Finding the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type Now

July 6, 2015

Hello there! I know it took me almost two weeks to update this blog. I’ve been very  busy the whole June and I couldn’t find any time writing for my blogs. Both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino had suffered due to the unexpected projects that came to me. So now I’m back (from outer space!!!) and ready to bring you new contents. Thank you so much for staying in this humbl blog of mine and showering your support though I missed updating.

Today’s post is a continuation of my last blog series. If you may remember I launched a Wedding Series for the month of June and I was very surprised with the support that the particular blog series received. This post is my answer to a particular question asked by an avid reader of SavingsPinay sent via Facebook. The question goes like this, “Ms. Izza, I’ve read your Wedding Series and I am on my preparation for my December wedding. Ask ko lang kung anu yung best way para makapili ka ng wedding dress?"

Every bride deserves only the best on her wedding day.  That’s why most women invest time, effort and money finding the right   wedding dress with the latest trend and style. Most brides nowadays buy gown in online shops like jojobride because it is more convenient especially if there’s just too much other details about the wedding that needs to be ironed out.


The most helpful tip that I can share is to choose your wedding dress based on your body type. I’ve seen different wedding gowns from my four years experience as an emcee and wedding coordinator but what stand out more to me is a gown that fits the body type of the bride. If you have idea on what bridal gown works best to the body type you have it will be easier for you to find the right dress.


There are five general body types: apple, pear, straight, wedge and hourglass. Below are the description that can help you assess what body type you have and the tips that could make you pull a great bridal gown for your wedding.


Apple Body Shape
Women who have a bust that is three or more inches bigger than the hips are part of apple body type. Go for wedding dresses that can make you comfortable and lays properly over your boobs. You can also draw the attention to your bust and neck area by wearing a style that has low cut in the front but will still look elegant for the wedding day.
lace wedding dress
Pear Body Shape
Women who have pear shape body are bottom heavy. Their hips are bigger and wider than their bust area. Pear shaped women should embody the goal of emphasizing waist and arms as well as adding volume to the upper body instead.
Straight Body Shape
Women with straight body shape has the same width for hips and waist. It is important to create the illusion of curves and show off the slender legs and arms as part of the fashion style.
Wedge Body Shape
Broad chest and wide shoulder are two things that describe women with wedge body shape the most. Think of an inverted pyramid that has wider upper body and a much sexier hip. Women with this body type have to highlight the lower body by incorporating softer top 
 Hourglass Body Shape
Curvy women fall under the hourglass category. They are blessed with sexy curves that have equal hip and bust measurements. Most hourglass shaped women love wearing wrap dresses for these types of clothing can showcase the curves effortlessly.
You don’t have to have a perfect body to be the perfect bride. The most important thing to remember is identifying  the bridal style that works best with your body type. Body types focus on the shape of the body rather than the exact height and weight. 
If you want a better selection then try to visit  Wedding Dresses UK. You can easily browse for the wedding gown that will fit in your body style and your budget. Just remember to embrace the body type you belong to and show confidence in everything that you wear. Choose to be comfortable from within for this is the only way that you’ll feel better and look better on the outside.


Hope this blog post helps. Just as I mentioned earlier, I am back in blogging so expect new posts to be published in SavingsPinay. Have a great week ahead.


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