’s CTR or click through rate.

1. Correct Ad Placement

2. Correct Ad Format

Where to best place your ad? 

Generally, you can place ads on the header, sidebar, inside post and footer of your blog. These locations are best known to generate higher click through rate.

What is the right size of ad for your blog? 

There are different ad sizes you can choose from to know what best fit to your blog’s layout. I personally love using Auto-Responsive unit on the Header and Footer of my blog to make sure that it fits perfectly whether a reader is viewing on desktop or on mobile. Usually on the side bar I use 300×600 especially on the top right side because it’s eye-catching enough.

What type of ads should you display? 

Adsense lets you choose whether to show image, image and text or text only as ads. For header, footer and sidebar I highly recommend using Text and Image or Image Only. If your ad is inside the blog post you can use Text only so it automatically generate text ads related to your post.

My best advice is to do some trial and error on what works best for your blog.


Above the Fold Ads

Google Adsense Above the Fold

Sample of Above the Fold Ad


I personally use above the fold ads in SavingsPinay.


Above the Fold refers to the portion of your blog that is visible without scrolling. E.g. Header, Above the Title of Your Blog Post and Below the Title of Your Blog Post


I use a Responsive Ad in the Header so that no matter what resolution my readers are coming, the ad will adjust accordingly.


I also include an ad after the introduction of my posts. Doing this signals my readers to the main topic of the article.


Side bar

Adsense Sidebar

Sample of Sidebar Ad


You can’t miss placing an ad on the top of your blog’s sidebar. I have seen wonderful result placing an advertisement on the said location.


Inside The Post

Adsense Inside Post

Sample of Adsense inside post


If you are aiming to get your first Google Adsense payment, I highly suggest placing ads inside your blog post.


Every now and then I use an ad to cut the blog post and let the readers pause for a moment. What’s great about Google Adsense is that it automatically adjust to ads related to your post’s content.


Adsense for Mobile

Another helpful tip to increase your chances in getting your first Google Adsense payment is to enable Adsense Mobile for your blog.  Most people are now on their mobile phones so this will enable the display of ads that are mobile-friendly.

Step 2. Increase Your CPC for Google Adsense


There are three helpful ways you can increase your blog’s cost per click:

1. Target high paying keywords

2. Target high paying locations/regions

3. Display relevant ads


Use the Right Keywords on Your Blog


Keyword research is an important factor when it comes to Adsense earnings.


Your goal is to implement not just the right keywords, but also the most profitable keywords you can use to your blog.


I didn’t really focused on keywords until last year, when I set a goal to finally make money online bloggingI got serious in researching the best keywords to use on every blog post I hit publish.


Here are my tips when it comes to finding the right keywords to your blog post.


1. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are three to four keyword phrases more specific than commonly searched keywords.


Although long tail keywords get less search traffic, they will usually have higher conversion value. You are certainly rewarded monetarily because they are more specific.


Here’s the deal:


The longer and more specific the keywords you use, the higher Google Adsense per click you can get.


This post for example is focused on Google Adsense. Although I can stop with Google Adsense as the focused keyword of this post, I just couldn’t.


I want to search higher in the ranking and I know I need to continue searching a better keyword combination.


For this post I got deeper in my focused keyword and used First Google Adsense Payment instead, a long tail keyword.


2. Use low competitive keyword

Keywords that are still low when it comes to search traffic gives your post more chance to be seen.


Think about it this way, how to budget is a commonly searched keyword. This is good but the competition in the said keyword is too crowded already.


So if you want to place higher, get better clicks and ultimately increase your Adsense earnings, you want to find keywords with lesser competition.


Better keywords suggestion includes:

How to Budget on 50-20-30 Rule

How to Budget on Low Income

How to Budget and Save



Focus on US, UK and India


You may not notice this, but there are key locations and regions that can pay you better money in Google Adsense.


It has been proven that US, UK and India traffic pays higher compared to the others.


A single click from US, for example, can between $1 up to $5 compared to $ .01 to a dollar in Asian countries.


So if you want to stay on track on your journey to get your first Google Adsense payment, make sure that your blog attracts US traffic too.




Again, it’s all about keywords.


There are a number of keywords that bring a ton of US Traffic like:

1. Weight loss

2. Real Estate

3. Insurance

4. Loan

5. Fitness


Currently, SavingsPinay is attracting Philippine traffic at around 97%. This is the reason why my Adsense earning is pretty low compared to others.


I am always looking for new and better ways to incorporate keywords that can attract more UK and US traffic.



Display related ads


My last tip when it comes to adsense earnings is to make sure that ads related to your content shows.



You actually have full control on what ads will show up on your blog. This control is accessible when you go to Allow and Block menu from your Google Adsense Homepage.


I never really took time to tweak this section and block ads unrelated to my site. Adsense is quick and intelligent enough to match its ads displayed based the theme of my post.


But when I tested blocking unrelated ad categories from both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino, I noticed a significant difference on the amount I get.


Because there are fewer ad selection in SavingsPinay, I am sure that only ads related to personal finance, business and investment show up.


I blocked all consumer ads such as apparel, health and beauty and


Same goes with IzzaGlino where I blocked all unrelated ads too.


If you haven’t tried this technique then I suggest you do soon. See if the adjustment will help you earn your first Google Adsense Payment too.


Step 3. Grow Your Blog Traffic


A quick recap;


The formula to Google Adsense is this  →


High CTR + High CPC + High Traffic.


No matter how stable the amount of money you earn in Google per click, if you don’t have good traffic, you will still be earning less.


When I first started SavingsPinay, I didn’t have any idea it would be what it is today.


Back then I was just solely focused in sharing my journey online. I never really thought I could influence others to act on their financial freedom too.


As you can see in the photo, the average monthly traffic I get when I started was just around 300 a month.


10 visitors a day!


Fast forward to today this blog now consistent gets around 16,000 monthly pageviews.


To be read and found is such an amazing feeling for every blogger.


I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am blogging if I haven’t had any readers in the first place.


So how do you grow your blog? How do you gain the traffic you deserve?


Below are the things I did:


1. I invested back in my blogs


One of the most important lessons I learned in my 24 years of existence is the value of investing in your passions.


Buying my own domain and hosting solution are two of the very reason why I’m now earning money in Google Adsense.


I also didn’t hesitate to partner with Pangalan and revamp this blog and give my audience a better reading experience.


Now I’m blogging in WordPress which is the coolest thing ever! Now the quality of my post improved from the first three years.  


I also bought a diva ring light for my YouTube channel and a better camera for my blog and Instagram photos.


Every investment I made paid-off in the end.


This I know for sure,


When you give your audience a good reading experience through improving your blog and your gears, you will be rewarded.


2. I created a blog business plan


Failing to plan is planning to fail, says Sir Benjamin Franklin.


And so to finally get serious blogging, you need to first have a business plan for your blog.


Blog business plan is a living document that explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of your blog.

  • Who your blog is for?
  • What your blog is about?
  • Where do you want your blog  to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years’ time?
  • When do you publish a new post?
  • Why do you blog?
  • How will you run your own blog as a business?


Just like how creating a budget helps in achieving financial freedom, a blog business plan also aids every blogger find success.


Here’s my suggestion: Spend a hour or two tonight to draft your blog’s business plan.

  • Define the mission of your blog.
  • Specify your target audience.
  • Set specific goals you have for your blog and business.
  • What’s your posting schedule? How many new post/s do you wish to publish in a week? In a month?
  • What are your strategies when it comes to monetizing your blog?


These prompts and this link will help you write your first ever blog business plan.


I think knowing the essential parts of my life as a blogger and really defining my role in this passion project helped me so much to grow my blog.


3. I offered valuable content


As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, this blog is just an online diary for me.


But when I launched the new SavingsPinay last January 2017, I changed my blog game 360 degrees.


I started offering valuable content.


But, Izza what do you mean by valuable content?


For me, valuable contents are type of post that could inform, transform and entertain a reader.


You want your blog to stand out in the hustle and bustle of the online world through writing useful content that explains an idea, puts a person in action and gives his or her a reason to revisit your blog!


Among the many valuable contents I’ve created in this blog ever since includes:

Best Mutual Fund in the PhilippinesBest Peson Sense Ipon ChallengeAlternative Investment Philippines











Because of the posts above my blog is still getting traffic.


How to start offering valuable content to your readers?


1. Write longer posts

I believe longer blog posts offer better value to readers. You want them to spend more time reading your posts and staying in your blog. This post for example is around 5000 words.


2. Go for evergreen posts

Evergreen posts are type of content that explains a general topic. How to Invest for Beginners, 21 Ways To Earn Extra Income and The Ultimate Guide to Mt. Talamitam Hike are some examples. These type of posts are what people are searching for.


4. I spent quality time with my blog


Blogging with a full-time job is never an easy task.


It is pure hard work.


People ask me how I do it. They are surprised to know that even though I have a full-time job I can still pursue different passion projects.


Here’s the truth:


Everything can be done as long as you put your mind and your heart into it.


Time management is an essential life skill every blogger should know.


Here are some productivity hacks I have learned in the last four years of my blog life:


  • Make a master to do list

The master to do list is a brain dump of every task that’s been bugging your mind when it comes to your blog. You can jot down the projects you have for your blog and all the necessary next actions you need to accomplish the said project.


  • Work in bulk

I have promised myself to master batching tasks this 2018. Working in bulk is simply batching all your similar tasks and doing them on a particular period of time. Take for example, blog photos. Instead of taking just one photo, schedule an hour or two during the weekend to shoot as many photos as you can. This will give you a bunch of photos ready to use on your next post.


  • Use a timer

A time allows you to make time work for you instead of the other way around. You control how much minutes you want to spend on particular task and stick to it. If you give yourself 25 minutes to draft a post then spend only 25 minutes to do it.


5. I found my tribe


2017 is also the year I started to build my tribe.


From building my own email list to growing my community in Facebook.


To start up the email list I launched a Free Resource Library where you just sign up and be part of my tribe already.


Every now and then I send a newsletter on my recent investment venture, financial tips learned, recommendations and many more.


Below are sample of the past emails I have sent in the past:


Today I’m proud to inform you that the email list have grow to 600 members already! And it is such an amazing milestone to hit. You can sign up here.


Same thing happens to my Facebook Page and Facebook Group. SavingsPinay Ph received 3000 likes while The SavingsPinay Community is around 1600 members already.


Having this awesome community give me an instant number of website visitors for every new post I make. My routine is simple:


Every time I have a new post it will be broadcasted automatically by email straight to the inbox of my email list.


Then during the day I share the post on SavingsPinay PH (Facebook Page). I share the same post but with a call to action for The SavingsPinay Community (Facebook Group). And before the day ends I pin it on Pinterest.


You can’t stop in just hitting the publish button. You also have to market your post to your audience.


Final Notes from SavingsPinay


Blogging is such an amazing side hustle in my experience. It may require time, effort and money but it could change your life for the better.


I have been blogging in the past four long years and I never once regretted why I started this hobby.


Receiving that first Google Adsense payment is totally worth celebrating and I can’t wait to read your success story too!

Google Adsense Earnings

This photo depicts how my Google Adsense performance transformed through the years. 


Again to recap here’s what this post is all about in a nutshell:


  • Google Adsense is a monetizing program where you earn from ad placements relevant to your content.


  • Getting approved in Google Adsense Program is way stricter now compared before. Make sure to read the Adsense Program Policies  to learn more on what and what don’t work on Google Adsense.



  • What your blog needs to start earning in Google Adsense?
    • Reliable hosting solution
    • Own domain name
    • Niche


  • I highly recommend Pangalan for your hosting and domain needs. I use them for every website I own.


  • There is a magic formula for success in Google Adsense — CTR + CPC + Traffic = Revenue. What this means for you? If you are aspiring to get your first Google Adsense Payment this 2018 then you need to increase…
    • Your Click Through Rate  (CTR)
    • Your Cost/Review per Click (CPC) and
    • Your traffic


  • There are two ways to increase your blog’s CTR or click through rate.
    • Correct Ad Placement
    • Correct Ad Format


  • There are three helpful ways you can increase your blog’s cost per click:
    • Target high paying keywords
    • Target high paying locations/regions
    • Display relevant ads


  • Remember to grow your traffic. No matter how stable the amount of money you earn in Google per click, if you don’t have good traffic, you will still be earning less.


  • 5 Things I Did to Grow My Blog Traffic:
    • I invested back in my blogs
    • I created a blog business plan
    • I offered valuable content
    • I spent quality time with my blog
    • I found my tribe

If you are aiming to get your first Google Adsense payment this year then hope this post helps. Comment below your thoughts about today’s post.


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