21 Best Side Hustles To Start With Your Full Time Job This 2017

July 17, 2017

Looking for best side hustles to start with a your full time job this 2017? Ever wonder how you can make extra income in the Philippines? This post will give you the many different ways you can make money on the side with a full time side hustles 2017

Let’s begin.

Side hustling isn’t a new topic here in SavingsPinay. I’ve talked about how making extra income on the side transformed my finances for the better. Having additional income just opens better opportunities on your finances. Among the many benefits of additional income are:

  • Boost your savings
  • Increase your investments
  • Enough capital for a possible business venture or passion project
  • Pay off debt
  • Extra money for shopping, paying bills or vacation

The goal of this post is to help you earn more this yer and encourage you to take advantage of your spare time.

Almost half of the best side hustles to start this 2017 I will share to you today are the very things I did and still doing. Each side hustle allowed me to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, fast track my financial bucket list and pursue my passions in life.

I publish my extra income reports every month to inspire others to start their passion and hustle their way to success.

You can do it too!

Make 2017 your best year ever by learning, trying and doing any of this 21 best side hustles to start today.

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1. Start a profitable blog

The number one side hustle I’d like you to try this year is to start a blog. Blogging is one of the easiest way you can make extra income on the side.

I’ve been blogging for the last three years and it’s been one of the most rewarding thing I ever did. To date I’ve been earning passive through ads you see on this blog and my other blog,

You can start a blog today as low as 350pesos. I created a 2017 Guide on How To Start a Blog and all you have to do is follow the six easy steps I shared. Once your blog is set and ready, create your first content.

Some profitable niches in the blog industry today are as follows:

  • How To Make Money
  • Business and Finance
  • Self-help or Personal Development
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Starting a Freelance Business
  • Traveling

2. Sell something

Selling has always been the easiest and smartest way to earn extra income just as long as you know your market.

If you have a good location, you can franchise a food cart and start selling. You can also venture in a small sari-sari store to get the money moving.

Online selling is also a good option anyone can do with less capital. You can start your own shop online through Instagram, Facebook or by building your own website.

Before you start your own e-commerce business you might want to consider the following:

  • Capital. How much extra money you have to buy supplies.
  • Current Market. Look at your surroundings. What does your neighborhood or your office mates need the most?

Here are some interesting and trending products you can sell:

  • Cellphones and gadgets
  • Fidget
  • Makeup Brush/Cosmetic Storage
  • Swimsuit/Swimwear
  • Pre-loved books

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3. Become a freelance content writer

This list of best side hustles to start won’t be complete without including freelance writing. I started doing this side hustle last year and it drastically changed my cash flow.

If you have the skills then this could be a good gig for you.


  1. Start by identifying what topic you can confidently write about. You can either focus on the one you’re passionate with or go with a new niche.
  2. Next you want to build your portfolio. Write 3-5 strong articles that can serve as your portfolio.
  3. Search for your prospect clients by sending an email pitch to companies within your chosen niche or better yet, create an account with online job boards.

Well-known freelance job boards in the Philippines includes:

If you are a blogger, you can use your blog to advertise your service for free. Use your blog to divert visitors to potential customers.

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4. Offer e-load to your office mates

E-Load business is one of the most profitable side hustle you can do for less. All you need is a spare phone (dual sim) and a retailer starter sim.

Since you work in the office you already have a good market to start with. Let your friends and officemates know that you are selling load. You can even do this side hustle in your neighborhood. Find a good sari-sari that doesn’t have e-load product and talk for a possible partnership.

5. Create a YouTube Channel

If you are comfortable in talking in front of a camera and seeing yourself online then try creating a YouTube Channel.

YouTube has been a great avenue for a lot of ordinary individuals to earn passive income in the past 10 years.

How to make money from YouTube?

  • Find your niche. Select a topic that people can relate and learn from.
  • Invest in your gadgets. As much as possible invest in good camera like Canon EOS M3, microphone and the like.
  • Learn how to edit like a pro. Edit your videos in a way that it is entertaining and easy to be understood by your audience.
  • Be consistent in your uploads. Just like blogging, you need to show consistency on your content or videos.

Your earning potential in one video is about $1 for every 1000 views. Michelle Phan, a prominent name in the beauty industry of YouTube, had built an empire thanks to her YouTube Channel. She averages a million pageviews per video.

Here’s my latest YouTube video up on my channel:

6. Invest in a perfume business

This story inspired me to try selling perfumes as well. Perfume making business is one of the cheapest business you can start today. A good 5,000 to 7,000pesos capital will go a long way. You can also become a reseller and partner with known DIY perfume businesses online.

How to start your own perfume business in the Philippines?

  • Gather your materials.  You can buy materials, tools and supplies in Divisoria. Make sure to buy in bulk if you want higher discount.
  • Create your first set of perfumes. If it is your first time then you’ll need to attend a seminar on perfume making to know exactly how to mix and match scents.
  • Package your perfume. Once you’ve made your desired quantity of perfumes, make sure you package each beautifully. Create your own logo using Canva and other marketing materials.
  • Sell your perfumes. You can do both online and direct selling for your perfume business. Build an Instagram account or Facebook Page to gather clients outside your inner circle. Next, talk to your friends and relatives and share to them your new business venture.

7. Try Direct Selling

Direct selling had got a bad reputation through the years with reports of scams and schemes from irresponsible multi-level companies. That’s the first thing you need to do before engaging in a direct company is to do extensive research. Find out whether you are transacting in a legit direct selling company in the Philippines.

Direct selling is highly popular especially in years 2013-2015. It is recommended to those who are comfortable doing face-to-face selling of products and services. You basically earn through commision on every products you sold and additional commission for any recruits.

Sample of direct selling companies  you can partner with are as follows:

  • Avon
  • Natasha
  • Ever Bilena
  • Mary Kay
  • Amway

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8. Become a photographer for hire

If you have a good camera and good skill in taking photos why not sell your service as a photographer for hire. This is one of the very profitable side hustle to start with a full time job without any capital at all. You may have purchased a DSLR before and don’t know how you can turn this gadget into an additional income stream. I then encourage you to use that DSLR and offer your service as a freelance photographer. You can ask around for people within your circle who might need professional photos taken. It could be for your friend’s wedding, your inaanak’s baptismal or your company’s Christmas party. Once you have gathered enough photos for portfolio then you can professionally market your freelance photography side job to the public.

Here are a number of ways you can make extra income as a photographer for hire:

  • Event photographer on weddings and events
  • Personal photographer for bloggers/influencers doing product and outfit shots
  • Selling your own photos on stock photography websites

9. Teach

There are many freelancers in the Philippines who teach on the side. This is a profitable market if you find your expertise. You can tutor kids or those studying in lower years subjects like Math, Science and English. You can also teach others how to play instrument like violin, organ or guitar. Doing tutoring part time will only take an hour to two hours of your time in a day and you get  chance to be paid per hour.

10. Design logo, calling card and other marketing materials

Designing logo, calling card and other marketing materials is a side hustle that my eldest sister is doing on the side. She even created all the marketing materials for Izza Glino Weddings and Events which I’m really grateful about.

Every business, brands and even blogs need a good logo for branding so you won’t have difficulty finding clients. To get started you will need the following:

  • Computer

    IzzaGevents Logo designed by Ellie Glino

  • Design Software
  • Digital Camera
  • Printer

From then you can create some sample designs for portfolio. It will also be best to have your own website where you can showcase your outputs and promote your designs better.

Visit: All Things Ellizoid

11. Become a Part-Time Agent

If you have the network and market reach then why not try to work as a part-time agent? You can partner with insurance companies or life plan needs provider to be an agent. Your goal is to provide them with leads and potential customers as well. Request for a commission or a small percentage for every successful product/service you sold.

This will also work if you plan in being a real estate agent. You can just promote the house for sale on your social media and make extra income while working full-time.

12. Become an Event Coordinator

This sideline can be done every weekend and all you have to do is make an advertisement and tell everyone you know that you can help them in officiating their special events such as weddings, debuts, birthdays and more. As an event coordinator your task includes the following:

  • Work together with the client/couple to plan the whole event
  • Arrange and coordinate all the other vendors
  • Monitor all activities before, during and after the event

13. Arrange flowers for event/Event Stylist

If you are near the palengke that sells bulk of fresh flowers then you can start a flower arrangement business. All you have to do is research for designs and practice. Couples preparing for their wedding will most likely be your #1 audience. Aside from arranging flowers you can also upgrade as an event stylist for special occasions.

14. Sell “baon and snacks” in your office

If your company allows then why not run a silent tinadahan in your office? You can stock with most sold items such as 3-in-1 coffee, instant cup noodles and candy. Make sure though that your job won’t be sacrificed.

15. Baking

One of the best side hustles to start this 2017 is baking. You can search for easy recipes online you can do while without that much tools or ingredients needed. Bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies and even cakes for special occasion. Sell your goodies to friends and family members and ask them to recommend you and your products to their own network as well. You can always start small with this side business. No need to rush and buy the heavy equipment.

16. Try Farm Crowdfunding 

Have you ever heard of Cropital, PhilCrowd or Farm On? Well, these online crowdfunding business are now considered as the best investment alternative in the country to date. It works really simple, your investment will be pooled together with the others and be used as capital for local farmers. After the harvest and selling of produced goods, you’ll get your share of profits.

17. Drive for Uber or Grab Car

Driving for Uber or Grab Car can be a good way to turn you from employee to entrepreneur. You can do this whenever you have free time on your schedule. If you are a good driver and you enjoy meeting people, then driving for Uber or Grab Car can be a good side hustle for you. Here are some facts about becoming an Uber or Grab Car driver you might want to know:

  • Steps to start include signing up online as a partner, creating your account and passing documents/requirements.
  • You need to wait for sometime before you can be a verified driver. Drivers will undergo extreme background check for security purposes.
  • There’s a list of accepted cars for both Uber and Grab Car  and they are mostly sedans. LTFRB also only approves cars that have only be used in the past three years or newer.
  • You can take home as much as Php 10,000 a month less all expenses and payment for car loans depending on the number of rides you make in a day.
  • Aside from extra income, both Uber and Grab Car also offer incentives to its partner drivers

18. Arrange Tour for Others

This side gig may take time to materialize but once done properly you can definitely earn passive income! Those who travel a lot have an advantage in this. Select famous travel spots first like Baguio, Bohol, Cebu and Davao then come up with a possible itinerary that others will surely have fun with. Now you need to find and to partner with transient house/hotels within location of your planned itinerary for possible discount. You can use this discount as a form of extra income on your part. Tours can go either overnight, two days and one night or longer.

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19. Podcasting

If you are don’t feel that comfortable writing in a blog or talking in front of a camera then you can do a podcast instead. Podcast is a form of blogging but instead of words or video, the only thing you need to do is speak. Just select a good topic and start recording your first few episodes. Once you got a good following, sponsors will surely contact you for a possible partnership. You can check out Freelance Blend, the pioneer of podcasting in the Philippines.

20. Calligraphy

Nice handwriting surely pays-off. Make extra money from your stunning handwriting by either offering your service or selling your own products. How to do this? If you know a special calligraphy style you can hand write invitations, envelopes or display materials. You can also sell calligraphy kits, host calligraphy classes or offer your own calligraphy designs online.

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21. Emcee for all Occasion

I am blessed to know this side gig for the past six years and it surely changed my financial life for the better. Becoming an emcee in the Philippines is pretty easy especially if you already have the skill. Just like other service side hustles included in this post all you pretty much have to do is start building your portfolio. Ask people around your network who might have hosting needs. Price yourself reasonably and make sure you are really a good emcee for all occasion. How do you know hosting is for you?

  • You are comfortable speaking in public
  • You can modulate and tone your voice to adopt with the script
  • You can naturally entertain the guests

I personally started hosting for Php 750 per event and now my rate is up to Php 6500 which is still pretty low compared to the rest of my co-hosts in the Philippines. And I’m only doing it for 2-3 hours per event on weekends.

Me hosting as a form of side hustle aka raket –Izza Glino Weddings and Events.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay

Never be satisfied with just one source of income. This is not just a tip but rather a command. Maybe you are a student and needs to save before school days begin again. Or you are employed in a full time job, but wants to know what you can do to boost your cash flow. Then, pursuing a side hustle could be the answer you are waiting for. Having the ability to earn an extra income is not just about the money but the added assurance that no matter what happens you have enough savings or resources to survive. Just see to it too that you are not forgetting to take good care of your health.

Do you want to make a side hustle income? Which of these 21 side hustles to try are you excited about?

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