Easy and Cheap Day Hike for Beginners at Mt. Manabu

February 19, 2016
If you go over my personal blog IzzaGlino you know that I had my first ever hiking experience last last week. It was one proudest moment of my life. I reached the summit together with my hiking group that includes my high school classmate Jevy and her other mountaineer friends. My Mt. Manabu Day Hike Experience is memorable for me and today I want to give you a detailed guide on an easy and cheap day hike for beginners at Mt. Manabu. If you are looking for a budget-friendly adventure then this could be for you. 
Below is the breakdown of our Itinerary + Expenses
6:00 am. This is our call time at Mcdo Buendia. I also had my breakfast here which is my favorite Sausage McMuffin
Mcdo Bill: 89pesos
7:00 am. We depart Buendia through DLTB bus going to Batangas. Our drop-off point is Brgy. Sta. Cruz
Bus Fare: 99pesos
8:30 am. We drop off at Brgy. Sta. Cruz and rode a jeepney (same side where our bus dropped us). Our next destination is Fiesta World Mall Lipa.
Jeepney Fare: 8pesos
8:45am: Arrival at Fiesta World Mall Lipa. We walked a little to the tricycle terminal that goes to “Sulok”
Tricycle Fare: 40pesos each
9:00am: The tricycle stopped for awhile at the Brgy. Hall. We paid for registration fee and payment for the plants that we were obliged to plant on the mountain to give back to Mother Nature
Registration Fee: 20pesos
Plant: 25pesos
9:30am: Arrival at Sulok Base Camp. Bought bottled water to rehydrate. 
Bottled Water: 20pesos
9:45am: Start Trek

If you want to read the stories of how our trail in Mt. Manabu went click HERE. I shared my experience as well as the lessons I learned in my very first hike.
2:30pm: Back at Base Camp. The base camp is actually a house turned bathroom and pahingahan. 
Ligo: 15pesos
Hugas Sapatos: 20pesos
Tsinelas (since I need to change my dirty rubber shoes): 70pesos
3:00pm: Lunch at SM Lipa 
Bill: 139pesos
4:00pm: Bus to Alabang
Bill: 90pesos
Mt. Manabu : An Easy and Cheap Day Hike for Beginners
Mt. Manabu has the difficulty of 2/9 perfect for those who are beginners. I am beginner myself and if not for the rain that made the trail muddy and slimy I believe it would be easy an yet enjoyable adventure. The registration fee is just 20pesos and you can also bring your own food and water to lessen the amount you’ll pay. 
There are 8 Stations across Mt. Manabu. Stations 1-3 are the easiest of the trail. At Station 6 you’ll find Tatay Tino’s Kapehan, it’s the are where hikers relax for awhile with free Civet coffee. It’s a famous site in Mt. Manabu. The most difficult part of our hike was the descent. The trail is steep plus the area became muddy due to rain. 
You can extend your adventure with a swimming since there are a lot of public and private pools available in Batangas. Commute is also easy because there are jeepneys and buses always available. 
Click My Mt. Manabu Day Hike Experience to view more pictures and read complete story on my first hiking experience. 

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