Day 8 Productive Living for Busy Moms

February 7, 2015

Welcome to Day 8 of the 14 Day Productive Living Program!

The hardest job one could ever have is being a mother. I consider it a job for it is far more than just a status in life. It is an endless and tireless day to day work. From the moment your husband and kids wake up to the minute they fall asleep, it would be part of your responsibility. You don’t have any monthly payment, no vacation leave, no sick leave… just pure love from the people around you.
Quick rundown of our past lessons:

Being productive as a busy mom is highly important for you need a good touch of balance in juggling the tasks you are supposed to do. As a person, there are also goals that you want to achieve first and foremost not just for the family but for yourself too.
Day 8 Productive Living for Busy Moms
10 Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms
  1. Wake up as earlier. 
    The most peaceful time of the day as  Mother would most probably be the mornings. Try to wake up at 5am and feel the difference that it can make for your life.  You have the first 2 hours of the morning for yourself. Do some yoga, meditation, read a book, listen to podcast and have your quiet time. Once the kids wake up it will be chaos once again so if you want a lot more than then sacrifice waking up earlier than the usual.
  2. Generate a Family Calendar.  
    I’ve seen this once in an episode of Modern Family, a US Comedy show, and I love the idea! All you need is a white board and marker and you can now create your family calendar. You can put the events that each family member will attend to, schedule of your kid’s schooling and dates that you plan to be on vacation as a family. You can even write anniversaries and birthday celebrations so the whole family will be on point.
  3. Print out a Household Cleaning Checklist. 
    Pinterest will be your bestfriend as Mom because it has almost everything that you need in life. You can just search for a household cleaning checklist and print it out then viola, you can start cleaning the house in a whole organized way. It is important to reserve a time everyday cleaning even just one tiny part of the house so that it there will be less areas that you need to deal with in the future.
  4. Plan your meals. 
    My Mom will always complain how hard it is to prepare a meal for the family. She always asks for suggestion on what “ulam” to cook or to buy. It will be nice that if you secure a meal plan either monthly or weekly and let the members if the family help you decide. You can put the meal plan on the door of your refrigerator so they’ll know what meals will come next.
  5. Budget. 
    As the “ilaw ng tahanan”, you will be tasked to really keep the cash flow of the family flowing. You need to be generate a budget that will work for the family best. A good financial budget will also  bring you productivity as a mom to a higher level because it will be your guide in every decision in the household.
  6. Talk to your spouse.  
    A good communication between you and your husband is important because you are nurturing the harmonious relationship inside the home. If there is anything that’s bothering you or you have a brilliant idea or something, try to talk to your spouse. This will also make you productive because you will feel that the home is peaceful thus, you are not stressed and you are performing at your highest as always.
  7. Exercise and Find a Hobby that suits you. 
    You might be asking why I suggest that you  exercise and find a hobby when you are too busy even for just becoming a Mother. Spending some quality time exercising and developing your hobby is important for you to just have an enjoyment in life.

  8. Learn to Delegate tasks that are too much for you to handle. 
    If you  think that the laundry and ironing of clothes are just too much for you to handle at the moment then why not hire someone to do it for you. It may cost you money but at least you can open your time to the more important things. Be selective on your to do’s because as a Mom your family should be the first in your priority.
  9. Spend a Holiday or Long Weekends to De-stress.  
    This 2015 there will e a lot of long weekends that you can maximize to bond and to just have a quality time as a family.  You need this to  just free your mind from the busy life. Make sure though that all your must do’s are complete so that you won’t find yourself distracted by phone calls or emails for your dues.
  10. Let Motherhood be an advantage for you.  
    Being a Mother is such an amazing and important role that one can never replace. You to own it and make sure that you are just really letting every fall into its right place. Have your season as a Mom be the most memorable season of your life.
I hope that this post helped! I know a lot of my readers are Moms so I hope that you love this blog post! Comment below for your inputs.

Clariza Glino

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