CFA Society Makes Gen Z Future-Read with 4th Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit

September 14, 2019

Last September 7, 2019, I attended the CFA Society Philippines Conference for its ongoing Junior Finance and Investment Summit.


The event was held in SMX Convention Center Manila with the theme "Measure Up to Level Up."


Among the speakers during the press con were  John Balce, CFA, Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting Philippines, Inc.; Andrew Stotz, Co-founder and CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research; Cristina Arceo, CFA, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CFA Society Philippines and Larry Cao, CFA, Director of Industry Research of CFA Institute.


According to CFA's press release, it was only this year when studies began showing proof of the Generation Zers, also known as the iGeneration, setting to lead the world of finance, budget, and investment. Born between 1995 to 2010, this generation, in fact, also turns out to be more informed about investing than most generations, including those that came before them.


Witness to this phenomenon, the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Society Philippines, an organization of local investment experts and professionals, took this as an opportunity to get involved and help improve this development.


It is their goal to lead in the improvement of the financial profession which will ultimately benefit the entire Philippine society. And to achieve this, they deem it necessary to take part and invest in this generation especially given that they are seen to be dominating the rapidly changing investment landscape.



“We began this journey towards equipping of future finance professionals six years ago when we launched the first Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit. And through the years, especially with the development in our technology and media, we saw how the desirability for equipped finance and investment professionals only grew. And that is why we continue to do this,” says Cristina Arceo, CFA Society Philippines’ Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


“As the world is rapidly changing, and since soon we are bound to leave it in the hands of this new generation of wiser and informed people, CFA believes it is essential that we engage and provide them the tools they need to lead and set the path straight towards success,” says Arceo.


About the 4th Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit


CFA Society Philippines hosted its 4th Philippien Junior Finance and Investment Summit dubbed as "Measure Up to Level Up" at the SMX Convention Center, Manila. The summit focused on Financial Career, Investment, and Financial Technology designed for the Generation Z that is poised to be the leading investors will dominate the market.


About CFA Society Philippines



CFA Society promotes the highest ethical standards and professional excellence within the local investment community.


CFA Society Philippines is an association of local investment professionals consisting of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors, and other financial practitioners that has served CFA charterholders and CFA Program candidates locally since 1997.


CFA Society Philippines vision is to be a recognized institution in the finance industry with members who are known for their integrity and professional excellence.


Its mission is to lead in improving the quality and standards of the financial profession by offering educational programs, creating awareness of the significance of the CFA designation among various constituent groups, being an advocate on behalf of industry issues, and encouraging ethical behavior for the ultimate benefit of the Philippine society.


Final Notes from SavingsPinay


Thank you so much to CFA Society Philippines for inviting me to the press conference. Glad for partnering with an institution whose brand DNA is to really advance financial literacy and invest in the new generation.


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