Day 3 of 14 Day Productive Living Program How to Plan for you Week

February 3, 2015

Welcome to Day of our 14 Day Productive Living Program.

I hope that you are enjoying this very first installation of 14 Day Program. Productivity is a topic that has been very close to my heart as I’ve always wanted to excel in that area. I believe that becoming effective in life by knowing how to balance your time and your effort over tasks can directly affect our finances.

Here are the rundown of our lessons:


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Day 3 –  How to Plan for Your Week

The idea of not having enough time is inevitable. There are times when there are too much tasks we need to handle and too much moment we waste and procrastinate. Our week become shorter and shorter and we tend to feel the anxiety once deadline shows up in the calendar. We become part of the rat race wherein we wake up, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, go home. eat dinner, spend free time and sleep. Then the following day the same scenario happens.

I’ve been struggling in find the work-life balance that works amazing for years and every day is still a battle whether I will choose to be productive or just procrastinate again.  The thing that made me realize that I have to stand firm and commit myself to productive living is knowing that my goals are there waiting for me. I have these solid plans for my life and for my family that I just can’t let go.

You deserve a better week, my friend.

How You can Plan Your Week for Optimum productivity

1. Identify your Tasks for the Week. There are tasks in your life that needs to be worked out and establishing a schedule is important. Let every task become a ritual. Put those in the same categories on the same day or by batch so you can easily them one by one. The tasks should now be specific and will resolve your goals and tasks of the month. I, for example need to launch a niche blog that I’ve been planning for the longest time for the month of January so almost all of my weekly tasks was writing contents to fill in the said platform. (The blog is already up, BTW)

2. Always write down what’s on your mind. Whether you’ll use your phone or paper… it is important to write down what’s on your mind. From tasks, notes or events that you have to attend to put it down in a paper so you could easily remember them when in need.

3. Have some routines. Routines will help you live a fulfilling life so make some routines that will inspire you to do more. Whenever I watch Youtube videos I will always search for routine videos such as Morning Routine, Night Routine, Weekend Routine and so on and so forth. You can also do one for yourself so you can have something to look forward to for the morning, the night or the coming weekend. Your morning routine may include workout, a special breakfast and quiet time while your night routine can be all about pampering yourself with a warm bath and face mask. Just add some quality routines that will motivate you.

4. Schedule the most important tasks on the earlier part of the week. This idea is important so that you get to accomplish the needed tasks of the week as early as possible. Also you get to enjoy the rest of week closer to weekends. Make sure to identify your priorities.

5. Leave a day for you as a family or social time. It is not as always healthy becoming obsessed on work and work alone. Make sure that you are also spending quality time with your loved ones. Sunday is dubbed as a family day so make sure not to set any appointment or any big task on the said day.

6. Make sure that every little detail of your week aligns with your bigger goals. Make sure that you are going into details as the planning progress. From the year to the month to the week and for tomorrow’s episode to the days.

7. Review your week. Find time to just sit down and review how your week went. What goals have you accomplished? What actions haven’t you started yet and what tasks did you fail to do. A weekly review will help you realize your productivity level.

My Ideal Week

I’ve done a blog post about Michael Hyatt’s My Ideal Week and I am so happy that a lot have found it helpful. I still believe and use the template though over time there are spaces that I’ve changed. The template will be very beneficial for you if you haven’t done any weekly planning before.

Read the blog post and download the template HERE.

Planning how your week will be is highly beneficial in the long run. Once planning become part of your habit you’ll sure to gain much more clarity in your busy life. Have a focused week in order for you to have a focused life.

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