Here’s My Financial Bucket List, What’s Yours?

April 10, 2017

My Financial Bucket ListJust like a regular bucket list, a financial bucket list serves as a collection of achievements you wish to accomplish in the area of finances during your lifetime. These are meant for long-term and may include a series of next actions to be crossed out to achieve before you die.


Have you ever done a financial bucket list for yourself? I have shared a series of financial must-do’s and goals here in SavingsPinay but I haven’t fully explored the idea of creating a solid financial bucket list. For me it should work better and bigger than a regular yearly goals.


Why Dare to Create Your Own Financial Bucket List?


Having a bucket list of the things you want to financially achieve is a great tool to stay on track. It would serve as your personal vision board to stay inspired. With a financial bucket list ready you will be able to plan out what your next actions. You can sort out mini goals to achieve in a month or in a year. Here are four reasons why I created my own financial bucket list this 2017 and why you should too.


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1. Helps You Remember Your “Why”


The journey to financial freedom can sometimes be blurry and impossible . It is ideal to have something that will remind you of your “why”. Knowing what all the hard work and hustle you are doing today are for can motivate you to hold on.

2. Improves your productivity


Creating a financial bucket list will help you improve how you manage your time, effort and money. You can easily break down your goals to actionable steps that can be done in short period of time. Reviewing your financial bucket list at the end of the day will constantly set as a reminder on what should be done. You will feel that constant hunger to improve how you manage your time and your finances in order to achieve your money goals.


3. Enables you to follow the “Law of Attraction”


You will never build wealth by being a pessimist. If you want to attract success then you need to constantly think about it day and night. I remember a part of Bo Sanchez’ book I read where he mentioned that he wrote a life plan one night. He constantly read the financial bucket list and inspired him to work for his aspirations. Now look at where Bo Sanchez is, right? I believe the Law of Attraction works and this financial bucket list is a full proof.


So What’s In My Financial Bucket List?


#1. Obtain my first million


Who doesn’t want to see seven figures on their bank account, right? I would want to achieve my first 1 Million Net Worth one day through a combination of saving and stock investing. 1 Million may be a big number for some or too small for others but for me, this number is like a kick-off to my journey to financial freedom. Currently my plan is to multiply my income streams from putting big efforts on my blogs, my event business and my day job. I know it’ll take a combination of hard work and financial discipline but it is not impossible.


#2. Travel the world


Another bucket list must have for me is to be able to finance traveling abroad. It would be very awesome to go places and experience great moments in my lifetime. My #lifegoal is Ms. Aileen of I am Aileen and I want to someday travel and blog about the amazing places I’ve been. How amazing it is to travel the world worry-free. I have a list of the places I want to be on my personal beauty and lifestyle blog IzzaGlino.


#3. Start a Passion Empire


One of the many things I am passionate about is Event Hosting and Management. Thus, I am hustling my way to one day start a passion empire out of it. Izza Glino Weddings and Events will be launching soon and I am pretty much excited about it. I will be offering my service as wedding and event host, consultant and lead coordinator. My dream is to have my own office someday and really become known in the field of event hosting and management.


#4. Earn Passive Income Online


When I started blogging I didn’t know there will be potential for it to be produce income. I will read online income reports from bloggers I adore and it made me realize that there is reality of passive income online. My 2015 Extra Income Year-End Report is a testament of the big opportunity blogging and freelance writing can give. The progress I am making at the moment is wonderful and soon I’ll be blogging about it to you.



#5. Be Invited to Speak in Public


There’s something about being invited to speak in public or even  just with a group of people that I look forward to. I would want to share my story and lessons to people. I want to host seminars and workshop about personal finance or even blogging. It would be a pleasure for me to get invited to speak in public.


#6. Make Major Purchases with Cash


And by major I mean branded bags, cosmetics and skincare items na tipong kurot lang sa total money ko. Whenever I make big purchases part of me will be very guilty right after. Maybe because I know na hindi kurot yun.  I want to someday reward myself with major purchases without guilt.


#7. Retire in my 30’s


That constant goal to retire young and able. I want to be able to retire early while having enough income coming to meet and to satisfy my living expenses. It would be a big dream to retire in my 30’s and be an inspiration to other ordinary 9 to 5 employees out there.


Final Words from SavingsPinay


Sharing my financial bucket list is my way to hold myself accountable. I have done numerous posts on my goals and it helped me a lot whenever I make it public. Maybe there are items in my financial bucket list that are part of your bucket list too.

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