Citi Mobile App Review – A Must Have App for All Citi Users

January 2, 2019

citi-mobile-app-reviewFind out what the newly-enhanced Citi Mobile® App can do, from personalized experience to lock and unlock feature if you card gets misplaced or stolen!


Thank you to Citi for partnering with me in this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Mobile banking has become increasingly important nowadays.


Apps provide convenience and added protection to account users. Plus, they give you the freedom to do what you love to do.


For those who are running between work, school, family and social obligations here and there, simple financial transactions such as viewing your statements or paying bills can be a daunting task.


Enter – Citi Mobile® App


An app that empowers you to quickly and easily manage your credit card matters.


In today’s post my goal is to share to you what’s inside the new Citi Mobile® App and how Citi is making banking smarter.


Already a Citibank credit card holder? Try and download the app now as you get to know what it is about in this post.


Still in the hunt for a credit card provider? Go to Citibank online and check out their products.

Why Citi Mobile® App


Citibank is now revolutionizing the mobile app game with the launching of their newly-enhanced Citi Mobile® App.


The app empowers you to quickly and easily manage credit card matters on-the-go.


It provides a convenient way to take care of your everyday banking – check your balance, browse exclusive deals and offers, and more!


With more and more people turning to mobile banking, the timing appears to be perfect for financial services provider such as Citibank to go digital


Inside the new Citi Mobile® App

Here are the four noteworthy enhancements in the Citi Mobile® App:


1. Citi Mobile® Token

Citi Mobile® Token is a feature within the Citi Mobile® app that can generate a One-Time PIN (OTP) for your online banking transactions, as an alternative to other authentication methods such as the Online Security Device, or One-Time PIN (OTP) via SMS.


2. Pay Bills on-the-go

The new Citi Mobile® App also enables users to pay bills on-the-go. It’s simple, secure and convenient for users. No need to visit a Citibank branch or payment outline and stand in line to pay bills. 


3. Change PIN

With the new Citi Mobile® App you can change your ATM PIN without visiting an ATM. All you have to do is click the ATM PIN Change in the sidebar, choose the card you want to have a new PIN and type the new PIN you desire twice for reconfirmation. Now click CHANGE ATM PIN, and everything’s done. You will receive a One Time Password via SMS to secure the change. With this you can now change your PIN wherever and whenever you need to.


4. Touch ID

The Touch ID is a feature that enables login authentication based on fingerprints stored on your Apple iPhone device; which is an alternative login mechanism to Citi’s User ID and Password. This feature is available on Apple iPhone 5S and newer. Android devices are not supported currently. If you’re an iPhone user, you can log in to the Citi Mobile® App faster and more securely by using your fingerprint.

What you can do


The new Citi Mobile® App allows users to:


1. Check your Account Balance

View your balances, transactions, statements and available credit limit at a single glance. What’s even better is you can have a view of your credit card images so you won’t get confused in between. Another great feature of the app is you can view and download your last 12 months’ statements so you can easily track your purchases moving forward.


2. Keep up to date on the Latest Promotions

Familiarize yourself with the latest promotions Citi offers. With the app you can easily get the lowdown on your card benefits and offers, while keeping track of your rewards points, miles or rebates – all in one place.


3. Generate a one-time PIN in an instant

Activate your new card and create your Cash Advance PIN in less than one minute.  If you ever forgot your credit card Cash Advance PIN you can create a new one securely and withdraw the amount you need hassle-free.


4. Get Cash

With just a few simple taps, eligible cardholders can take cash loans on their credit cards, which can be repaid in monthly instalments. It is paperless, hassle-free and application outcome is instant.


The app also has built-in functions such as Paylite After Purchase you can choose to a straight purchase made with your Citi credit card into lighter  monthly installments. There’s also the Balance Conversion option where you can convert a portion of your latest credit card balance into monthly installments when you see the same button  .


5. Transaction Search

Can’t remember how much you spent? The enables you to type in the merchant’s name and an intelligent search quickly shows you the exact transaction. This is another great tool  made available in the new Citi Mobile® App for tracking purposes.


6. Card Locking

Citi Mobile® App introduces “lock feature” on misplaced credit cards. With the Card Locking feature, which users can perform anytime, clients are provided with a simple and reliable tool that would protect your credit card to unwanted fraud incidents. Here you can temporarily lock the credit card using the app to prevent misuse. Found it? Unlock your card with a tap.

Top 3 Benefits of Citi Mobile App


Quickly and Easily Manage Your Credit Card Matters

One of the best way to avoid getting trapped in debt with credit card is proper management. I love that the new Citi Mobile® App address this in the enhanced version because you can seamlessly manage every credit card matters that matters.


The app lets you keep track of your spending and check your credit card statements within minutes. With this you are able to see and examine whether


  • There are charges by companies you do not recognise
  • Any Large or unusual charges
  • Sudden changes in your direct debit amounts
  • Inclusion of duplicate charges


Because you are more aware of what’s happening, if you notice any transactions you didn’t make, you can contact your credit card provider immediately, and they may be able to reverse the transaction promptly.


Enjoy Cash Loans within Simple Taps

Although I don’t encourage debt, if in case emergencies happen and you fail to save (or already used up your buffer fund), you can apply for cash loans using the the new Citi Mobile® App within simple taps. This feature is helpful when you encounter a cash-only situations.


Just a warning though that cash advances are expensive and comes with variety of fees. If you are considering to get one be sure that you are able to repay without sacrificing your main source of fund.


Temporarily lock your credit card if misplaced or stolen

Lastly, the lock and unlock feature. This extra layer of protection just makes the Citi Mobile® App a must have for Citi users. The ability to protect your credit card with just a few clicks on your phone is something to applaud of.


What I Like


Here are the things I like about the new Citi Mobile® App.


  • For a blogger/website owner like me, I find the benefits and features of the new Citi Mobile® App to be worth the download. It fits those with lifestyle that is always on-the-go and who always shop online.
  • I am an iPhone User so the Touch ID functionality is advantageous for added convenience.
  • Real-time views of your credit card accounts.
  • The ability to make credit card payments and see previous card statements up to 12 months.
  • Access to the rewards and promotions portal, where you can track and redeem your rewards and earn bonus points by shopping using your credit card.


Citi Mobile App Screenshots


Who can download the app?


The new Citi Mobile® App is available for Android and iPhone devices and is rated highly in both app stores. Both new and seasoned account holders of Citi will surely enjoy the different features of the app.


Final Notes from SavingsPinay


Never ever use credit card as an alternative to cash. Use it wisely and make sure that you pay your credit card bills on time.


Selecting the right credit card for you and your lifestyle is important too.


And if your credit card provider offers mobile banking services, use it. It would save you a lot of time, money and effort to do things automatically.


Lastly, I highly recommend that you update the app regularly. Doing this will make sure that you can the most out of the benefits that the new Citi Mobile® App has in store.


Have you tried the new Citi Mobile® App? What do you think of it?

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